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“C” represents Energy. The C loves to be the organizer. It shows Good-Humored, Extravagant, and Dexterous. When it comes to choosing a baby girl name, there are plenty of options to choose from. And many parents like to give their daughters unique and interesting names. But what about baby names that start with the letter C? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best American baby girl names that start with C.


Many American baby girls are named Caleigh these days. This is a popular name for girls born in the early 2000s. It’s also a top name for babies born in the state of North Carolina.

Some of the other popular Caleigh names include Cadence, Carleigh, Cecelia, Clementine, and Charlotte.


Cara is a popular name for American baby girls. It’s derived from the Latin word for “heart,” and it means “beloved.” Cara is perfect for a sweetheart who is kind-hearted and caring. Some other popular variants of Cara include Cara Lynn and Cara Maggie.


1. Cameron
2. Carmen
3. Caroline
4. Charlotte
5. Clover
6. Courtney
7. Constance
8. Crystal
9. Darlene
10. Desiree


There are so many C- names that are popular for American baby girls. Some of the most popular include Caroline, Charlotte, and Cassidy. Here are some more examples:



There are many names that start with the letter “C” and can be used for American baby girls. Here are a few of the best:



1. Camille
2. Cara
3. Cassidy
4. Cecile
5. Charlotte
6. Camille



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Here on this page, we have compiled 1432 American Baby Girl Names Starting With C. Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of most popular 1432 American Baby Girl Names Starting With C.



Pretty American Baby Girl Names Starting With C

Cabel Resembling a Heavy Rope, Having
Cable Rope, Having
Cabrina TBD
Cacee Descendant of Cathasaigh
Cache Storage Place
Cachet Prestige
Cacilie Blind
Cactus Resembling the Spiny Plant
Cade Spirit of the Battle, Round, Pure
Cadee Pure, A Rhythmic Flow of Sounds
Caden Little Fighter
Cadena With Rhythm
Cadence Variant of Cady
Cadey First
Cadi Rhythm, Rhythmic Flow of Sounds
Cadie Rhythm, A Rhythmic Flow of Sounds
Cady Simple Happiness, Hillock
Cadyna rhythm
Cadyna Rhythmic
Caecilie Blind
Caekee A Lively Woman
Caekey A Lively Woman
Caeki A Lively Woman
Caekie A Lively Woman
Caeky A Lively Woman
Caeley Descendant of Caollaidhe, Church
Caeli Descendant of Caollaidhe, Church
Caelin Pure
Caike A Lively Woman
Caikea A Lively Woman
Caikee A Lively Woman
Caikey A Lively Woman
Caiki A Lively Woman
Caikie A Lively Woman
Caiky A Lively Woman
Caileigh Slender, From the Forest
Cailey Beloved
Cailyn Pure Beauty, Pure
Cait Pure, Virginal
Caitlyn Pure, Form of Catherine
Caitlynn Pure, Variant of Katherine
Caktus Resembling the Spiny Plant
Calandra Lark, Singing Bird
Calea A Known Beauty
Caleah A Known Beauty
Caleen Heaven, Moon, Shine, Light
Caleigh Slender
Caley Brave Warrior, Slender
Calfuray Flower of Purple
Cali Most Beautiful
Calia A Known Beauty
Caliah A Known Beauty
Calico Multi-coloured
Calie From Scotland, Free Man, Old, Bald
Califa Holy One, Chaste
Calinda TBD
Calista most beautiful
Calli Fortress, Lark, Lovely Flower
Callie Free Woman, Fortress, Lark
Calliope Muse / Goddess of Epic Poetry
Calpernia A Woman of Power
Caly Conceal, From Scotland
Calynda TBD
Calysta Most Beautiful
Camara Crooked Nose
Camasea One who is Aloof
Camaseah One who is Aloof
Camasia One who is Aloof
Camasiah One who is Aloof
Camassea One who is Aloof
Camasseah One who is Aloof
Camassia One who is Aloof
Camassiah One who is Aloof
Camber Amber
Cambra Amber
Cambria From Wales, Compatriots
Cambry Change
Camden Valley Enclosure
Came Joy
Camela Evergreen Tree
Camella TBD
Camellia Flowering Plant, Flower Name
Cameo A Carved Gem Portrait, Skin
Camera Crooked Nose
Cameran Crooked Nose
Cameron Crooked Nose, Bent Nose, Clan
Cameryn Crooked Nose
Cami Virginal, Unblemished
Camia Acolyte, Attendant at a Ritual
Camie Crooked Mouth / Nose
Camiel Acolyte, Attendant at a Ritual
Camielle Attendant at a Ritual, Acolyte
Camil Acolyte, Attendant at a Ritual
Camila Free-born, Noble
Camilla Young Ceremonial Attendant
Camille Priest’s Attendant; Swiftness of …
Camillia Attendant at a Ritual, Acolyte
Camisha Combination of Camilla and Alisha
Cammi Attendant at Religious Service
Cammie Virginal, Unblemished
Cammilla Acolyte, Attendant at a Ritual
Cammille Acolyte, Attendant at a Ritual
Camomile Resembling the Aromatic Herb
Camomyle One, Resembling the Aromatic Herb
Campbell Beautiful Field
Camren Crooked Nose
Camrin Crooked Nose
Camron Crooked Nose
Camry Crooked Nose
Camryn Crooked / Bent Nose
Camyle Attendant at a Ritual, Acolyte
Canada Where the Heavens Touch the Earth
Candace White, Clear, Pure, Glowing
Candece Pure, Incandescent, Queen Mother
Candee Glowing, Brilliantly White
