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“F” represents Love. The F shows Domesticated and Home-Loving. F is Friendly, a Planner, Comforting and Loyal. It is straightforward for the F to carry a strong sense of family responsibility. American Baby Girl Names Starting With F There are so many amazing baby girl names starting with F that it can be hard to decide what to choose! In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of 10 American baby girl names starting with F, as well as some facts about each name. Enjoy!

Future Baby Names Starting with F

Looking to name your little one after something extra special? Check out our list of future baby girl names starting with F!

Top 10 Baby Names Starting with F

If you’re looking for a name that starts with the letter F, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from. Here are the 10 best baby names starting with F:

  • Fiona
  • Felicity
  • Fiorenza
  • Frankie
  • Freya
  • Fitzgerald
  • Geraldine
  • Gabriela
  • Gemma
  • Giovanna

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Here on this page, we have compiled 303 American Baby Girl Names Starting With F. Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of the most popular 303 American Baby Girl Names Starting With F.

American Baby Girl Names Starting With F in 2022

Looking for a American baby girl name that starts with F in 2022? Here are a few options to choose from!

Fiona: This is one of the most popular American baby girl names starting with F in 2022. Fiona is a feminine name that is often used for girls. It has been in the top 500 baby names for over 10 years and is likely to remain popular in the future.

Fenella: Fenella is also one of the most popular American baby girl names starting with F in 2022. This name is typically used for girls, but it can also be used for boys. Fenella is a beautiful and unique name that will be very popular in the next few years.

Francesca: Francesca is another great option for a American baby girl name that starts with F in 2022. This name has been around for centuries and it has a long history of popularity. It will likely continue to be popular in the future.



