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“E” represents Strength. The E shows Entertaining, independence, Skillful, intellectual, and imagination. If you’re looking for American baby girl names that start with E, then you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll list some of the most popular choices, as well as give you some tips on choosing the perfect name for your little one.

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Here on this page, we have compiled 653 American Baby Girl Names Starting With E. Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of most popular 653 American Baby Girl Names Starting With E.

Top 10 Baby Names Starting With E

Looking for a baby name that starts with the letter “E”? Check out our top 10 baby names starting with “E”!

1. Ella
2. Emmalee
3. Eleanor
4. Emilie
5. Ellenor
6. Emilie Grace
7. Emery
8. Emmy Lou
9. Ella Marie
10. Ember

The Meaning of Baby Names Ending With E

The name Emma has many meanings, the most popular of which is “mother.” Other meanings include “love” and “hope.” One of the most popular Emma-based baby names is Emma Stone.

Some other popular names that end with E include Elizabeth, Emily, Emilie, Evelyn, Eleanor, Eliza, Evanna, Emmalee, Elisha, Elyse and Eva. The name Everett was ranked #8 in the 2000 U.S. Baby Name Survey.



Baby Names That start with E and End in -ing

  • Looking for baby names that start with the letter E and end in -ing? Here are some heartwarming American baby girl names that fit the bill!
  • Eleanor: A regal name that is popular among English speakers, Eleanor is perfect for a princess-in-the-making.
  • Erin: This Irish name means “erry” or “bright.” Erin is perfect for a sunny young lady.
  • Emmalyn: This Welsh name means “thoroughly lovely.” Emmalyn is perfect for a beautiful young lady who is confident and content.
  • Elise: This French name means “beautiful star.” Elise is perfect for a star-bright little girl.
  • Emma: Emma has been around since the 12th century and is one of the most popular female names in the world. Emma is practical and down to earth, making her a great choice for any family.
  • Emerald: Emerald has always been associated with wealth and royalty, making it an ideal name for a high-achieving little girl.
  • Emmaline: This French name means “thinly veiled.” Emmalyn is perfect for a beautiful young lady who desires privacy.

Baby Names that Start with E but End in another Letter

Looking for names that start with E but end in another letter? Here are a few!


Unique Baby Names that start with E

There are plenty of unique baby girl names that start with the letter E.

Some popular choices include Echo, Eden, and Élan.

Try out some of these unique names on your next baby registry!

