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“L” represents Actions. The K shows Loyalty, a natural balance, a good manager, and an intellectual mind. Looking for a baby girl name that starts with L? In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular options available to parents today. From Lea to Lila, these names will be sure to catch your eye!

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Here on this page, we have compiled 604 American Baby Girl Names Starting With L. Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of most popular 604 American Baby Girl Names Starting With L.

What are the most popular American Baby Girl Names that start with L?

There are many American Baby Girl Names that start with the letter L. Here are the top 10:

1. Leah
2. Lara
3. Lexi
4. Lily
5. Mackenzie
6. Maddie
7. Madison
8. Marina
9. Mia
10. Madelyn

What are the baby names that start with L in 2022?

There are many baby names that start with the letter L in 2022. Some of the most popular names include Lincoln, Lana, Leia, and Lillie. Keep in mind that not all baby names that start with L will be popular in 2022. If you want to name your baby after a celebrity or character from a movie or book, then you may want to choose a name that starts with L.

What are some baby names that are similar to L?

There are a few baby names that are similar to L. Some of these names include Lola, Lara, and Layla.



What are some baby names that don’t usually appear on lists but may be popular in 2022?

In 2022, some baby names that may become popular in the United States include Lillie, Luna, and Lily. These names tend to be less commonly chosen by parents, but they may be more popular in the future.

Lillie is a name that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. It has been ranked as the 14th most popular girl’s name in the United States by It is also one of the most popular names among babies born in England and Wales.

Luna is another name that may become popular in 2022. The name was ranked as the 18th most popular girl’s name in the United States by It is also one of the most popular names among babies born in Spain and Portugal.

Lily may be one of the most popular baby names of 2022. The name was ranked as the third most popular girl’s name in the United States by It is also one of the most popular names among babies born in France and Ireland.