Candi Clarity, Whiteness
Candice Pure, Glowing, Form of Candace
Candida White, Clear, Pure, Bright White
Candie Glowing White, Bright, Sweet
Candis Pure, White, Glowing
Candise Pure, Incandescent, Queen Mother
Candiss Pure, Glowing, Form of Candace
Candle TBD
Candy Bright, Sweet, Glowing White
Candyce Pure, Glowing
Candyse Glittering, Glowing
Caneadea From the Horizon
Caneadeah From the Horizon
Caneadia From the Horizon
Caneadiah From the Horizon
Caneaka A Woman Shining with Grace
Caneakah A Woman Shining with Grace
Caneeka A Woman Shining with Grace
Caneekah A Woman Shining with Grace
Caneikah A Woman Shining with Grace
Canicka A Woman Shining with Grace
Canickah A Woman Shining with Grace
Canieka A Woman Shining with Grace
Caniekah A Woman Shining with Grace
Canika A Woman Shining with Grace
Canikah A Woman Shining with Grace
Cannelle Mighty, Strong in Battle
Cansu Water of Life
Canycka A Woman Shining with Grace
Canyckah A Woman Shining with Grace
Canyka A Woman Shining with Grace
Canykah A Woman Shining with Grace
Capelta A Fanciful Woman
Capleace One who is Spontaneous
Caplease One who is Spontaneous
Capleece One who is Spontaneous
Capleese One who is Spontaneous
Capleice One who is Spontaneous
Caplice One who is Spontaneous
Capliece One who is Spontaneous
Capliese One who is Spontaneous
Caplise One who is Spontaneous
Cappi Caprice, A Lively Piece, Whimsical
Caprice Whimsical, Unpredictable
Cara Darling, Beloved, Friend
Caralyn Combination of Cara and Lynn
Cardi TBD
Caree Little and Womanly
Caren Pure, Dear Little One, Friend
Carey Little and Womanly, The Dark One
Cari Beloved, Man, Pure
Carie Manly
Caril Maiden, Virgin, Carol
Carilyn Little and Womanly
Carilynne Little and Womanly
Carin Chaste, Pure, Beloved, Keel
Carina Beloved, Keel of a Ship, Pure
Carisa Very Dear, Artful, Beloved, Grace
Cariss Kindness, Beloved, Dear, Grace
Carissa Gracious, Kind, Tender Touch
Carl One who is Strong
Carla Fem Form of Carl, Womanly
Carland Our Darling Daughter
Carlanda Our Darling Daughter
Carlande Our Darling Daughter
Carlandea Our Darling Daughter
Carlandeah Our Darling Daughter
Carlandia Our Darling Daughter
Carlandiah Our Darling Daughter
Carlea Coral, Virgin, Maiden
Carlee Strong One, Man
Carleen Light of the Universe, Wise
Carleigh Free Woman, Freeholder
Carlene Free Woman, Little and Womanly
Carlesa One who is Restless
Carlesah One who is Restless
Carlessa One who is Restless
Carlessah One who is Restless
Carlette Virgin, Maiden, Coral
Carley Strong One
Carli Strong One, Man
Carlie Strong One, Free Woman, Womanly
Carlisa Carla + Lissa
Carlisa Carla Plus Lissa
Carlisha Carla Plus Lissa
Carlisia Maiden, Coral, Virgin
Carlotta Little and Womanly
Carly Free Woman, Caring to All
Carlyn Small and Womanly
Carlynda Strong, Beautiful
Carma Garden or Field of Fruits, Song
Carmel Garden of God, Garden, Woodland
Carmela A Vineyard, A Garden / Orchard
Carmelita Garden, Form of Carmel
Carmella Garden of God, Golden
Carmen Garden of God, Crimson or Red
Carmia Song
Carmilla Golden, Garden of God
Carmille Fruit Garden, Fruitful Land
Carmina Song, Garden, Orchard, Vineyard
Carmine Song, Garden
Carmit Fruitful Land, Fruit Garden
Carmita Song, Rosy, Garden, Vineyard
Carmya Song
Carmyn Fruit Garden, Fruitful Land, Song
Carni Carnival Worker
Carnie Carnival Worker
Carny Carnival Worker
Caro Manly
Carodea A Humorous Woman
Carodeah A Humorous Woman
Carodee A Humorous Woman
Carodey A Humorous Woman
Carodi A Humorous Woman
Carodie A Humorous Woman
Carol Song of Joy, Song of Happiness
Carolan Little and Womanly
Carolann Carol and Ann
Carolanne Carol and Anne
Carole Song of Happiness, Strong, Joy
Carolee Song of Happiness
Caroleen Coral, Virgin, Maiden
Carolet English, Virgin, Coral, Maiden
Caroliana Freeman
Carolina Free Woman, Little and Womanly
Caroline Little and Womanly
Carolle Virgin, Carol, Maiden, Coral
Caroly Maiden, Coral, Carol, Virgin
Carolyn Free Woman, Little and Womanly
Carolyne Little and Womanly
Carolynn Little and Womanly
Caron To Love, Pure, Womanly
Carona Crowned
Carone Pure
Carree Little and Womanly
Carrell Coral, Maiden, Virgin, Carol
Carri Free Man, Pure
Carrie Free Woman, Melody, Song
Carrie-Ann TBD
Carrieann Gracious, Womanly
Carrisa Dear, Kindness, Beloved, Grace
Carrol Champion
Carroll Carl, A Man, Joy
Carrye Germanic, Little Dark One
Carsen Coastal Rocks, Rock
Carson Marsh Area, Child of Carr
Carter cart driver
Cartier Cart Driver, Son of Artair, Cart
Cary The Dark One
Caryl Song of Joy, Womanly
Caryle Coral, Carol, Maiden
Caryn Pure, Modern Variant of Karen
Caryne Little, Darling, Beloved, Pure
Casandra Unheeded Prophetess
Casey Brave, Watchful, Alert
Cash TBD
Cashmere From Kashmir
Cashona A Wealthy Woman
Cashonah A Wealthy Woman
Cashonea A Wealthy Woman
Cashoneah A Wealthy Woman
Cashonia A Wealthy Woman
Cashoniah A Wealthy Woman
Cashonya A Wealthy Woman
Cashonyah A Wealthy Woman