Pretty American Baby Girl Names Starting With E

Eara From the East
Earlena Noblewoman
Earlena Noble Woman, Shield
Earlene Noblewoman
Earlene Noble Woman, Leader, Princess
Earlina Noblewoman
Earlina Noble Woman, Shield
Earline Noblewoman
Earline Noble Woman
Earna Sincere
Earna Sincere, Eagle
Earnestine Earnest, Serious
Eartha Earthy, Born of the Earth
Eartha Earthy
Easter Born at Easter
Easton The Christian Spring Festival
Eastre Born at Easter
Eazaid Fifth Night, Fifteenth
Ebann A Pretty Woman
Ebanne A Pretty Woman
Ebany Ebony, Deeply Black Wood
Ebba Flowing tide
Ebba Flowing Tide, Life
Ebban A Pretty Woman
Ebbann A Pretty Woman
Ebbanne A Pretty Woman
Eberley Boar Meadow
Ebone Ebony
Ebonee Black, A Hard Wood
Eboney Deep Black Wood
Eboni Ebony Wood, Black
Ebonie Black Coloured Wood
Ebonne Ebony
Ebony a dark wood, black
Ebony Black
Ebony Ebony Wood, Dark Beauty
Ebonye Ebony
Echoe Reflected Sound
Eda Wealthy
Eda Wealthy Guardian, Wealthy, Happy
Edanna Eda Plus Anna
Eddie Rich Guard, Pleasure, Enjoyment
Eddy Pleasure, Enjoyment
Ede Wealthy
Edee Rich gift
Edee Rich Gift, Spoils of War
Edeline Gracious or kind
Edelyn TBD
Eden Delight
Eden Delightful, Adornment, Paradise
Edesa Name of Macedonian Town
Edie Rich gift
Edie Rich Gift, Prosperity, Battle
Edina Ardent
Edina Ardent, Wealthy
Edith Prosperous in war
Edivania TBD
Edlina Noble
Edmanda Prosperous protector
Edmonda Prosperous protector
Edmonda Wealthy Defender
Edmunda Prosperous protector
Edmunda Wealthy Defender
Edna Little Seed, Kernel
Edra Powerful
Edra Powerful, Wealthy
Edrea Powerful
Edrea Powerful, Wealthy, Prosperous
Edrei A Woman of Great Strength
Edrina TBD
Eduarda Wealthy guardian
Edwina Wealthy Companion, Rich Friend
Edwina Prosperous friend
Edwinna Prosperous Friend
Edyn Delight, Paradise
Edyth Prosperous in war
Edyth Prosperous in War, Joyous
Edytha Prosperous in War, Spoils of War
Edytha Prosperous in war
Edythe Prosperous in War, Form of Edith
Edythe Prosperous in war
Edzel One who is Plain
Eema Universal, All-containing
Effie Well spoken
Effie Star, Melodious Talk
Eftyhia TBD
Egan A Wholesome Woman
Egann A Wholesome Woman
Egen A Wholesome Woman
Egon A Wholesome Woman
Egun A Wholesome Woman
Egypt Unknown
Egzanth A Yellow-haired Woman
Egzantha A Yellow-haired Woman
Egzanthe A Yellow-haired Woman
Egzanthea A Yellow-haired Woman
Egzanthia A Yellow-haired Woman
Egzanthiya A Yellow-haired Woman
Egzanthya A Yellow-haired Woman
Eileen Torch of Light, Light, Beauty
Eileen Light
Eileine The Juniper Tree, Bird, Hazelnut
Eimy Universal, Entire, Industrious
Einat Eye
Einav Love, Hope, Prosperity
Eireland From Ireland
Eirene Goddess of Peace, Spring
Eisa Snow
Eisha Pleasure, Desire, Pious
Eithel Honourable, Noble
Eiwa TBD
Eiza Dear One, Noble
Ekoiah The Great Equaliser
Ekowya The Great Equaliser
Ekowyah The Great Equaliser
Ekstacea Filled with Extreme Happiness
Ekstacee Filled with Extreme Happiness
Ekstacey Filled with Extreme Happiness
Ekstaci Filled with Extreme Happiness
Ekstacie Filled with Extreme Happiness
Ekstasy Filled with Extreme Happiness
Elaina Shining Light, Light
Elaine Mother of Lancelot
Elaine Light
Elainia Light, Torch
Elan Friendly, Shining, Brightness