Pretty American Baby Girl Names Starting With F

Fabby Fabulous
Fabiola Bean Grower, Bean
Fae Trust, Belief, Fairy, Confidence
Fae Trust or belief
Faidra Bright One
Fair Equal, Morning
Faire Light-haired
Fairy Spirit
Faith Trust or belief
Faith Trusting, Believing, Trust
Faithe Trust or belief
Faithe Trust, Belief, Faithful, Faith
Fala A Crow
Falasha Desire, Landless Ones, Jews
Faleen Descendant
Faleena Descendant
Falene Cat-like
Falesyia An Exotic Woman
Falicia Happiness
Falin Cat-like
Falk A Respected Woman
Falke A Respected Woman
Fall Born During the Autumn Season
Falla Resembling a Crow
Fallah Resembling a Crow
Falle Born During the Autumn Season
Fallen Descendant
Fallon Leader, Superiority
Falon In Charge
Falset A Fanciful Woman
Falseta A Fanciful Woman
Falsete A Fanciful Woman
Falsett A Fanciful Woman
Falsetta A Fanciful Woman
Falsette A Fanciful Woman
Falynn Descendant of Fallamhan
Famke Protection, Peace, Safety
Fanceen Free
Fanceen Free, Variant of Frances
Fanfara One who is Excited
Fanfarah One who is Excited
Fanfarra One who is Excited
Fanfarrah One who is Excited
Fanni Liberated, Pet Name
Fanni Free
Fannia Free, Variant of Frances
Fannia Free
Fannie Free, Liberated, Frenchwoman
Fannie Free
Fanny Free, Frenchwoman
Fanny Free
Fantasy TBD
Fantine Free
Fantine Free, Liberated, Frenchwoman
Fany Free, From France
Fany from France
Fara Level Measure, Beautiful, Lovely
Fara Beautiful
Farah Beautiful
Fareeha Happiness, Happy, Joyful
Farel One who Inspires Others
Farelle One who Inspires Others
Faren Adventurous, Wanderer, Ox-herd
Faren Adventurous
Faril One who Inspires Others
Farille One who Inspires Others
Farin Adventurous, Wise, Wanderer
Farin Adventurous
Faris A Forgiving Woman
Fariss A Forgiving Woman
Farisse A Forgiving Woman
Faro A Narrow-minded Woman
Farow A Narrow-minded Woman
Farrah Beautiful, Joyful, Lovely
Farrah Beautiful
Farren Wanderer, Adventurous
Farren Wanderer
Farrin Wanderer
Farris A Forgiving Woman
Farro A Narrow-minded Woman
Farron Wanderer, Adventurous
Farron Wanderer
Farrow A Narrow-minded Woman
Farryn Wanderer, Adventurous
Farryn Wanderer
Farrys A Forgiving Woman
Fary Light-haired
Faryl One who Inspires Others
Farylle One who Inspires Others
Faryn Wanderer, Adventurous
Faryn Wanderer
Farys A Forgiving Woman
Faryss A Forgiving Woman
Farysse A Forgiving Woman
Fashea A Stylish Woman
Fasheah A Stylish Woman
Fashee A Stylish Woman
Fashi A Stylish Woman
Fashie A Stylish Woman
Fashon A Stylish Woman
Fashy A Stylish Woman
Fashyn A Stylish Woman
Fashyun A Stylish Woman
Fatima The Prophet Mohammad’s Daughter; …
Fatima To abstain
Faulk A Respected Woman
Faulke A Respected Woman
Fauna Young Deer, Fawn, Animal Life
Fauna A young deer
Faune Fawn
Fawlk A Respected Woman
Fawlke A Respected Woman
Fawn Little Young Deer, Baby Deer
Fawn A young deer
Fawna Young Deer, Baby Deer
Fawna A young deer
Fawne A young deer
Fay Trust or belief
Faya Fairy, Fay
Fayanna Trust, Belief, Confidence, Fairy
Fayanna Trust or belief
FayAnne Faith
Faye Trust, Belief, Fairy, Confidence
Faye Trust or belief
Fayeanne TBD
Fayeleecia Lucky
Fayleen Cat-like
Fayna Shining, Fairy, Elf
Fayne Shining
Fayra Gift of God, Pleasant
Fayre Beautiful, Fair
Fayre Beautiful
Fayth Trust, Belief, Faithful, Loyalty
Fayth Trust or belief
Fazai Princess
Fazaie Happy, Happiness
Faziad Happy, Bliss, Powered
Fearne TBD
Feather TBD
February The Second Month
Feifei TBD
Felecia Happy, Good Fortune
Feleena Cat-like, Lucky
Feli TBD
Felia Serpent, Profit, Help, Daughter
Felicia Lucky, Successful
Felicity Fortunate or happy
Felicity Filled with Happiness, Happy
Feline Lucky, Cat-like
Felisa Happy, Female Version of Felix
Felisha Happy, Lucky, Fortunate
Femae A Classy Lady
Femai A Classy Lady
Femay A Classy Lady
Femeace One who Desires Love
Femease One who Desires Love
Femeece One who Desires Love
Femeese One who Desires Love
Femice One who Desires Love
Femise One who Desires Love
Femmis One who Desires Love
Femmys One who Desires Love
Fena Scented Flower
Ferelith TBD
Ferin Unknown, Stranger, Gift
Ferly TBD
Fern A Fern Plant, Darling, Feather
Fern Darling
Fernanda Ready for the Journey
Ferne Leafy Plant
Ferne Darling
Ferra Pleasant, Lovely One
Ferran Adventurous
Ferryn Adventurous
Fevan One who is Shy
Feven One who is Shy
Fevin One who is Shy
Fevon One who is Shy
Fevun One who is Shy
Fiamma TBD
Fiana A Warrior Huntress
Filberta Brilliant
Filberta Very Brilliant
Filio TBD
Filomena One who Remains Affectionate
Fines One who is Smooth
Finese One who is Smooth
Finess One who is Smooth
Finesse One who is Smooth
Finley Pure / Fair Warrior
Finnley Fair-haired Hero
Fiona White, Fair, Pale, Blond
Fiorela Blossom, Flower
Fira fiery, ardent
Firea A Feisty – Passionate Woman
Firee A Feisty – Passionate Woman
Firey A Feisty – Passionate Woman
Firi A Feisty – Passionate Woman
Firie A Feisty – Passionate Woman
Firy A Feisty – Passionate Woman
Fiya Powerful
Fizaa Breeze, Also Spelt as Fiza
Flaem A Passionate – Fiery Woman
Flaeme A Passionate and Fiery Woman
Flaim A Passionate – Fiery Woman
Flaime A Passionate and Fiery Woman
Flair Style, Verve
Flair Style or verve
Flame A Passionate and Fiery Woman
Flash Emanating Bright Light
Flavia Golden, Yellow Haired, Blond
Fleta Swift, Fleet
Fleta Swift
Flirt A Playfully Romantic Woman
Flirty A Playfully Romantic Woman
Flor Flowering, Blooming, Flower
Flora Flower, The Goddess of Flower
Florence Thriving, Prosperous, Flourishing
Florence Blooming or flowering
Florene Flower
Florey Flower, Blossom
Florida Flowery, Flourishing, Blooming
Florine Flower, Blossom, Blooming
Flossie Prosperous, Flourishing, Flower
Flow Like an Arrow
Floy Flowering, Flourishing, Flower
Fluffy A Fun-loving Young Woman
Flyrt A Playfully Romantic Woman
Flyta Swift
Fogg A Dreamer
Foggi A Dreamer
Foggy A Dreamer, The Name of Snow
Fonda From a Fountain, Foundation
Fonda Foundation
Ford From the Water
Foxy Epic, Creative
Fran From France, Frenchman, Free Man
France Free, From France
France Free
Franceen Frenchwoman, Free One
Francel TBD
Frances A Free Woman, Frenchman
Frances Free or from France
Francesa Free One, Famous Bearer, French
Francesca Woman from France, Frenchwoman
Francesca Free or from France
Franceska Free One, Woman from France
Francess Frenchwoman, Free One
Franci Free, From France
Franci Free or from France
Francia Free, From France
Francia Free or from France
Francie Free, From France
Francie Free or from France
Francine From France or Free One
Francis Frenchwoman, A Free Man
Francisca Frenchwoman, Free, From France
Francy Frenchwoman, Free One
Frank Feminine of Francis, From France
Franki Free, From France
Franki Free or from France
Frankie Free One, Woman from France
Frankie Free or from France
Fraya Princess of God, Highborn Lady
Frea Lady, Mistress
Freda Counsel of Elves, Peaceful Ruler
Freddi Elf, Power, Adventurous
Freeda Elf, Power
Freida Peace, Wise Judge, Peaceful Ruler
Frenchesca Free One
Frenchi Free One, Frenchwoman
Frenchie Free One
Frey Mistress, Lady
Freya Goddess of Love
Freyja Goddess of Love and Fertility
Frida Woman of Peace, Joy, Safety
Frieda Protection, Safety
Fronda Leafy Branch
Froso TBD
Fudge Resembling, One who is Stubborn
Fudgi Resembling, One who is Stubborn
Fudgy Resembling, One who is Stubborn
Ful Flower
Fushi An Animated Woman
Fushy An Animated Woman
Fynn Blond, Fair-haired Hero, Fair
Fyona Blond, Fair
Fyre A Feisty – Passionate Woman
Fyzah Success