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“V” represents Constructions. The V shows Honesty, Truthful, Reliable, and Loyal. The V is gregarious, practical, industrious sensitive.

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Famous American Baby Boy Names Start With V

Vadia TBD
Vagelis TBD
Vaggelis TBD
Vahram TBD
Vaios TBD
Valdez Unclear
Valdeze Fierce One
Valen Strong, Variant of Valentinus
Valen Strong
Valenti TBD
Valentin Hale, Healthy, Strong, Valiant
Valentine Healthy or strong
Valentine Strong, Courageous, Healthy, Hale
Valentino Strong and Healthy, Brave, Strong
Valerie TBD
Valiant Courageous, Brave
Valiant Brave
Vallen Strong, Variant of Valentinus
Vallen Strong
Valon The Monkey King
Vance From the Moors, Very High Places
Vance Marshland
Vania TBD
Vann Descendant
Vannes Grain Fans
Vareck From the Fortress
Varek From the Fortress
Varik From the Fortress
Varin Gift, Water, River, Lord Siva
Varu TBD
Vashon God is Gracious, Merciful
Vassili Kingly, Royal
Vassilios Kingly, Royal
Vatche TBD
Vaughn Small, Little
Vega Meadow
Vegas TBD
Velizar TBD
Venedict Form of Benedict
Venson TBD
Verl Truth
Verlin Spring, Blossoming
Verlon Spring
Verlyn Spring
Vern Youthful, Alder Tree
Vern Youthful or springlike
Vernard Place of Alders, Brave as a Bear
Verne Youthful, Spring Green, Green
Verne Youthful or springlike
Vernell Green, Flourishing, Springtime
Vernie Spring Green
Vernon Youthful
Vernon Youthful or springlike
Vic Victor, From the Village
Vicente The One who Conquered, Conquering
Victor Victorious, Conqueror, Winner
Victor Conqueror
Victoria Conqueror, Victorious
Vidal Vital, Life
Vidal Life
Videl Life
Viho Chief (Cheyenne)
Vikky Victorious, Conqueror
Villa TBD
Villamor From a Town or Village
Vince Conquering, Form of Vincent
Vince Conquering
Vincent The One who Conquered, Prevailing
Vincent Conquering
Vincenzo Conquering
Ving Green River
Vingon Son of Vinn
Vinn Conqueror
Vinnie Sword Friend, Polished Chief
Vinnie Conqueror
Vinny Conquering, Charming
Vinod Happy, Full of Joy, Pleasing
Vinson Son of Vincent
Vinson Conqueror
Vinsone Son of Vinn
Vint Conquering, Winning
Vinz TBD
Viraj Resplendent, Splendour
Virgil Staff Bearer, Strong
Virgil Staff bearer
Vitalie TBD
Vitalij TBD
Vitalik TBD
Vitaliy Life-giving, Vital of Life
Vitek TBD
Vito Full of Life, Life, Life-giving
Vivian Lively, Full of Life, Gracious
Vladimiros TBD
Vlassis Stammering, Lisping
Voltaire The Younger Arouet
Von Little / Small One, Nobility
Vonn Little
Vyron At the Cow Sheds