Elana Announce, Light, Torch
Elanie Oak Tree, Shining One, God
Elanor Sun-star, Shining One, Bright One
Elasia Devoted to God, Similar to Elissa
Elayn Fawn
Elberta Noble or glorious
Elberta Noble, Glorious, Highborn, Shining
Elberte Noble or glorious
Elberte Noble, Glorious
Elbertina Noble or glorious
Elbertina Noble, Glorious
Elbertine Noble or glorious
Elbertine Noble, Glorious
Elbertyna Noble or glorious
Elbertyna Noble, Glorious
Elda Battle, Wise or Prudent Adviser
Eldora Golden, Blond, Gift of the Sun
Eldrida wise counselor
Eldrin Old and Wise Adviser
Ele Mercy, God is My Light
Eleacea One who is Forthright
Eleacee One who is Forthright
Eleacey One who is Forthright
Eleaci One who is Forthright
Eleacy One who is Forthright
Eleane Hazelnut, The Juniper Tree, Bird
Eleanor Sympathy, Compassion, Light
Eleanor Light
Eleanora Light, Form of Eleanor, Sun-ray
Eleanore Light, Foreign, Torch
Elecia God is Salvation, Honourable
Elegea A Lasting Beauty
Elegee A Lasting Beauty
Elegey A Lasting Beauty
Elegi A Lasting Beauty
Elegie A Lasting Beauty
Elegy A Lasting Beauty
Elei Smart Woman, Brightness, Ornament
Eleisha Honourable, Noble
Elena Light, Sun Ray, Shining
Elena Light
Elene Name of a Poem, Variant of Helen
Elenora Light, Bright One
Eleny Shining One, Bright One, Bright
Eleonora Shining Light, Light, Sun
Elettra Amber, Shining, Brilliant
Elfie Good Elf, Elf, Power
Elfie Good elf
Elfreda Peaceful ruler
Elfrida Peaceful Ruler, Good Counsellor
Elfrida Peaceful ruler
Elfrieda Peaceful Ruler, Good Counsellor
Elfrieda Peaceful ruler
Eliana My God has Answered Me
Elianna God has Answered
Elida Cute, Little, From Elide Valley
Elida Winged
Elinda Letter E Plus Linda
Elinor Light, Shining Light
Elinor Light
Elisa God is my oath
Elisa God is My Oath; God’s Promise; …
Elisabeth God is My Oath, The Oath
Elisabetha God is My Oath, God is Perfection
Elisangela TBD
Elise God is my oath
Elise Promise of God, God is My Oath
Elisha My God is Salvation
Elissa God is my oath
Elissa God is My Oath, Noble, Nobility
Elita Chosen
Eliva Loving
Elivina Good elf
Eliz Consecrated to God
Eliza God is my oath
Elizabel God is Perfection, God is My Oath
Elizabet God’s Promise; God is My Oath; My …
Elizabeta God is My Oath, God is Perfection
Elizabeth God is my oath
Ella Foreign
Ella Sympathy, Compassion, Light
Ellah True, Entire, Little Cinders
Elle Feminin
Elle Feminine, Bright One
Elleah Old, Entire, Gothic
Elleanor God, Bright / Shining One
Ellecia God is my oath
Ellee Light
Ellen Sun Ray, Shining, Form of Eleanor
Ellen Light
Ellena Light
Ellena Light, Most Beautiful Woman
Ellene Light
Ellene Light, Most Beautiful Woman
Ellerie Cheerful, From the Alder Grove
Ellesse God is my oath
Ellia Light
Elliana Sun, Light
Ellice God is my oath
Ellice Jehovah is God
Ellie Sympathy, Compassion, Light
Ellie Light
Elliott Jehovah is God
Ellisa The Lord is My God, Peaceful Ruler
Ellisha God is my oath
Ellisha God is My Salvation
Ellison Son of Elder
Ellison Son of Elder, Greek Form of Elijah
Elly Light
Ellyana TBD
Ellyce God is my oath
Ellyn Light, Torch
Ellynne Shining / Bright One
Ellysa Pledge to God
Ellyshi Pledge to God
Elma Will, Desire, Helmet
Elmira Noble