Casidee Descendant of Caiside, Descendant
Casie Watchful, From Cayce
Casondra Shining Upon Man, Protrude
Cassadee Descendant of Caiside, Descendant
Cassadie Descendant of Caiside, Descendant
Cassandra Prophet of Doom, Prophetess
Cassarah TBD
Casse Descendant
Cassey Pure, Helps Mankind
Cassi Prophet of Doom
Cassidee Descendant, Descendant of Caiside
Cassidey Descendant, Descendant of Caiside
Cassidi Descendant of Caiside, Descendant
Cassidy One with Curly Hair, Clever
Cassie Shine Upon Mankind
Cassondra Prophet of Doom
Casy Descendant of Cathasaigh
Catalina Chaste, Pure, Proud, Warlike
Catarina Pure, Clear, Torture
Catcha A Stylish Woman
Catchah A Stylish Woman
Catharine Pure, Torture, Innocent
Catheline Torture, Pure
Catherin Pure, Clear, Torture
Catherine Pure, Innocent, Torture
Cathey Pure
Cathi Pure, Form of the Greek Catherine
Cathie Pure, Form of the Greek Catherine
Cathleen Pure, Clear, Courage, Purity
Cathlyn Pure, Torture
Cathresha One who is Pure
Cathreshah One who is Pure
Cathreshea One who is Pure
Cathresheah One who is Pure
Cathreshia One who is Pure
Cathreshiah One who is Pure
Cathrien Pure
Cathrine Pure, Torture
Cathrisha One who is Pure
Cathrishah One who is Pure
Cathryn Pure, Innocent, Torture
Cathrysha One who is Pure
Cathryshah One who is Pure
Cathy Pure, Form of the Catherine
Catina Pure, Torture
Catori Spirit
Catrina Chaste, Pure, Blessed, Holy
Catt TBD
Cavendar An Emotional Woman
Cavender An Emotional Woman
Cay Pure
Caya Rejoice
Caydence Rhythmic
Cayetana Form of Gaeta
Cayke A Lively Woman
Caykea A Lively Woman
Caykee A Lively Woman
Caykey A Lively Woman
Cayki A Lively Woman
Caykie A Lively Woman
Cayky A Lively Woman
Cayla Like God, Crown of Laurel
Caylee Slender, From the Forest
Cayleigh Pure Meadow: Party, Slender
Caylen Pure
Cayshel Angel of Saturday
Caziah Empty, Vain
Cea Body of Water
Ceaira Little Dark One
Cearra Little Dark One
Ceceilia Blind
Cecelia Blind, Sixth
Ceci Blind
Cecie Born at Daybreak, Blind, Bright
Cecil Blind One, Sixth
Cecile Blind, From the Latin Cecilia
Cecilia Dim Sighted
Cecily Blind One, Sixth
Cedra Battle Chieftain
Cedrica Battle Chieftain
Cedrina Battle Chieftain
Cee Blind
Ceili Descendant of Caollaidhe, Church
Ceilia Sky, Moon, Blind, Heaven
Cela Heavenly, Shine, Of the Sky
Celena The Moon, Goddess of the Moon
Celerea Refers to the Healthy
Celereah TBD
Celeree Refers to the Healthy
Celerey Refers to the Healthy
Celeri TBD
Celerie Refers to the Healthy
Celery TBD
Celest Heavenly
Celeste Sublime, Heavenly, Divine
Celestial Heavenly, Divine
Celestine Sublime, Heavenly, Divine, Of Sky
Celey Light, Sky, Moon, Heaven
Celia Blind, Form of Cecilia, Heavenly
Celina Young Warrior, Rendered to Mars
Celinda Heavenly, Goddess of the Moon
Celine Sublime, Heavenly, Moon, Of Sky
Celisse Heavenly, Of the Sky
Cellie Blind
Cely Sky, Light, Heaven, Moon
Celyn Gorgeous, Kind, Pretty
Cemile Kind-hearted
Cendrine Defender of Man
Ceola Throat
Cera Colourful, Belt
Cerelia Springtime, Of the Spring
Cerella Springtime, Mistress
Cerina Clear, Bright, Variant of Serene
Cerissa Cherry, Beloved, Charity, Dear
Cerra Cherry, Dear, Beloved, Charity
Ceylon TBD
Chae Curious to Know the World
Chaelyn Resembling a Waterfall
Chaelynn Resembling a Waterfall
Chaelynne Resembling a Waterfall
Chaia Alive
Chailyn Resembling a Waterfall, Life
Chailynn Resembling a Waterfall
Chaka A Lark, Life, Energy Centre
Chakwaina One who Cries
Chalese Lord of Three, Third Lord
Chalet Having Good Taste
Chaleta Having Good Taste
Chalete Having Good Taste
Chalett Having Good Taste
Chaletta Having Good Taste
Chalette Having Good Taste
Chalisa Goblet
Challea A Charismatic Woman
Challeah A Charismatic Woman
Challee A Charismatic Woman
Challeigh A Charismatic Woman
Challey A Charismatic Woman
Challi A Charismatic Woman
Challie A Charismatic Woman
Chally A Charismatic Woman
Chalon TBD
Chalonda TBD
Chalone TBD
Chalonna Prefix Cha + Lona
Chalonne TBD
Chalsie Seaport
Cham Bubbly Wine
Chamille Attendant at a Ritual, Acolyte
Chamique Prefix Sha + Mika
Chamomile One, Resembling the Aromatic Herb
Chamomyle Resembling the Aromatic Herb
Champagne Bubbly Wine
Chana Favoured, Grave, Graceful
Chance Chancellor, Keeper of Records
Chanda Moon
Chandelle Candle
Chandler Maker or Seller of Candle
Chandra Shining Moon, The Moon, Radiant
Chandria Moonlight, Candlelight
Chandy Sincere, Candle Seller
Chaneaka One who is Dearly Loved
Chaneecka One who is Dearly Loved
Chaneicka One who is Dearly Loved
Chaneika One who is Dearly Loved
Chanel Narrow as a Pipe, Canal, Channel
Chanelle Channel
Chaney Maker of Candle
Chanice God is Gracious
Chanicka One who is Dearly Loved
Chanickah One who is Dearly Loved
Chaniecka One who is Dearly Loved
Chanieka One who is Dearly Loved
Chanikah One who is Dearly Loved
Chanin Canon
Chanise TBD
Channe Canon
Channery Wise
Channie from the oak wood
Channing Wise, Knowing, Unclear
