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“P” represents Power. The P shows Thoughtful, Talented, Shrewd, Expressive, and influential.

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Famous American Baby Boy Names Start With P

Pablito TBD
Pablo Tiny, Petite, Little
Pablo Small
Pachua Feathered Water Snake
Pahana Lost White Brother
Paine Pagan, Countryman
Paine Pagan
Pako Bald Eagle, Frenchman, Free One
Pallatin Fighter
Palmer Bearing a Palm Branch
Palmer palm-bearing pilgrim
Palmere Pilgrim
Panama From the Canal
Panayotis Holy One
Panda TBD
Paris Crafty, City Name, Name of a God
Paris Lover
Parish Lives Near the Church
Park Of the Forest, The Cypress Tree
Park Of the forest
Parke Of the Forest, Park Keeper
Parke Of the forest
Parker Gamekeeper of a Park
Parker Gamekeeper
Parkin Little Rock, Little Peter
Parkin Little rock
Parkins Son of Parkin
Parkinson Son of Parkin / Parker
Parkinson Son of Parkin
Parle Little Rock
Parley To Speak
Parnall Little Rock
Parnel Little Rock
Parnell Little rock
Parr From the Cattle Enclosure
Parrish Lives Near the Church
Paskal Easter Related
Pasquale Related to Easter, Born on Easter
Pat Patrician, Nobleman
Pat Patrician or noble
Patch Form of Peter
Pati Lord, Ruler, Break by Twisting
Pato TBD
Paton From the Warrior’s Town; Royal
Patric Patrician, Noble, Form of Patrick
Patrice Patrician, A Nobleman
Patricia Patrician, Noble One
Patrick Nobleman, Patrician
Patrick Nobleman
Patsy Lady of the House, Noble
Patten From the Warrior’s Town
Patti Fish
Pattin From the Warrior’s Town
Patton From the Warrior’s Town; Noble; …
Patwin Man
Paul Small, Little
Paul Small
Paula Small, Petite, Little
Paulo Tiny, Petite, Small, Little
Paulson Little, Son of Paul, Surname
Paulson Little son
Pawni A Tribal Name
Pax Peaceful, From the Peaceful Farm
Pax Peaceful
Paxton Pacca’s Settlement; Peaceful Town; …
Paxton Peaceful town
Paxtun Peaceful Town
Pay He is Coming, Money
Payne Pagan, Countryman
Payne Pagan
Payton A Town; Village; Warrior’s Estate; …
Payton A town or village
Peabo As Solid as a Rock
Peanut TBD
Pearce Rock, Form of Piers from Peter
Pearce Rock
Pearl Gemstone, Diamond
Pearson Son of Pierce, A Rock
Pearson Son of Pierce
Pedro Stone, A Rock, Form of Peter
Pedro Rock
Peet Kindness, Loving
Peggy TBD
Peirce Rock
Pell Parchment, Mantle, Skin
Pell Parchment
Pelltun From the Pool Farm
Pelltun From the pool town
Pelton town by a pool
Pemton From the Pool Farm
Pemton From the pool town
Penelope Dream Weaver, A Penelope
Penleigh From the enclosed meadow
Penleigh From the Enclosed Pasture Meadow
Penley From the enclosed meadow
Penn A Hill, From the Enclosure
Penn From the enclosure
Penny TBD
Penton From the enclosed town
Penton From the Enclosed Farm
Perceval Pierces
Perceval Pierces, Pierced Valley
Percival Pierces
Percival Pierces, Pierce the Vale
Percy Pierces, Pierced Valley
Peris TBD
Perkin Little rock
Perkin Little Rock, Rock
Perkins Son of Perkin
Perkins Pierre’s Son; Son of Perkin; …
Perkinson Son of Perkin
Pernel Little rock
Pernell Little rock
Pernell Little Rock, Little Peter
Perris TBD
Perry Dweller by the pear tree
Perry traveler, falcon
Perye From the pear tree
Pete Rock
Peter Rock
Peter Modern, Beautiful, Rock, Stone
Peterson Rock
Peterson Rock, Form of Peter
Petr Rock, Stone
Petra Stone, Rock
Pexon Strong
Peyton Warrior’s Town; From the Fighter’s …
Phantom TBD
Pharoah Ruler of Ancient Egypt
Phelps Son of Philip
Phil Lover of horses
Phil Friend / Lover of Horses
Philip Lover of horses
Philip Warlike, Loves Horses
Philips Son of Philip
Phill Friend / Lover of Horses
Phillip One of the Biblical 12 Apostles
Phillipos Friend of Horses, Lover of Horses
Phillippe Friend of Horses, Lover of Horses
Phillips Son of Philip
Phillips Son of Philip, Lover of Horses
Philly Friend of Horses, Lover of Horses
Philson TBD
Phoenix Bright or red
Phoenix Dark Crimson, Bright, Red
Phong Of the Wind
Phred TBD
Phyllis Leafy Foliage, Green Leaves
Picford From the Woodcutter’s Ford
Pickford From the Woodcutter’s Ford; From …
Pickworth From the Woodcutter’s Estate
Pico From the Mountain’s Top
Pierce Rock
Pierce Rock, Form of Peter, Stone
Pierre Stone, A Rock, Form of Peter
Pierrel Little Rock
Pierrot A Stone, Rock
Piers Lover of horses
Piers Son of Pierce, A Rock
Pierson Lover of horses
Pierson A Rock, Form of Piers from Peter
Pike A Spear
Pillan Supreme Essence
Pilot An Excellent Man
Piney From the Pine Trees
Pini From the Pine Trees
Piter Stone, Rock
Pitney From the Preserving land
Pivane Weasel
Pol Small, Little, Humble
Pollock Crown
Pollock Crown, Little Rock
Poncho Form of Alfonso
Pookie A Cute Little Boy
Pope The Father
Popeye TBD
Poras Powerful, Porus
Porfirio Purple Stone, Purple
Porter One who Carries Goods, Gatekeeper
Porter gatekeeper
Pouria TBD
Powa Wealthy
Pranav The King, The Divine Sound
Pranto End
Pras TBD
Preacher TBD
Prentice Apprentice or learner
Prentice Apprentice, Learner
Prentiss Apprentice or learner
Prentiss Apprentice, Learner, Scholar
Prescot Priest’s Cottage; Surname
Prescott TBD
Presley Field of a Priest
Prestin From the Priest’s Farm
Preston The Priest’s Village; Priest’s …
Priestley priest’s meadow
Priestly From the Priest’s Meadow
Primus First
Prince Prince
Prince King, Principal One
Princeton The Town of a Prince
Prior Head of the priory
Prior Servant of the Priory
Pryor Head of the priory
Pryor Head of a Monastery
Przemek Thought Glory
Psycho TBD
Ptolemy Warlike
Puck Mischievous
Punch TBD
Puppet TBD
Purv Elder, East
Pusha Little
Putnam Dweller by the pond
Putnam From the Commander’s Estate; …
Pyro Red-haired, Flaming-haired