Pretty American Baby Girl Names Starting With L

Labana The Moon, Whiteness, Frankincense
Labe One who Moves Slowly
Labi One who Moves Slowly
Laby One who Moves Slowly
Lace Cheerful
Lacee TBD
Lacene Cheerful
Lacey From Normandy, France, Lacy
Lachelle Prefix La Plus Michelle
Laci Cheerful
Laciann Cheerful
Lacie Cheerful
Lacina Cheerful
Lacole Victorious People
Lacrecia Rich, Rewarded, Will Succeed
Lacy TBD
Lacyann Cheerful
Ladan A Flower, Nasturtium, Indian Cress
Ladawn Prefix La Plus Dawn
Ladawna Prefix La Plus Dawna
Ladiedra prefix La + Diedra
Ladonna Lady, Form of Donna
Laeticia Gladness, Happy, Joy
Lahana TBD
Lahna Gift of God
Laik From the Still Waters
Laila Sweetheart, Night Beauty
Lailah Night, Born at Night, Sweetheart
Lailanie Like the Night
Laina Form of Alaina, Path, Roadway
Laine Light, Path, Route, Narrow Road
Lainey Bright Light, Sun Ray, Torch
Laira Stars
Lairah Stars, Shinning Stars
Laisha Prosperous, Angel
Laiya Dark Beauty, Night
Lakan Beautiful
Lake From the Still Waters
Lakeesha Joyful or Happy, Woman
Laken From the Lake
Lakesha Life
Lakeshia Joyful, Happy
Laketa Prefix La Plus Keita
Lakiesha Joyful, Happy
Lakin Found Treasure, From the Lake
Lakisha Joyful, Happy, Woman, Alive
Lakisha prefix La + Keisha
Lakita Newly Created, A Form of Laketa
Lalah Emerald, Tulip
Lalaine The Narrow Road
Lallasa Love
Lama Darkness of Lips
Lana Attractive, Fair, Good Looking
Lanaya Veranda, Porch
Landi Of the Earth
Lane From a Narrow, Path, Way, Road
Lane narrow road
Lanee Path, Torch of Light, Bright Light
Lanei Sky, Heaven
Laneisha Lane Plus Aiesha
Lanell Pity, God is My Light, Mercy
Lanelle Combination of Lana and Elle
Lanette Attractive, Fair, Good-looking
Laney Torch of Light, Path, Roadway
Lani Heavenly Woman, Angel from Above
Lania Sky, Heaven
Lanice Attractive, Fair, Good-looking
Lanie Path
Laniece TBD
Laniey TBD
Lanisha Lane Plus Aiesha
Lanita Favoured Grace
Lannete Likeness, Image, Idol
Laqueta The Quiet One
Laquetta A Quiet and Well-behaved Child
Laquinta The Fifth Child, The Fifth
Laquisha Joyful, Happy
Lara Famous, Well-known, Cheerful
Larae Combination of Latonia and Ray
Larah Cheerful
Larain From Lorraine
Laraine Sorrowful; From Lothair’s Kingdom; …
Lareina Sorrowful, From Lorraine
Larena From Lorraine, The Queen
Larianna Lari Plus Anna
Larina Affection, Soul, Sea Gull
Larisa Cheerful, Beautiful
Larissa Woman from Citadel, Cheerful
Laritza Lovely
Lark Skylark, A Songbird, Song Bird
Larke Skylark, Lark
Laronda Good Spear
Larra Crown, Laurel
Larraine Sorrowful, From Lorraine
Larsen Daughter of Lars
Larshell Lars Plus Shell
Larshell Lars + Shell
Larue The Street
Laryn Bay, Laurel
Larysa Protection, Light-hearted
Lasha TBD
Lashae TBD
Lashana Prefix La Plus Shawna
Lashawn God is Merciful, God is Gracious
Lashawnda River, Old, Boulder, Stone, Wise
Lashay Prefix La Plus Shay
Lashonda God is Merciful
LaShun TBD
Lasonya Wisdom
Lassie A Little Lass, Young Girl, Maiden
Latanya Worthy of Praise, Unclear
Latara Prefix La Plus Tara
Latasha TBD
LaTavia TBD
Lateesha Love
Lateisha Joyful, Happy
Latheisha Happiness, Joyful
Lati Loving, Special, Gladness
Laticia Joyful, Happy