Chansaneah A Singing Girl
Chansanee A Singing Girl
Chansaneek A Singing Girl
Chansaney A Singing Girl
Chansani A Singing Girl
Chansanie A Singing Girl
Chansanik A Singing Girl
Chansanike A Singing Girl
Chansanique A Singing Girl
Chansany A Singing Girl
Chansanyk A Singing Girl
Chanta Stone, Boulder
Chantal Tough like Stone, Stony Place
Chantara Moon and Stars, Song
Chante Singer, To Sing, Sang
Chantee Boulder, Stone
Chantel To Sing, Stony Spot, Stony Place
Chantelle Tough Like Stone, Stony Place
Chantey Boulder, Stone
Chantez Stone, Boulder
Chantille Boulder, Stone
Chanycka One who is Dearly Loved
Chanyka One who is Dearly Loved
Chapa A Beaver, Beaver, Superior
Chapah A Beaver
Chapawea Resembling a Beaver
Chapaweah Resembling a Beaver
Chapawee Resembling a Beaver
Chapawey Resembling a Beaver
Chapawi Resembling a Beaver
Chapawie Resembling a Beaver
Chapawy Resembling a Beaver
Chapel TBD
Chappa A Beaver
Chappah A Beaver
Chaquan A Sassy Young Woman
Chaquana A Sassy Young Woman
Chaquane A Sassy Young Woman
Chaquann A Sassy Young Woman
Chaquanne A Sassy Young Woman
Charelle Dear
Charese Dear, Grace, Charity, Kindness
Charessa Charity, Grace, Kindness, Dear
Charice Grace, Kindness
Charidy Charity
Charis Gracious, Charity, Grace
Charisa Elk
Charish Kindness, Grace, Charity
Charissa Kindness, Hope, Gracious, Kind
Charisse Kindness, Grace, Beauty
Charito TBD
Charity Love, Generosity, Act of Kindness
Charla From Charlotte
Charlaine little and strong
Charle Maiden, Virgin, Coral
Charlean Maiden, Coral, Virgin
Charlee Farmer, Modern Form of Charles
Charleen Little and Womanly, Manly
Charleigh Manly, Farmer
Charlene Free Woman, Little and Womanly
Charles TBD
Charlesetta Virgin, Coral, Maiden, Freed Woman
Charlet Maiden, Coral, Virgin
Charlette Feminine of Charles, Womanly
Charley Strong, Womanly, Farmer
Charli Strong and Womanly
Charliana A Small, Graceful Woman, Strong
Charliane Graceful Woman, A Small, Strong
Charliann Graceful Woman, Strong, A Small
Charlianna Strong, Graceful Woman, A Small
Charlianne A Small, Strong, Graceful Woman
Charlie Free-woman, Womanly
Charliean Strong, Graceful Woman, A Small
Charlieana A Small, Strong, Graceful Woman
Charlieann A Small, Graceful Woman, Strong
Charlieanna A Small, Strong, Graceful Woman
Charlieanne Strong, Graceful Woman, A Small
Charline Feminine of Charles, Womanly
Charlita Feminine of Charles, Manly
Charlize Variant of Charles, Free Woman
Charlotte Free Woman, Little and Womanly
Charlshea Filled with Happiness
Charlsheah Filled with Happiness
Charlshia Filled with Happiness
Charlshiah Filled with Happiness
Charly Modern Form of Charles, Manly
Charlyn Manly, Modern Form of Charles
Charlynn Manly, Modern Form of Charles
Charm Lovely, Beautiful
Charma Charm, Coral, Maiden, Virgin
Charmagne Virgin, Coral, Charm, Maiden
Charmaine Filled with Delight, Song
Charmane Maiden, Coral, Charm, Virgin
Charmee Attractive Beauty
Charmie TBD
Charna Dark, Feet
Charneah Filled with Joy
Charneaka One who is Obsessive
Charneakah One who is Obsessive
Charnee Filled with Joy
Charneeka One who is Obsessive
Charneekah One who is Obsessive
Charneika One who is Obsessive
Charneikah One who is Obsessive
Charnel One who Sparkles
Charnela One who Sparkles
Charnele One who Sparkles
Charnell One who Sparkles
Charnella One who Sparkles
Charnelle One who Sparkles
Charnesa TBD
Charnesah TBD
Charnessa TBD
Charnessah TBD
Charnette Charmaine + Annette
Charney Filled with Joy
Charnie Filled with Joy
Charnieka One who is Obsessive
Charniekah One who is Obsessive
Charnita Beautiful
Charny Filled with Joy
Charnyka One who is Obsessive
Charnykah One who is Obsessive
Charolette Freeholder
Charon Plain, Singer
Charrise Dear, Charity, Beloved
Charrisse Charity, Dear, Beloved
Charset An Emotional Woman
Charseta An Emotional Woman
Charsete An Emotional Woman
Charsett An Emotional Woman
Charsetta An Emotional Woman
Charsette An Emotional Woman
Chartra A Classy Lady
Chartrah A Classy Lady
Chasey At Peace
Chasia Protected by the Lord
Chasidy Chastity
Chasiti Chastity
Chasity Pure, Purity, Innocence, Chaste
Chassidy Sensitive
Chassity Chastity
Chassy Chastity
Chastity Pure, Virtuous, Purity
Chasty Chastity
Chatlie Manly, Modern Form of Charles
Chava Life, Living and Breathing
Chavie Child, Daughter, Radiance
Chavon Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Chaya Shadow, Alive, Living, Lustre
Chaylyn Resembling a Waterfall
Chaylynn Resembling a Waterfall
Chaylynne Resembling a Waterfall
Chaz Jasmine
Chea Healthy, Well-being, To be Well
Cheah A Witty Woman
Checkea A Saucy Woman
Checkeah A Saucy Woman
Checkee A Saucy Woman
Checkey A Saucy Woman
Checki A Saucy Woman
Checkie A Saucy Woman
Checky A Saucy Woman
Cheea A Witty Woman
Cheeah A Witty Woman
Cheekie A Saucy Woman
Cheer Filled with Joy
Cheere Filled with Joy
Cheery A Good Fruit Name
Chekesha Clean, Pure
Chekia A Saucy Woman
Chel TBD
