Is it advisable to use postpartum girdles? Are you thinking of using them after giving birth? We tell you when they should be used, their pros and cons.

After giving birth you will have noticed some changes in your body, such as in the chest or in the belly or gut. These changes may make you consider wearing  postpartum girdles .

First of all, you should know that it is normal to have a gut during the weeks following childbirth, since the body has undergone various changes and has to gradually return to normal.


Postpartum girdles are a garment used after the birth of the baby, which is responsible for surrounding and compressing the abdominal area and the lower back. There are different types: briefs, pants, tubular, as if they were a belt, with straps, with velcro, more or less flexible or rigid… In addition, they are made with different materials, such as microfiber or cotton.

Opinions regarding its use are diverse, since for some they can be very useful when it comes to correcting posture and giving stability to the back after giving birth, but the pressure it exerts is not always correct. This is because it does not allow the affected muscles to work on their own.


It is important to note that postpartum girdles should not be worn immediately after delivery or cesarean section . The deadlines indicated by the gynecologist must be respected.

After giving birth, the muscles, uterus, and organs in the abdomen return to their original (pre-pregnancy) position. Although it will not be completely the same, with the proper care of diet and physical exercise, it will be able to look alike.

Thus, the National Association of Midwives recommends its use for about 10 days, so that after giving birth the mother feels more comfortable through its support, and little by little she gets used to the lack of weight and the emptiness of the abdomen. Other professionals recommend use at the end of the day for a few hours, increasing them little by little.

  • If an episiotomy has been carried out , pants or panty-type girdles should not be chosen, as they will hinder perspiration, and therefore the correct healing of the wound.
  • If the delivery has been by caesarean section, the use of postpartum girdles is not recommended until after the quarantine. This allows for good healing of the abdominal wall and the uterus, and for the latter to acquire its initial position in a physiological manner.


  • It gives security when carrying out some movements.
  • It can help a better recovery after childbirth, reducing the feeling of emptiness in the abdomen and pain.
  • It strengthens the lumbar region, gives stability and helps correct posture.


  • Its prolonged use prevents the muscles of the abdominal area from working by themselves. This causes a delay in postpartum recovery and can lead to incontinence, hemorrhoids, or genital prolapse.
  • It does not stylize the figure by itself, but its use must be accompanied by healthy habits such as a good diet and physical exercise.
  • It has not been shown that they help to recover the figure more quickly.

Finally, if you opt for the use of postpartum girdles, do not forget to choose the correct model. The most advisable are the tubular ones, which act at the lumbar and abdominal level, and do not affect the crotch area. In addition, you must not forget that its use is only a supplement, so its use must be punctual so that it is positive and not counterproductive for muscle recovery.

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