Elmira Noble, Aristocratic Lady
Elmyra Noble
Elmyra Noble, Aristocratic Lady
Elna Torch, Light, Bright, Sun Ray
Elnora Light
Elnora Light, Variant of Eleanor, Foreign
Elodia White Blossom, Marshy
Elodie Marshy, White Blossom
Elois Renowned in Battle, Famous Warrior
Eloisa Famous Warrior
Eloise Healthy, Wide, Famous in War
Eloo A Woman Full of Grace
Elora God is Light
Elouise Hale, Healthy, Wide
Elsa Noble
Elsa Snow and Ice; God’s Promise; God …
Elsha Pledge from God, Noble
Elsie Promise of God, Form of Elizabeth
Elsina TBD
Elske TBD
Elspeth God is my oath
Elspeth God of Plenty, Form of Elizabeth
Eltan A Spontaneous Woman
Elten A Spontaneous Woman
Elthia Healer
Eltin A Spontaneous Woman
Elton A Spontaneous Woman
Eltun A Spontaneous Woman
Eltyn A Spontaneous Woman
Elue A Woman Full of Grace
Elva Elfin
Elva Elf, Good Counsellor, Fair, Power
Elvena Elfin
Elvena Elfin, Good Elf
Elvera Truth, White, Elfin
Elvia Elfin, Good Elf, Noble Guardian
Elvia elfin
Elvie Elfin, Good Elf, Noble Friend
Elvie Elfin
Elvin Elfin
Elvina Elfin
Elvina Friend of the Elves
Elvine Elfin
Elvine Noble Friend, Good Elf
Elvinia Elfin
Elvira True to All, White, Blond
Elvyne Elfin
Elvyne Elfin, Good Elf
Elyanna Sun
Elyce The Lord is My God
Elyna Pure, Light, Elegant, Graceful
Elynn Light, Most Beautiful Woman
Elynn Light
Elyse Noble; Blissful; God’s Promise; …
Elysee Noble, Ornament, Blissful
Elyssa My God is an Oath
Elyta Winged
Elyza My God is Bountiful
Elzina prefix El + Zina
Ema Serious, Embracing Everything
Emalea Work, Rivalling, Imitating
Emalee Industrious, Striving
Emaleigh Rivalling, Imitating
Emali Imitating, Rivalling
Emana Believer, Faith, Proud
Emazaid The Explorer Power
Ember To Burn, Burned Coal
Ember To burn
Emberlen As Precious as a Beautiful Jewel
Emberlenn As Precious as a Beautiful Jewel
Emberlenne As Precious as a Beautiful Jewel
Emberlin As Precious as a Beautiful Jewel
Emberline As Precious as a Beautiful Jewel
Emberlinn As Precious as a Beautiful Jewel
Emberlinne As Precious as a Beautiful Jewel
Emberly Ember
Emberlyn As Precious as a Beautiful Jewel
Emberlyne As Precious as a Beautiful Jewel
Emberlynn As Precious as a Beautiful Jewel
Emberlynne As Precious as a Beautiful Jewel
Emelee Imitating, Rivalling
Emelia Rival, Laborious, Industrious
Emelita Rivalling, Work, Imitating
Emelly Rivalling, Imitating
Emely Rivalling, Imitating
Emerald Precious Green Gem Stone
Emerald Bright green
Emerson Home Power
Emery Home Power
Emese Flatterer, Industrious
Emielou Rivalling, Imitating, Work
Emila Rivalling, Imitating
Emilce TBD
Emilea Imitating, Rivalling
Emilee Industrious, Striving, Rival
Emileigh God’s Gift; Bringer of Hope
Emiley Imitating, Rivalling
Emilia Industrious
Emilia Competitor, Rival, Industrious
Emilie Rival, Ambitious, Industrious
Emilina Industrious
Emilinda One who is Happy – Beautiful
Emillie Imitating, Rivalling
Emilly Industrious, Competitor
Emilou Work, Imitating, Rivalling
Emily Competitor, Industrious
Emily Industrious
Emilyn TBD
Emilynda One who is Happy – Beautiful
Emita TBD
Emm Imitating, Universal, Whole
Emma Industrious
Emma Industrious, All-containing
Emmajean Imitating, Universal, Whole
EmmaLea Imitating, Work, Rivalling