Chelcie TBD
Chelese TBD
Cheleth One who Smiles a Lot
Cheletha One who Smiles a Lot
Chelethah One who Smiles a Lot
Chelethe One who Smiles a Lot
Cheli Altar of the Sky
Chelisa TBD
Chelle One who is Like God
Chellie One who is like God
Chellsie Port, Landing Place
Chelly A Form of Shelley
Chelsa Chalk Port, Landing Place
Chelsae TBD
Chelsea Seaport, A London District
Chelsee Chalk Port, Landing Place, Port
Chelsey Chalk Port, Landing Place, Port
Chelshi Chalk Port, Landing
Chelsi Chalk Port, Landing Place
Chelsia From Chelsea
Chelsy Port, Landing Place
Chene TBD
Chenee White Dove
Chenell Canal, Channel
Cheney from the oak wood
Cheney Dweller Near the Oak Wood
Chenil A Soft-skinned Woman
Chenila A Soft-skinned Woman
Chenile A Soft-skinned Woman
Chenill A Soft-skinned Woman
Chenilla A Soft-skinned Woman
Chenille A Soft-skinned Woman
Chenise TBD
Chenita White Dove
Chenna White Dove
Chenoa Dove, Bird of Peace
Chepea TBD
Chepeah TBD
Chepee TBD
Chepey TBD
Chepie TBD
Cheppea TBD
Cheppeah TBD
Cheppee TBD
Cheppey TBD
Cheppi TBD
Cheppie TBD
Cheppy TBD
Chepy TBD
Cher Darling, Beloved, Dear
Cheray Germanic, Singer, Darling
Chereese Cherry, Dear, Cherish, Beloved
Cherelle Dear One, Darling
Cherese Blend of Cherie – Cerise
Cheresse Blend of Cherie – Cerise
Cheri Beloved One, Dear
Cherice Blend of Cherie – Cerise
Cherie Dear One, Darling, Beloved
Cherilyn Beloved
Cherisa Dear One, Darling
Cherise Cherry, Dear One, Beloved
Cherish Guard, Treasure
Cherisse Dear One, Darling
Cherity Charity
Cherlin Charity, Plain, Meadow Shire
Cherly Sunny Glade
Cherokea Tribal Name
Cherokeah Tribal Name
Cherokee Tribal Name
Cherokeigh Tribal Name
Cherokey Tribal Name
Cheroki Tribal Name
Cherokie Tribal Name
Cheroky Tribal Name
Cherr Cherry, Charity
Cherrell Beloved, Dear One
Cherrelle Dear One, Darling
Cherri Beloved
Cherrill Beloved, Dear One
Cherron A Graceful Dancer
Cherronn A Graceful Dancer
Cherronne A Graceful Dancer
Cherry Fruit, Cherry Fruit, Dear
Cherrye Cherry, Charity
Cherryl Beloved, Little and Womanly
Cheryl Darling, Considerate, Dependable
Cheryle Dear
Cherylene Singer, Maiden, Bright Meadow
Cheryll Beloved, Dear One
Cherylynn Charity, Plain, Virgin, Singer
Cheryse Cherry, Beloved, Charity, Dear
Chesley Camp in a Clearing, Landing Place
Chesna Peaceful, Bringing Peace, Calm
Chessa Peaceful, Desired
Chessie At Peace
Chesstean One who is Needed
Chessteane One who is Needed
Chessteene One who is Needed
Chesstein One who is Needed
Chessteine One who is Needed
Chesstien One who is Needed
Chesstiene One who is Needed
Chesstyn One who is Needed
Chesstyne One who is Needed
Chestnut Resembling the Nut
Chet A Vivacious Woman
Chett A Vivacious Woman
Chette A Vivacious Woman
Chevelle Bold and Beautiful, My God is Vow
Chevi Personification of Music, Ears
Chevonne The Lord is Gracious
Chevy A Member of the Nobility
Chey Unintelligible Speakers
Cheyann Unintelligible Speakers
Cheyanne Unintelligible Speakers
Cheyeanne Unintelligible Speakers
Cheyenna Unintelligible Speakers
Cheyenne Born Dancer, Firm, Tribal
Cheyna A Tribal Name
Chiaki Thousand Autumns
Chiao TBD
Chichi Famous, Bright, Clear
Chickoa Born at Day-break
Chickoah Born at Day-break
Chicky Little Girl
Chiemi Blessed with Wisdom and Beauty
Chikoa Born at Day-break
Chikoah Born at Day-break
Chilalea Snowbird
Chilaleah Snowbird
Chilalee Snowbird
Chilaleigh Snowbird
Chilaley Snowbird
Chilali Snowbird
Chilalie Snowbird
Chilaly Snowbird
Chilam Snowbird
Chili Pretty
Chimalis Bluebird, Resembling a Bluebird
Chimalys Resembling a Bluebird
Chimene Hospitable
Chimere TBD
China The Ancient Country, From China
Chinasa TBD
Chinita TBD
Chiquita Little One
Chisom God Follows Me
Chitsa Fair
Chitta Mind, Thoughtful, Pyre
Chittra Art, A Picture
Chivonne Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Chleo Fame, Glory
Chloe Trustworthy, Green Shoot
Chochmingwu Corn Mother
Choleena Bird
Cholena Bird
Cholenah Bird
Cholina Bird
Choline Bird
Cholyna Bird
Cholynah Bird
Chona TBD
Chontel Boulder, Stone
Chosovea Resembling a Bluebird
Chosovee Resembling a Bluebird
Chosovey Resembling a Bluebird
Chosovi Bluebird
Chosovie Resembling a Bluebird
Chosovy Resembling a Bluebird
Chosposea Resembling a Bluebird
Chosposee Resembling a Bluebird
Chosposey Resembling a Bluebird
Chosposi Bluebird Eye
Chosposie Resembling a Bluebird
Chrioni TBD
Chris Christ-bearer, Anointed Christian
Chrisa Anointed, Follower of Christ
Chrisha Bea-er of Christ, Truth, Nobel
Chrisie Christian Woman
Chrissy Anointed, Form of Christopher
Christa Anointed, Anointed Christian
Christabel Beautiful Christian
Christabelle Beautiful, Follower of Christ
Christain Follower of Christ
Christal Crystal, Follower of Christ, Ice
Christalin Sparkling
Christan Anointed, Follower of Christ
Christana Follower of Christ, Anointed
Christanna Christian Woman
Christanne Follower of Christ, Anointed
Christeen Anointed, Follower of Christ
