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“M” represents Spirituality. The M shows patience, is industrious, courageous, and domesticated. intelligent, creative, and intuitive powers, fun-loving and sensitive.

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45 Most Beautiful Afghan Girl Names Start With M

Madina / Madeena The holy city of islam.
Mahbooba Dear, sweetheart. Female of Mahboob.
Mahdia Rightly guided. Female of Mahdi.
Mahdokht Daughter of the moon.
Mahfooza Safeguarded, protected. Female of Mahfooz.
Mahin / Maheen Greatest.
MahJabin / Mahjabeen One who has a forehead like a moon.
Mahnaz The moon’s glory.
Mahnoosh Drink of the moon.
Mahparah Piece of moon.
Mahrooz Who has face like moon.
Mahrukh / Mahrokh Whose face is like the moon, beautiful.
Mahsa Like the moon.
Mahshid / Mahsheed Moonlight.
Mahta Like moon.
Mahtab Moon.
Mahwash / Mahvash As a beautiful, as the moon.
Maimana Right side, right wing.
Maimoona Auspicious, prosperous, lucky, fortunate.
Majida / Majeeda Greal, honourable, exalted. Female of Majid.
Malalay Friendly.
Malekah Queen.
Maliha Beautiful.
Manija / Manizha A female character of Shahnamah. Daughter of Afrasiab.
Marghalay N/A
Maria Bitter.
Mariam / Maryam Mother of the Prophet Isa (Jesus) Biblical Mary.
Marjan / Marjaan Smal pearls, coral.
Maroofa / Marufa Famous, known. Female of Maroof.
Marzia Agreeable, laudable.
Mashal Torch, light, bright fire.
Masooma Innocent, immaculate, chaste, impeccable. Female of Masoom.
Massouda / Masooda Happy, prosperous. Female of Massoud.
Mastoora / Mastura Chaste woman.
Mina / Meena Enamel, blue glass, blue decanter, azure.
Minoo Paradise.
Mitra / Meetra The name of one of Zoroastrianism angel, angel of light and affection.
Mohsena / Muhsena Benevolent, beneficent. Female of Mohsen.
Momena Believer.
Monira / Muneera Shining, bright, brilliant. Female of Monir.
Morwarid / Morvarid Pearl.
Moska / Muska Smile.
Mursal / Morsal Sent on a mission.
Muslima Follower of Islam. Female of Muslim.
Muzhgan Eyelash.