Emmalee Industrious, Striving, Rival
Emmalei Imitating, Work, Rivalling
Emmaleigh Rivalling, Imitating
Emmali Imitating, Rivalling, Work
Emmalia Rivalling, Imitating, Work
Emmalie Work, Imitating, Rivalling
Emmaliese Work, Rivalling, Imitating
Emmalou Imitating, Rivalling, Work
Emmaly Rivalling, Imitating
Emmalyse Work, Rivalling, Imitating
Emmanouela God with us
Emmelyn Universal, Whole, Immense
Emmie Whole, Entire, Universal, Rival
Emmielou Rivalling, Imitating, Work
Emmilinda One who is Happy – Beautiful
Emmilou Imitating, Work, Rivalling
Emmilynda One who is Happy – Beautiful
Emmly Admiring
Emmy Entire, Universal, Rival, Eager
Emmylinda One who is Happy – Beautiful
Emmylou Whole, Complete
Emogene Daughter, Innocent, Maiden
Emslie A Gift from God
Emuila Lord of the Power, Worship of God
Emuille Happy
Emulie Happy, Worship of Lord
Emylinda One who is Happy – Beautiful
Emylou Imitating, Rivalling, Work
Emylynda One who is Happy – Beautiful
Ena The Zodiac Sign of Capricorn
Endea A Magical Woman
Endeah A Magical Woman
Endee A Magical Woman
Endey A Magical Woman
Endi A Magical Woman
Endia A Magical Woman
Endiah A Magical Woman
Endie A Magical Woman
Endy A Magical Woman
Engelina Messenger of God, Angel
Engracia Graceful, Good will
Enid Spirit
Enid Spirit, Soul, Quiet Woman, Pure
Eniola Wealthy, A Person of Wealth
Enisha Pretty
Enit Fair, Purity, Soul
Enola Alone Spelled Backwards, Solitary
Enslea An Emotional Woman
Enslee An Emotional Woman
Ensleigh An Emotional Woman
Ensley An Emotional Woman
Ensli An Emotional Woman
Enslie An Emotional Woman
Ensly An Emotional Woman
Entela TBD
Envy TBD
Enyd Spirit
Enyd Spirit, Soul, Fair, Life
Epatha TBD
Epiphany Manifestation
Eponine Eponym
Equille The Princess Maid
Equoia The Great Equaliser
Equoiah The Great Equaliser
Equowyah The Great Equaliser
Era Breeze, Long Period of Time, Wind
Erane TBD
Ereka Lone Ruler, Ever Ruling
Erfan Iron Heart
Erianne Ireland
Erica Ruling Forever, Always Ruler
Erica Eternal ruler
Ericca Lone Ruler, Ever Ruling
Ericka Ever Ruler, Honourable Ruler
Erika Ruling Forever, Ever-powerful
Erin Ireland
Erin From Ireland
Erina Beautiful Lady, From Ireland
Eriola TBD
Erleen Noblewoman
Erleen Noble Woman
Erlene Noblewoman
Erlene Elfin, Noble Woman
Erlina Elfin, Noble Woman
Erlynn Pledge
Erma Universal, Whole, Form of Irma
Ermalinda Immense, Universal, Ermine, Whole
Ermione Dedicated to Hermes
Erna Sincere
Erna Sincere, Earnest, Eagle, Serious
Ernestina Sincere, Earnest, Serious
Ernestine Sincere
Ernestine Sincere, Serious, Earnest
Errica Lone Ruler, Ever Ruling, Island
Ersi TBD
Ertha Earth, Worldly
Ertha Earthy
Erwina Friend of the Sea, Sea Friend
Erwina Friend of the sea
Erwyna Friend of the Sea
Erykah Ever Ruler, Honourable Ruler
Eryn Peace, Poetic Name for Ireland
Esabella TBD
Esdae A Warm – Caring Woman
Esdai A Warm – Caring Woman
Esday A Warm – Caring Woman
Esdaye A Warm – Caring Woman
Esdea A Warm – Caring Woman
Esdee A Warm – Caring Woman
Esdelle One who is Plain
Esdey A Warm – Caring Woman
Esdi A Warm – Caring Woman
Esdie A Warm – Caring Woman
Esdy A Warm – Caring Woman
Esmeralda Emerald
Esosa Blessing of God, Gift of God
Esperance Hope
Esperanza Hopeful, Hope