Latifah Gentle, Kind, Pleasant, Friendly
Latina Prefix La Plus Tina
Latisha Happy / Joyous Woman, Joyful
Latitia Happiness, Joy
Latoia From the House of Tatius
Latonya Praised Woman, Praiseworthy
Latoria Victorious One
Latosha TBD
Latoya Victorious One
Latrena letter L + Katrena
Latrese TBD
Latrice Aristocrat, Noble, Patrician
Latricia Noble, Aristocrat
Latrina Piercing
Latrisha Noble, Well Born
Lauana Enjoyment
Laura Crowned with Laurels, Laurel
Lauraine The Laurel Tree, Sweet Bay Tree
Laural Laurel Tree
Lauralee Laurel Tree
Lauralyn Combination of Laura and Lyn
Lauree Crowned with Laurels
Laureen TBD
Laurel Laurel Tree, Crowned with Laurel
Laurelle Laurel Tree
Laurelynn Beautiful
Lauren The Laurel Tree
Laurena Crowned with Laurels
Laurene Crowned with Laurels
Laurenne From Laurentium
Laurentia From Laurentium, Laurel
Laureta Pure
Lauretta Laurel Tree
Lauri Laurel Tree, Sweet Bay Tree
Laurie Crowned with Laurels, Laurel
Laurien Bay, Laurel
Laurinda Crowned with Laurels, Praise
Lauryn From Laurentum
Lava Voice, Alive, Like a Bird
Lavania Gracefulness, Beauty
Lavelle Cleansed
Lavenya TBD
Lavera TBD
Lavern From the Grove of Alder Trees
Laverna Born in the Spring, Spring-like
Laverne Woodland, Born in the Spring
Lavette Purified, Cleansed
Lavina Mother of the Romans
Lavita Beauty
Lavon Yew, Grove of Alder Trees
Lavonda Yew
Lavonn Wood
Lavonna Prefix La Plus Yvonne
Lavonne Of the Yew Tree, Yew Wood
Lawna attractive, peaceful
Laya Musical Rhythm, Feelings of Love
Layce Lace Like, Lacy
Laycie Cheerful
Layla Dark Beauty, Wine, Intoxication
Laylah Night Beauty
Laylani Heavenly Flower
Laylee Wine, Intoxication
Layli Wine, Intoxication
Layma Awesome
Layne Narrow Road, Light
Laynee Light, Truth, Path, Narrow Road
Laynie Light, Truth
Layra Beauty
Leaf Woman of the Forest
Leah Mistress, Ruler, Meadow
Leaha Gazelle, Weary, Antelope, Cow
Leana Pledge, Noble, Nobility, Sunlight
Leandra Lion Woman, Like a Lioness, Brave
Leanie Angel
Leann Combination of Lee and Ann
Leanna Gracious, Merciful, Light
Leanne Meadow
Leaona Nobility, Gracious, Sunlight
Leatha Forgetfulness
Leatrice Weary, Tired, Delicate
Lebra Fairness, Equity
Lecia Fortunate, Short Form of Alicia
Leda Queen, Mother Creator
Lee Dweller Near the Wood or Clearing
Leea Weary, Tired
Leeann Light, Derived from an of Helen
Leeanna Lee + Anna
Leeanne Light
Leela Divine Drama, Play, Amusement
Leelia Night, Purity
Leena A Devoted One, Tender, Light
Leesa God’s Promise; God is My Oath; …
Leeza Pledged to God, Form of Lisa
Legend One who is Memorable
Leha TBD
Lehua Sacred to the Gods
Leia Meadow, Delicate, Meadow Pasture
Leianna Light, Beautiful Woman
Leigh Dweller Near the Wood or Clearing
Leigha Form of Leigh or Leah
Leighann Beautiful Woman, Lee Plus Ann
Leighanna Poetic, Gracious
Leighanne A Form of Leeann
Leighton Herb Garden
Leila Dark as Night, Black, Night
Leilani Heavenly Woman / Flowers
Leili Night
Leina Dwelling, God is My Light, Lodging
Leisa God’s Promise; God is My Oath
Leisel God’s Promise
Leisha Angel of God, Happiness, Beautiful
Lekasha Prefix La Plus Keisha
Lekeisha Woman
Lela Black Beauty, Born at Night
Lelanie Heavenly Flower