Christeena Follower of Christ, Anointed
Christel Anointed, Follower of Christ
Christena Follower of Christ, Anointed
Christene Follower of Christ, Anointed
Christi follower of Christ
Christi Follower of Christ, Anointed
Christia Christian Woman
Christiaan Follower of Christ
Christian Follower of Christ
Christiana Follower of Christ, Christian
Christiani TBD
Christiann Christian Woman
Christianna Follower of Christ, Anointed
Christianne Christian Woman
Christie Follower of Christ
Christien Follower of Christ
Christienne Follower of Christ
Christin Anointed, Anointed Christian
Christina Anointed, Anointed Christian
Christine Follower of Christ
Christinia Christian Woman
Christle Crystal
Christlyn Follower of Christ
Christopher TBD
Christy Anointed, Form of Christopher
Christyl Crystal
Christyn Follower of Christ, Anointed
Chrysa Christian Woman
Chrystal Ice Looking, Crystal, Ice
Chrystele Crystal
Chrysti Christian Woman
Chrystina Follower of Christ, Anointed
Chrystine Christian Woman
Chrystle Crystal, Ice, Anointed, Christian
Chulah Fox
Chulisa A Clever Woman
Chulisah A Clever Woman
Chulissa A Clever Woman
Chulissah A Clever Woman
Chulla Fox
Chullah Fox
Chulysa A Clever Woman
Chulysah A Clever Woman
Chulyssa A Clever Woman
Chulyssah A Clever Woman
Chumana Snake Maiden
Chumanea Dew
Chumaneah Dew
Chumanee Dew
Chumaney Dew
Chumani Dew, Dew Drop
Chumanie Dew
Chumany Dew
Chusi Snake Flower
Chyann Unintelligible Speakers
Chyanne Loving Bear
Chyka Near
Chylali Snowbird
Chylaly Snowbird
Chylam Snowbird
Chymalys Resembling a Bluebird
Chyna The Ancient Country
Chynna The Ancient Country
Chytsa One who is Fair
Chytsah One who is Fair
Ciaira Little Dark One
Ciara Black like a Raven, Dark, Black
Ciarra Black
Cibil Prophetess, Fortune Teller
Ciceley Blind
Cicely Blind, Form of Cecilia, Sixth
Cici Bright, Born at Daybreak
Ciciley Blind
Cicily Blind, Form of Cecilia
Cidney Wide Meadow, Variant of Sydney
Cidra One who is Unlike Others
Cidrah One who is Unlike Others
Ciearra Little Dark-haired
Ciera A Angel, Mountain Range
Cierra From the Mountains
Cierrah A Angel, Mountain Range
Ciji Cute
Cim Ruler
Cimberleigh From the Royal Meadow
Cimone God has Heard, One who Hears
Cin Reddish-brown, Little Cinders
Cinda TBD
Cindel Moon
Cinderella Little Cinder Girl
Cindi Moon
Cindia Moon
Cindie Form of Cynthia, Light
Cindra Woman from Kynthos
Cindy Moon, Little Ash-girl
Cinnamon The Spice, Reddish-brown Spice
Cinni Beauty
Cinthia Moon Goddess, Form of Cynthia
Cintra TBD
Ciprina Blessed by Goddess of Love
Ciqala Our Little One
Ciqalla Little One
Cirilla Mistress, Lady, Feminine of Cyrus
Cirsten TBD
Cis Blind
Cissy Blind, Sixth, Form of Cecilia
Cita A Musically Talented Woman
Citlali Like a Star
Citlalli Star
Claira Bright, Famous
Claire Bright, Clear, Famous, Amazing
Clara Queen, Bright, Clear, Famous
Claraissa Bright, Clear
Clare Bright, Shining, Clear, Famous
Claressa Bright, Clear
Claresta Brilliant, Bright, Clear
Clarice Bright, Clear
Clarie Bright, Clear, Famous
Clarissa Bright, Clear
Claritza Bright, Clear, Famous
Clariz Pure
Clark TBD
Clarrisa Bright, Clear
Claudelle Lame, Female Version of Claude
Claudette Feeble Woman, Lame
Claudi Limping
Claudia Lame, Persevering, Limping
Claudie Lame, Limping, Disabled
Claudine Lame, Female Version of Claude
Clem Giving Mercy, Gentle, Merciful
Clementine Compassionate, Merciful Gentle
Cleo Renown, Glory of the Father
Cleona Father of Glory
Cleora Father’s Glory
Cleotilde Famous Warrior, Warrior Woman
Cleta Illustrious
Cleva Dweller by the Cliff, Hill Dweller
Clever One who is Quick-witted and Smart
Cloe Young Green Shoot / Sprout
Cloey Young Green Shoot
Cloie Young Green Shoot
Clora Pale, Fresh, Flower Goddess
Clorean Filled with Happiness
Cloreana Filled with Happiness
Cloreane Filled with Happiness
Cloreen Filled with Happiness
Cloreena Filled with Happiness
Cloreene Filled with Happiness
Clorein Filled with Happiness
Cloreina Filled with Happiness
Cloreine Filled with Happiness
Clorien Filled with Happiness
Cloriena Filled with Happiness
Cloriene Filled with Happiness
Cloryn Filled with Happiness
Cloryna Filled with Happiness
Cloryne Filled with Happiness
Cloude A Lighthearted Woman
Cloudea A Lighthearted Woman
Cloudeah A Lighthearted Woman
Cloudee A Lighthearted Woman
Cloudey A Lighthearted Woman
Cloudi A Lighthearted Woman
Cloudie A Lighthearted Woman
Cloudy A Lighthearted Woman
Clover Clover, Flower Name, Fortunate
Clydet From the River
Clydeta From the River
Clydete From the River
Clydett From the River
Clydetta From the River
Clydette From the River
Clydie TBD
Coahoma Red Coloured Panther
Cobi The Supplanter
Cobie The Supplanter
Coca TBD
Cocheta The Unknown, Stranger
Cochetah The Unknown
Cochetta The Unknown
Cochettah The Unknown
Coco Help, A Pet Name
Cocoa TBD
Codee Cushion, Helpful
Codi Cushion, Helpful
Codier Cushion
Cody Cushion, Pillow, Helpful, Helper