Essdey A Warm – Caring Woman
Essence Perfume, Scent, Aura, Nature
Essie Like a Star, Myrtle Leaf
Essra Happiness
Esta Star, Myrtle Leaf, From the East
Estar Star
Estefani Garland, Crowned
Estefania Woman with Crown, Garland, Crowned
Estefany Crown, Garland
Estela Star
Estelita Star
Estell Star, Form of Estelle
Estella Star, Form of Estelle
Estelle Like a Star, Myrtle Leaf
Ester Star-like, Star
Esther Star, Myrtle Leaf, Like a Star
Esther Star
Estrella Like a Star, Form of Estelle, Love
Estrellita Star
Etania Wealthy
Etenea The Wealthy
Etenia Rich, Wealthy
Eteniah The Wealthy
Eteniya The Wealthy
Eteniyah The Wealthy
Eternity Forever, Everlasting
Ethel Graceful, Righteous
Ethel Noble
Etheleen Honourable, Noble
Ethelene Noble Serpent
Ethelyn Graceful and Noble Woman
Ethelyne Noble, Honourable
Ethyl Noble, Honourable
Etta House Owner, Pearl
Etta Ruler of the home
Ettie Ruler of the Home, Star
Ettie Ruler of the home
Etty Ruler of the Home, Star
Etty Ruler of the home
Eudora Gift without Limits
Eula Sweet-spoken, Gem of the Sea
Eulalia Eloquent, Well-spoken
Euland A Fair Woman
Eulanda A Fair Woman
Eulande A Fair Woman
Eulandea A Fair Woman
Eulandia A Fair Woman
Eunice Good Victory, Victorious
Euvenia A Hardworking Woman
Eva Living and Breathing, Life
Eva Life
Eva-Marie TBD
Evalee Alive, The Juniper Tree
Evaleen Life, Hazelnut, Animal
Evaleen Hazelnut
Evaleigh The Juniper Tree, Alive
Evalina Hazelnut
Evalina Hazelnut, Life, Desired
Evaline Hazelnut
Evalouisa A Famous Giver of Life
Evalouise A Famous Giver of Life
Evaluise A Famous Giver of Life
Evalyn Hazelnut
Evalyn Hazelnut, Life, Little Eve
Evalynn Hazelnut, The Juniper Tree, Bird
Evanee Young warrior
Evangelina Brings Good News
Evangeline Bringer of Good News
Evania Bringer of good news
Evania Young Fighter, Young Warrior
Evanna Young fighter
Evanna Gracious Gift of God
Evannah TBD
Evanne Good Fortune
Evans TBD
Eve Life
Eve To Breath, To Live, Good News
Evea Alive, The Juniper Tree
Evelin Hazelnut
Evelin Hazelnut, Life, Desired, Bird
Evelina Hazelnut
Evelina Hazelnut, Light, Desired
Eveline Hazelnut
Eveline Hazelnut, Life, Light, Life Giver
Evelyn Hazelnut
Evelyn Hazelnut, Little Bird, Desired
Evelyne Hazelnut
Evelyne Hazelnut, Life, Desired, Beauty
Evelynn Hazelnut
Evelynn Hazelnut, Life, Form of Evelyn
Evelynne Hazelnut
Evelynne Hazelnut, Life, Form of Evelyn
Evenea A Hardworking Woman
Eveneah A Hardworking Woman
Eveniah A Hardworking Woman
Eveniya A Hardworking Woman
Everleigh Boar Meadow
Everlena TBD
Evette Life; Yew Wood; Archer’s Wood; …
Evian Spa
Evie Life, Alive, Living, Form of Eve
Evilyn Hazelnut, The Juniper Tree, Bird
Evin Young warrior
Evita Life, Spanish Form of Eve
Evlynn Hazelnut, The Juniper Tree, Bird
Evlynne Hazelnut, The Juniper Tree, Bird
Evon Yew, Archer, Yew Wood
Evonne Archer, Yew Wood, Life
Evyn Alive, The Juniper Tree
Eyana Affection, Princess
Eyde Rich in War
Eyota Great
Eyotah The Greatest
Eyote One who is Great
Eyotee One who is Great
Eyotey One who is Great
Eyoti One who is Great
Eyotie One who is Great
Eyotta The Greatest
Eyottah The Greatest
Eyoty One who is Great
Eyra Snow
Ezelle TBD
Ezra Humble, Salvation, Helper
Ezri Helper
Ezzie God is My Strength / Help