Lele TBD
Leli Night Beauty, Well Spoken
Lelia Well Spoken, Night, Night Beauty
Lena Light, Pledge, Bright One
Lenee Dwelling, Lodging, God is My Light
Lenesha TBD
Lenisa TBD
Lenke TBD
Lenmana Flute
Lennie Lion Strength, Brave as a Lion
Lennon Daughter of Love
Lenora Shining Light, Sun Ray
Lenore Sympathy, Compassion, Light, Pity
Leola Lioness, Loyal, Faithful
Leoma Bright, Like a Lion, Brilliant
Leonda Lioness, Feminine of Leon, Lion
Leone Lioness, Lion, Brave
Leonida Lion
Leonna Lion
Leonor Sympathy, Light, Sun Ray
Leonora Torch, Variant of Eleanor
Leontine Lion Woman, Lioness
Leora Light
Leota Of the People
Lesa Consecrated to God
Leshay TBD
Lesia Of Noble Kind, Exalted
Leslee Holly Garden, The Grey Castle
Lesley Holly Garden, Garden of Hollies
Lesli Holly Garden, The Grey Castle
Leslie Holly Orchard, Small Meadow
Lesly Holly Garden, The Grey Castle
Leslye Garden of Hollies
Lessa Brave, Joy, Noble Kind
Letecia Happiness, Joy
Letha Truthful One, Oblivion
Leti Gladness, Joy
Leticia Happiness, Joyful, Happy
Letisha Great Joy, Gladness
Letitia Joy, Joyful, Happy, Happiness
LeTonya prefix Le + Tonya
Lettie Joy, Footloose, Gladness
Letty Joy, Happiness
Lety Form of Leticia
Leveena Flash of Lightning
Levene A Flash, Lightning
Leverne TBD
Levie Joined to, Variant of Levi / Levia
Levin Attached, Connected
Levina Flash of Lightning
Levonne Archer
Levy TBD
Levyna Flash of Lightning
Lexandra Defender of Mankind
Lexann Defender of Mankind
Lexi Defender of Mankind
Lexie Defender of Mankind
Lexine Defender of Mankind
Lexis Defender of the People, Defender
Lexus Defender, Helper
Lexxi TBD
Ley Meadow
Leyah The Law, Loyalty
Leyla Night, Black Beauty
Leza Wonderful, One who Besets
Lia Bringer of Good News, Dependence
Liah Gazelle, Antelope, Weary
Liama Determined Guardian
Liana To Bind, Twine Around
Liane Youthful, Daughter of the Sun
Liani Vine, Lily
Liann The Graceful Willow, Vine, Lily
Lib Liberty
Libe Loved One
Libertad Free Woman
Liberty Free Woman, Freedom, Independence
Libsy TBD
Licea TBD
Lichelle TBD
Licia Truthful, Abbreviation of Alicia
Lida Noble Kind, Love, Joy, Happiness
Lidia Woman from Lydia, Beautiful
Lidiane TBD
Liene Youthful, Daughter of the Sun
Liesha Alive, One who Lives
Liesl My God is Bountiful
Lieu In Place of, Willow Tree
Lila Good, Night, Feminine of Lyle
Lilah Night, Night Beauty
Lilas Lily, A Flowering Shrub
Lilia Night, Form of Lilac, Bluish
Lilian Blend of Lily
Lilianna Symbol of Innocence, Purity
Lilibet Blend of Lily and Elizabeth
Lilibeth Blend of Lily and Elizabeth
Lilith Ghost, Night Demon, Storm Goddess
Lillia Beauty, Purity
Lillian Blend of Lily and Ann
Lilliana Symbol of Innocence, Purity
Lillianna Symbol of Innocence, Purity
Lillianne Lily
Lillie Lily
Lilly Lily
Lillyana Purity, Beauty
Lillybelle A Combination of Lilly and Belle
Lily Lily, Form of Lillian
Lilyana Lily
Lilybell Blend of Lily and Elizabeth
Lilybeth Blend of Lily and Elizabeth
Lima Cultural, Goddess of the Threshold
Limber flexible
Lina Alive, Pledge, Noble, Nobility
Linda Tender Woman, Pretty One, Soft
Linden Lives by the Linden Tree Hill
Lindi Tender Beauty
Lindsay From the Lindum Isle, A Lake