Codyr Cushion
Coel Girl
Coiya One who is Coquettish
Cokea An Intelligent Woman
Cokeah An Intelligent Woman
Cokee An Intelligent Woman
Cokey An Intelligent Woman
Coki An Intelligent Woman
Coky An Intelligent Woman
Cola A Victorious Woman
Colanda Cora + Yolanda
Colanda Cora Plus Yolanda
Colby From the Dark Farmstead
Cole Young Creature
Coleen Girl
Colemand An Adventurer
Colemyan An Adventurer
Colemyand An Adventurer
Colene Girl
Colette victory of the people
Colette People’s Triumph; Victory of the …
Coley A Peddler of Small Wares
Colie A Peddler of Small Wares
Collean Girl
Colleen Girl, Little
Collen Victory of the People
Collette Necklace, Victorious
Collins TBD
Collyn Girl
Colmand An Adventurer
Colmyan An Adventurer
Colmyand An Adventurer
Colola A Victorious Woman
Concepcion Conception
Concetta TBD
Concha Conception
Conchi Concepcion
Condoleezza Sweetness
Connecticut From the Place Upon the Long River
Connie Steady, Permanent, Steadfastness
Connor High Longing, Exalted
Conor High Longing, Wise Aid
Conro From the Town in Texas
Conroe From the Town in Texas
Conrow From the Town in Texas
Conrowe From the Town in Texas
Conroy A Stately Woman
Constance Steady, Permanent, Constancy
Constancia Constancy, Steadfastness
Consuela Consolation, Comfort
Consuella Consolation
Consuelo Solace, Consolation, Comfort
Contrenah One who is Pure, Chaste
Cony Steadfast, Conception, War Horn
Cookea One who is Cute
Cookee One who is Cute
Cookey One who is Cute
Cooki One who is Cute
Cookie One who is Cute
Cooky One who is Cute
Cooper Barrel Maker
Coosean An Elegant Lady
Cooseana An Elegant Lady
Cooshaun An Elegant Lady
Cooshauna An Elegant Lady
Cooshawn An Elegant Lady
Copar A Red-headed Woman
Copeland One who is Good at Coping
Coper A Red-headed Woman
Coppar A Red-headed Woman
Copper A Red-headed Woman
Cora Filled Heart, Maiden
Coraima Maiden, Virgin
Coral Pure, Pinkish Stones, Small Stone
Coralee Maiden, Nature Name
Coraletta Virgin, Maiden
Coralia Maiden
Coralie Maiden, Coral, Nature Name
Coralina Coral
Coraline TBD
Coraly Coral
Coralyn Maiden, Nature Name
Corbett Raven
Cordasha Cora + Dasha
Cordelia A Woman of Rare Honesty
Cordy Little Heart
Corella Maiden
Corelle Coral
Corena Virgin, Maiden
Corene Maiden
Corentine Little Cora
Coretta From the Round Hill
Corey Dweller Near a Hollow
Corgea A Humorous Woman
Corgeah A Humorous Woman
Corgee A Humorous Woman
Corgey A Humorous Woman
Corgi A Humorous Woman
Corgie A Humorous Woman
Corgy A Humorous Woman
Cori Dweller Near a Hollow, The Hollow
Cori-Ann TBD
Coriann From the Round Hill
Corianne From the Round Hill
Corina Maiden
Corine Maiden, Spear
Corinna Maiden
Corinne Maiden
Corinthea Woman from Corinth
Corisa Maiden, From the Round Hill
Corissa Maiden, Heart
Corkea An Energetic Young Woman
Corkeah An Energetic Young Woman
Corkee An Energetic Young Woman
Corkey An Energetic Young Woman
Corki An Energetic Young Woman
Corkie An Energetic Young Woman
Corky An Energetic Young Woman
Corlene Maiden
Corlis Hearty, Of Old English Origin
Corliss Heartfelt, Good Hearted
Cornelia Like a Horn, Horned
Cornell War Horn
Corrianna From the Round Hill
Corrianne A Combination of Cori and Ann
Corrie Dweller Near a Hollow
Corrina War Horn
Corrine Maiden
Corrinne Maiden
Corrissa From the Ravine, Maiden
Corry Dweller Near a Hollow
Cortney Court Attendant, Court-dweller
Cortni Domain of Curtius
Cortnie Domain of Curtius, Short Nose
Cory Dweller Near a Hollow
Coryn Pure, Maiden, Friend of the Heart
Cosnar One who is Embraced by All
Cosner One who is Embraced by All
Cosnor One who is Embraced by All
Costnar One who is Embraced by All
Costner One who is Embraced by All
Costnor One who is Embraced by All
Cotcha A Stylish Woman
Cotchah A Stylish Woman
Cotreana Chaste, One who is Pure
Cotreanah Chaste, One who is Pure
Cotreena Chaste, One who is Pure
Cotreenah One who is Pure, Chaste
Cotreina Chaste, One who is Pure
Cotreinah One who is Pure, Chaste
Cotrena One who is Pure, Chaste
Cotriena Chaste, One who is Pure
Cotrienah Chaste, One who is Pure
Cotrina Chaste, One who is Pure
Cotrinah Chaste, One who is Pure
Cotryna One who is Pure, Chaste
Cotrynah Chaste, One who is Pure
Cottea Resembling the Comfortable Fabric
Cotteah Resembling the Comfortable Fabric
Cottee Resembling the Comfortable Fabric
Cottey Resembling the Comfortable Fabric
Cotti Resembling the Comfortable Fabric
Cotton Resembling the Comfortable Fabric
Cotty Resembling the Comfortable Fabric
Countess Feminine Equivalent of Count
Courtaney Domain of Curtius
Courteney Courteous, Court-dweller
Courtlyn Courtly, Courteous
Courtnae Short Nose
Courtne Domain of the Short One
Courtnea Domain of Curtius, Short Nose
Courtney Court-dweller, Courtly, Courteous
Courtni Courteous, Variant of Courtney
Cova A Cove
Covan An Unpredictable Woman
Coven An Unpredictable Woman
Covin An Unpredictable Woman
Covon An Unpredictable Woman
