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“N” represents imagination. The N shows imagination and loves pleasure, writer, and spokesman.

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36 Famouns Afghan Girl Names Start With N

Nabila / Nabeelah Noble, generous, highborn. Female of Nabil.
Nadera Rarity, curiosity, anecdote. Female of Nader.
Naderah Rarity, curiosity, rare. Female of Nader.
Nadia Caller, announcer.
Nadima Boon companion, king’s jester. Female of Nadim.
Nafisa / Nafeesa Precious, exquisite. Female of Nafis.
Naghma Melody.
Nahid / Naheed Venus star.
Nahida / Nahida As Nahid, Venus
Naima / Naeema Luxury, pleasure, blessing. Female of Naim.
Najia One who escapes or is saved. Female of Naji.
Najiba Noble, gentle, chaste, soft, quiet. Female of Najib.
Naqiba / Naqeeba Mind, chief, leader, apostle. Female of Naqib.
Narges A flower (narcissus).
Nasima Breeze, zephyr.
Nasrin / Nasreen A flower (a wild rose).
Nastaran A flower much like a wild rose.
Nava Tune, air.
Naz-Afarin Producing coquetry.
Nazanin Nice, fine, lovely, tender, precious, sweetheart.
Nazi One who does charm, cute.
Nazia Mincing, lackadaisical, Friend.
Nazira / Nazeera Equal, like, alike, resembling, match, Female of Nazir.
Neda Proclamation, voice, call.
Negah Look.
Negar Sweetheart, mistress.
Negin / Negeen The precious stone on a ring or other Jewlery.
Nehal / Nahal A young plant.
Niki Goodness, kindness.
Niko Good, nice, well, proper.
Nilam / Neelam Sapphire.
Nilofar / Niloofar A flower, water-lily
Noria / Nooria Light, lustre. Female of Noor.
Noshafarin / Nosh-Afarin Creator of joy.
Noshin / Nosheen Sweet.
Nsera Assister, friend, defender. Female of Naser.