Lindsey Island of Linden Trees
Lindsy Lincoln’s Island / Wetland
Lindy Tender Beauty
Lindzee Lincoln’s Island / Wetland
Lindzey Lincoln’s Island / Wetland
Lindzie Lincoln’s Island / Wetland
Linette Grace, Little Lion, Linnet
Linita Dedicated
Linne Waterfall
Linnea Like a Twin Flower, Lime
Linnette Bird, Songbird, Grace, Little Lake
Linnie Sweet, Honey
Lino TBD
Linsey A Lake, A Place of Linden Trees
Linza Beautiful
Linzey Lincoln’s Island / Wetland
Linzie Lincoln’s Island / Wetland
Linzy Lincoln’s Island / Wetland
Liora The Laurel Tree
Lisa Consecrated to God, Oath of God
Lisabet Consecrated to God
Lisabeth Consecrated to God
Lisamarie TBD
Lisandra Defender of Mankind
Lisanne God’s Promise; God is My Oath; …
Lisbet Consecrated to God
Lisbeth Either Oath of God
Lise God’s Promise; Abbreviation of …
Liseli TBD
Lisette God’s Promise; God is My Oath; …
Lish TBD
Lisha Fortunate Woman, Full of Mystery
Lishanna Award
Lissa Honey, Sacred of God, Luck
Lisset TBD
Lisseth TBD
Lissette God’s Promise; God is My Oath; …
Lissie Noble; Nobility; God’s Promise; …
Lita Light, Orchard, Garden, Glad
Litanya To Dart Down
Litzy A Familiar Form of Lissie
Livia Fish, Olive Tree, Life
Liviana TBD
Liviya Lioness, To Join, Protection
Liyah Gazelle, Antelope, Weary, Tired
Liz Form of Elizabeth, God is My Oath
Liza Consecrated to God
Lizabeth Consecrated to God
Lizandra Modern Blend of Liz and Alexandra
Lizann Modern Blend of Liz and Ann
Lizbet Consecrated to God
Lizbeth Consecrated to God
Lizeth God is My Oath; God’s Promise
Lizette Consecrated to God
Lizy God is My Oath, God is Perfection
Lizze God’s Promise
Lizzie God’s Promise; God is My Oath; God …
Lluvia Rain, Lovable, Life
Lodema Guide
Lodima Guide
Lodyma Guide
Logan Dweller in a Little Hollow, Small
Loida Desirable, Joy, Happiness
Loie TBD
Lois Full of Beauty and Respect
Lola Lady of Sorrows, Strong Woman
Loli Pain
Lolita A Precocious, Full of Sorrows
Loly Laurel Plant, Sweet Bay Tree
Lomahongva Beautiful Clouds Arising
Lona Bliss, Solitary One, Lioness
Londi One who is Shy
Londyn Fair – Noble
Lone Woman from Magdala
Loni Solitary, Ready for Battle
Lonie Lion, Lion Strengthess
Lonna Solitary, Oak Tree, Leona
Lonnie Solitary
Lonyn From Laurentium
Lora Crowned with Laurels
Lorain From Lorraine
Loraine From Lorraine, Kingdom of Lothar
Lorca TBD
Lore Flower, The Bay, Laurel Plant
Loreal Little Laurel
Loreen Crowned with Laurels
Loreena Bay, Laurel
Loreene Crowned with Laurels
Lorel Bay, Blossom, Laurel, Bright
Lorelai Murmuring Rock, Variant of Lorelei
Lorelle Little Laurel
Loren Crowned with Laurels
Lorena crowned with laurels
Lorene Crowned with Laurels
Lorenia Crowned with Laurels
Lorenna Crowned with Laurels
Lorenza Crowned with Laurels
Loressa TBD
Loreta Crowned with Laurels
Loretha TBD
Loretta Crowned with Laurels
Lorette Crowned with Laurels
Lori The Laurel Tree
Loria Crowned with Laurels
Lorian Crowned with Laurels
Loriana Crowned with Laurels
Loriann Crowned with Laurels
Lorianne A Combination of Lori and Anne
Lorie Laurel, The Bay, Of Lothair
Loriel Crowned with Laurels
Lorien Laurel, Bay
Lorilee Crowned with Laurels
Lorilynn Crowned with Laurels