Covyn An Unpredictable Woman
Coye Woods
Cozette Cosy, Warm
Cramer Filled with Joy
Cramir Filled with Joy
Cramor Filled with Joy
Cramur Filled with Joy
Cree Tribe Name
Cresilda Thanks
Crest One who is Worthy
Crestan One who is Worthy
Creste One who is Worthy
Crestea One who is Worthy
Crestee One who is Worthy
Cresten One who is Worthy
Crestey One who is Worthy
Cresti One who is Worthy
Crestie One who is Worthy
Crestin One who is Worthy
Creston One who is Worthy
Crestun One who is Worthy
Cresty One who is Worthy
Cricket Loud Insect of the Night
Criket Resembling a Chirping Insect
Crisbell Beautiful Christian
Crishona A Beautiful Woman
Crishonah A Beautiful Woman
Crishonna A Beautiful Woman
Crishonnah A Beautiful Woman
Crissi Christian Woman
Crissy Anointed, Christian
Crista Christ Bearer, Appointed One
Cristabel Christian Woman
Cristal Crystal, Anointed, Christian, Ice
Cristalle Crystal
Cristan TBD
Cristela Crystal
Cristen Follower of Christ, Anointed
Cristi Christian, Anointed
Cristin Follower of Christ, Anointed
Cristina Anointed, Christian
Cristy Form of Christopher
Cristyn Follower of Christ, Anointed
Cruela Cruel Woman
Cruele An Evil, Cruel Woman
Cruell An Evil, Cruel Woman
Cruella Cruel Woman, An Evil
Cruelle An Evil, Cruel Woman
Cruz Carrying a Cross, Cross
Crycket Resembling a Chirping Insect
Cryket Resembling a Chirping Insect
Cryshona A Beautiful Woman
Cryshonah A Beautiful Woman
Cryshonna A Beautiful Woman
Cryshonnah A Beautiful Woman
Crysta Anointed One
Crystal Clear, Unblemished
Crystalee Crystal
Crystall Crystal
Crystalle Crystal
Crystalynn Crystal
Crystelle Crystal
Crystie Christian Woman
Crystl Crystal
Crystle Crystal
Cullen An Attractive Lady
Cumahle One with an Open Heart
Cumahlea One with an Open Heart
Cumahleah One with an Open Heart
Cumahlee One with an Open Heart
Cumahleigh One with an Open Heart
Cumahley One with an Open Heart
Cumahli One with an Open Heart
Cumahlie One with an Open Heart
Cumahly One with an Open Heart
Cumale One with an Open Heart
Cumalee One with an Open Heart
Cumaleigh One with an Open Heart
Cumaley One with an Open Heart
Cumali One with an Open Heart
Cumaly One with an Open Heart
Cumthea One with an Open Mind
Cumtheah One with an Open Mind
Cumthia One with an Open Mind
Cumthiah One with an Open Mind
Cumthiya One with an Open Mind
Cumthiyah One with an Open Mind
Cupid A Romantic Woman
Cupide A Romantic Woman
Cupyd A Romantic Woman
Cupyde A Romantic Woman
Curran Heroine
Currea Resembling the Spice
Curreah Resembling the Spice
Curree Resembling the Spice
Currey Resembling the Spice
Curri Resembling the Spice
Currie Resembling the Spice
Cusean An Elegant Lady
Cushaun An Elegant Lady
Cushauna An Elegant Lady
Cushawn An Elegant Lady
Cushawna An Elegant Lady
Cwen Queen
Cybille One of the Hair
Cydel From the Country
Cydela A Girl from the Country
Cydele A Girl from the Country
Cydell A Girl from the Country
Cydella A Girl from the Country
Cydelle A Girl from the Country
Cydnee Wide Meadow, From St Denis
Cydney from Saint-Denis, France
Cydney Woman from a Large Island
Cydra One who is Unlike Others
Cydrah One who is Unlike Others
Cyia TBD
Cylea A Darling Daughter
Cylean A Melodious Woman
Cyleane A Melodious Woman
Cylee A Darling Daughter
Cyleen A Melodious Woman
Cyleene A Melodious Woman
Cyleigh A Darling Daughter
Cylein A Melodious Woman
Cyleine A Melodious Woman
Cylene A Melodious Woman
Cyley A Darling Daughter
Cyli A Darling Daughter
Cylie A Darling Daughter
Cylien A Melodious Woman
Cyliene A Melodious Woman
Cyllean A Sweetheart
Cylleane A Sweetheart
Cylleen A Sweetheart
Cylleene A Sweetheart
Cyllein A Sweetheart
Cyllene A Sweetheart
Cyllien A Sweetheart
Cylliene A Sweetheart
Cyllyn A Sweetheart
Cyllyne A Sweetheart
Cyly A Darling Daughter
Cylyn A Melodious Woman
Cylyne A Melodious Woman
Cym Ruler, Chief
Cymbeline The Lord Sun
Cymberly From the Royal Meadow
Cynarah TBD
Cynda Woman from Kynthos, Little Cinders
Cyndal Little Cinders, Woman from Kynthos
Cyndee Moon
Cyndi Moon, Form of Cynthia, Bright
Cyndie Bright, Moon, Form of Cynthia
Cyndy Moon
Cyne Moon, Ruler
Cyntha Woman from Kynthos
Cynthea Woman from Kynthos
Cynthia Moon, Moon Goddess
Cynthy Woman from Kynthos
Cyntrel A Gossipy Woman
Cyntrela A Gossipy Woman
Cyntrele A Gossipy Woman
Cyntrell A Gossipy Woman
Cyntrella A Gossipy Woman
Cyntrelle A Gossipy Woman
Cyntril A Gossipy Woman
Cyntrila A Gossipy Woman
Cyntrile A Gossipy Woman
Cyntrill A Gossipy Woman
Cyntrilla A Gossipy Woman
Cyntrille A Gossipy Woman
Cyona One who is Steadfast
Cyonah One who is Steadfast
Cyqala Our Little One
Cyqalla Our Little One
Cyreace One who is Artistic
Cyreece One who is Artistic
Cyreice One who is Artistic
Cyriece One who is Artistic
Cyrilla Mistress, Lady, Lordly, Proud
Cyrina Sovereign Queen
Cyrstal Crystal
Cyryce One who is Artistic
Cytherea Derived from Cythera
Cythia Woman from Kynthos
Cytia Woman from Kynthos