Located in Tarragona, just one hour from Barcelona, ​​is the most visited theme park in Spain and the sixth in Europe: PortAventura World. It is an extensive complex of attractions that includes PortAventura Park, the “Caribe Aquatic Park” water park and the “Ferrari Land” park. A space full of games and entertainment where you can enjoy a unique experience with the little ones at home.

Attractions designed for the whole family: How to choose the most suitable for the little ones?

At PortAventura World there are attractions of different intensities for all tastes and ages. However, they also take into account the height of the visitors. In fact, most attractions have a minimum height , for example, in the China area where children must be taller than 1.30 meters to ride alone, or the Tutuki Splash and Kon-Tiki Wave attractions where they must be taller than 1.30 meters. at least 1.40 meters tall.

However, there are also many attractions designed for the little ones at home where they can climb with no height limit, such as in the Mediterranean zone, in Waikiki and Kiddie Dragons in the Sésamo Aventura zone or in the Polynesian Canoes. Likewise, the park offers the possibility that children who do not meet the recommended minimum height can enjoy the most intense attractions in the company of their parents. So, if your little one is excited to get on the Imperial Cobra or Angkor in the Chinese area or the Silver River Flume or the Wild Buffalos in the Far West area, he can do it if you accompany him.

It is worth noting that although the attractions of the Ferrari Land and Caribe Aquatic Park parks are designed mostly for family enjoyment and in particular for the little ones at home, they also have their own height requirements that should be checked before getting the tickets. .

Shows for all ages: Which are the most appropriate for children?

One of the biggest attractions of PortAventura World is its multiple shows designed for the whole family. From animal shows and acrobatic musicals to Polynesian and Mexican rituals, many recreational activities await you at PortAventura Park that children will love.

In fact, PortAventura Park has various shows created especially for children such as “PortAventura Parade”, a parade full of floats, colors, music and with the park’s mascots as protagonists, or “Let’s Dance” in which they can see everything Color your favorite Sesame Street characters. And for the most intrepid there is the show “The Adventures of Tadeo Jones”, where they can follow in the footsteps of this explorer to the rescue of his inseparable friends.

The shows do not require a minimum age or height to enjoy them, but there are some that can scare the little ones, such as Reco Experience, considered the longest closed horror passage in Europe. In this case, it is recommended not to enter with children, especially if they are very young or easily impressionable.

What other activities can be done with children at PortAventura World?

At PortAventura World you can not only get on the attractions and enjoy their shows, there are also other activities that children can do. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular is taking a photo with some of the park’s characters and mascots that can appear at any time and in any corner of the enclosure.

However, if you want to bet on insurance, head towards the “Woody’s House” in Far West where children can enter Woody Woodpecker’s house, meet him and take a photo with him. Likewise, the little fans of Sesame Street can become a fairy or meet one of them in “Abby Star Studio” in Sésamo Aventura and, incidentally, take home a souvenir of the experience.

The little ones passionate about boat trips will be able to enjoy a fun journey from the Mediterranean port to Imperial China passing through the wild waters of Polynesia. On the other hand, for those who prefer more dynamic activities, there is the “Kids & Car Driving School” where they can learn the basic rules of driving and drive their own car around the circuit.

Where to eat with children in PortAventura World?

If something is not missing in Portaventura World, it is the places to eat with children. Each area has themed restaurants where you can enjoy the best typical dishes of each culture. There is the “Sichuan” restaurant and the “Canton” where you can taste delicious spring rolls or Chinese noodles, as well as “The Iron Horse” and “The Old Steak House” for lovers of American food.

For those who prefer Mexican food, there is “Hacienda el Charro” and “La Cantina” where you can order authentic Mexican burritos or nachos with cheese. Of course, there is also room for Mediterranean food in “Racó de Mar” and for the most exotic international dishes in “Bora Bora”. And, if you prefer to bet on fast food, you will find hot dogs, hamburgers or snacks at the various food outlets distributed throughout the venue.

There is also a buffet restaurant with international dishes, the “Marco Polo”, in the China area and a Mediterranean cafeteria with delicious cakes and pastries in the Mediterranean area. It is worth noting that, if you visit the park with babies, you can bring their jars and milk without any problem, in fact, there are some feeding places equipped with microwaves so you can heat them up.

Where to stay with children to enjoy PortAventura World?

If you are organizing a several-day getaway to PortAventura World, the park has several themed hotels and a caravan park where you can stay with the little ones at home. From the hotel “ Mansión de Lucy ” and “ Colorado Creek ” to “ Gold River ”, “ PortAventura ”, “ Caribbean ” and “ El Paso ”, there are options for all tastes. Being located very close to the amusement park, you can access the facilities in just minutes.

It is worth noting that the PortAventura hotels are not only very comfortable, but also have many spaces dedicated to children’s entertainment, while also organizing various recreational activities so that the little ones do not get bored for a single moment. And they offer services for families, with cots on request and menus specially designed for children. In addition, by booking at these hotels you can enjoy discounts on tickets to the “Caribe Acuatic Park”, unlimited entry to “PortAventura Park” and a free day at “Ferrari Land”.