Lorin Perfection, Beautiful
Lorinda Bay Laurel Tree
Lorine From Lorraine
Loris Laurel
Lorissa Cheerful, Also Spelt as Larissa
Lorna Crowned with Laurels
Lorraine Woman from, Made Famous in Battle
Lorren Crowned with Laurels
Lorri Laurel
Lorrie The Bay, Where Lothar Dwells
Lorrin Crowned with Laurels
Lorrina Crowned with Laurels
Lorry Laurel Tree, Sweet Bay Tree
Loryn Crowned with Laurels, The Bay
Lottie Little and Womanly, Man, Free Man
Lou Famous Warrior
Louann Enjoyment
Louanne God was Gracious, Light
Louella Famous Elf
Louis TBD
Louisa Renowned Fighter, Famous Warrior
Louise Renowned Fighter, Famous Warrior
Louisette Warrior, Fame, Fighter, Loud
Loula Lady of Sorrows, Sorrow
Louna Lunch, Southwest, Moon
Lourdes France, Place Name, From Lourdes
Lov Affection
Love Affection, Love, Loved One
Lovey Love
Lovie Loved One, Profound Affection
Loyce Renowned Warrior, Famous Warrior
Luana Happiness, Pleasure
Luann Enjoyment, Graceful Woman Warrior
Luanne Combination of Luise and Anne
Luccia TBD
Lucena Born at Daybreak, Bright
Lucero Light
Luci Bringer of Light, Light
Lucia Bringer of Light, Light
Luciana Born in the First Hours of Light
Luciane Light
Lucianne Light, Illumination
Lucile Light, Born at Daybreak
Lucille Light of the Day, Light
Lucinda Light of the Day, Light
Lucki TBD
Lucky Luckiest
Lucretia Rich, Wealthy, Profit, Succeed
Lucy Bringer of Light, Light
Luell Famous Elf
Luella Famous Elf
Luisa Renowned Warrior, Famous in War
Luisina Loud, Fame, Fighter, Warrior
Luiza Famous in War, Glorious Warrior
Lula Famous Warrior, Pearl
Lully One who Soothes Others
Lulu Famous Warrior
Luna Moon, Purity, Lovely, Flower
Lunna The Moon
Lupe Wolf, From the River of the Wolf
Lura Murmuring Rock, Lure to the Rocks
Luree TBD
Luscious Bringer of Light, Illumination
Lusi Fame, Loud
Luu Funny, Kind
Luvena Little Beloved One
Luvenia Woman of Rome
Luvina Little Beloved One
Luxi Light
Luxy Target, Aim, Light
Luyu To Shake the Head, Wild Dove
Lyanna Vine, Lily
Lydia Noble Kind, Of the Noble Sort
Lydiya Worshipper of God (Biblical)
Lyell TBD
Lyella Attractive
Lyla Dark Haired Beauty, Night
Lylah Night, Lovelorn, Seductive
Lyn Waterfall, A Cascade, Lake, Pool
Lynda Pretty, Form of Linda, Honey
Lyndall Pretty, Linden Tree, Beautiful
Lyndee Pretty, Linden Tree, Beautiful
Lyndi Pretty, Linden Tree, Beautiful
Lyndia Friendly, Soft, Weak, Gentle
Lyndie Tender Beauty, Pretty
Lyndsay Island of Linden Trees
Lyndsey A Lake, A Place of Linden Trees
Lyndsie Variant of Lindsey
Lyndsy Lincoln’s Island / Wetland
Lyne Waterfall, Pool
Lynelle Pretty
Lynessa Pretty
Lynette Idol, Bird, Grace, From the Lake
Lynley Meadow by the Waterfall
Lynn Waterfall, Pretty, A Cascade
Lynna TBD
Lynne Waterfall, A Cascade
Lynnet Idol, A Small Bird, Nymph
Lynnette Variant of Ancient Given Name
Lynnie Pretty, A Cascade, Waterfall
Lynsey Near the Water
Lynx TBD
Lynzee Island of Linden Trees
Lynzie Island of Linden Trees
Lyrah Stars
Lyric Expression of Emotion
Lyrica Lyric, Song
Lyta Little Winged Girl, Ornament
Lyvia Life, Olive, Ancient Roman Name
Lyz Brightness, Ornament, Honourable
Lyza Consecrated to God
Lyzbeth Consecrated to God