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“M” represents Spirituality. The M shows patience, is industrious, courageous, and domesticated. Intelligent, creative, and intuitive powers, fun-loving and sensitive. Looking for names that start with M? Check out our list of American Baby Girl Names starting with M! These names will help you find the perfect name for your little one.

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Here on this page, we have compiled 911 American Baby Girl Names Starting With M. Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of most popular 911 American Baby Girl Names Starting With M.

What are the top baby girl names in America starting with M?

Malia is the most popular baby girl name in America that starts with M. Other popular names that start with M include McKinley, Mackenzie, and Addison.

Baby girl names that start with M and their meanings

  • Marianna: Bright and shining, a name for a sunny child.
  • Madison: A strong and confident name for a girl.
  • Malala: The brave girl who fought for education rights in her country.
  • Maddie: Soft and cuddly, a sweet name for a baby girl.
  • Mahalia: A beautiful songbird, this name would be perfect for a creative child.
  • Maia: You may find this name more popular in Greece than the United States, but it’s definitely worth considering!
  • Maeve: This Irish name means “maiden.” It’s perfect for a young girl who is searching for her identity.
  • Maple: A classic name with deep roots, perfect for a baby girl who wants something special.
  • Marceline: This animated princess has become quite popular in recent years!
  • Maggie: A popular first name that is sure to make your baby stand out from the crowd.

Top 10 baby girl names that start with M

M is one of the most popular letters in the English language. So it’s no surprise that there are many baby girl names that start with M. Here are 10 of the best baby girl names that start with M:

  1. Mia
  2. Maddie
  3. Madison
  4. Mercy
  5. Millie
  6. Mila
  7. Miranda
  8. Maeve
  9. Maya



Pretty American Baby Girl Names Starting With M

Mabel Adorable, Lovable
Mable Lovable
Mable Lovable, Diminutive of Amabel
Mace Weapon, Domain of Maccius
Macey Gift of the Lord, Weapon
Macha Goddess, Killiney, Kerry, Plain
Machele One who is Like God
Machelle One who Resembles God
Maci Weapon
Macie Weapon
Mackensie Child of the Wise Leader
MacKenzie Fair one or handsome
Mackenzie Fair One, Handsome
Mackie TBD
Mackynsie Alternate Spelling of Mackenzie
Macy Weapon
Macy Armed, Weapon, Matthews Estate
Madalyn From the Tower, Woman from Magdala
Madalynn Woman from Magdala
Madame TBD
Madara TBD
Maddi Of Magdala, Son of Maud
Maddie Woman from Magdala
Maddison Son of the Mighty Warrior
Maddy Woman from Magdala, Tower, Maiden
Madelein TBD
Madeleine From the high tower
Madeleine From the High Tower, Tower
Madelena From the high tower
Madelene From the high tower
Madeline One who is Elevated
Madelyn High Tower, Woman from Magdala
Madelyne High Tower, Woman from Magdala
Madena Woman from Magdala
Madge high tower
Madge Pearl, Form of Margaret
Madie Woman of Magdala
Madigan Son of the Hound
Madilyn High Tower, Woman of Magdala
Madilynn TBD
Madisen Child of Mighty Warrior
Madison Mighty in battle
Madison Child of Mighty Warrior
Madisyn Son of Maud, Mighty Warrior
Madonna Lady of Mine, My Lady
Madra Mother
Madra Mother, Form of Madonna
Madre Mother
Mady From the high tower
Madyson Child of Maud; Lincoln’s Wetlands
Maegan Pearl
Maera Daughter of Atlas
Maeve Intoxicating, A Purple Flower
Mafe TBD
Magan Pearl, Power
Magdalena Woman from Magdala
Magdalene Woman from Magdala, Bitter
Magen The Coming Moon, A Covering
Maggi A pearl
Maggi Abbreviation of Margaret, Pearl
Maggie A pearl
Maggie Child of Light, Pearl
Maggy A pearl
Maggy Abbreviation of Margaret, Pearl
Magie TBD
Magnolia Flower Name; Magnol’s Flower; A …
Mags Pearl
Mahal Woman, Love
Mahalar Beloved of Amun
Mahi The World, Great Earth
Mahina Great, Might, Majesty, The Moon
Mahlia Rebelliousness, Sea of Bitterness
Mahri Sea
Mai May, Goddess of Spring Growth
Maia May, Source of the Month May
Maiara Sage
Maica TBD
Maida Maiden
Maida Maiden, Virgin, Woman from Magdala
Maidel Maiden
Maidel Maiden, Young, Unmarried Woman
Maidie Maiden
Maidie Maiden, Young Woman
Maie Sea of Bitterness, Rebelliousness
Maika Pear, Home
Maileen Beautiful, Fifth Month of the Year
Maira Belvedere, Sea of Bitterness
Maisha Grace, Desirable as the Moon
Maisie Pearl
Maisie Pearl, Scottish Form of Margaret
Maison Beautiful
Maitane Dearly Loved
Maite Dearly loved
Maite Dearly Loved, Lovable
Maitena Dearly Loved, Darling
Maitena Dearly loved
Maitlyn Maita Plus Lynn
Maiya Mother
Majery Pearl
Majesty Royal Bearing, Dignity
Makaela One who is like God
Makaila One who is Like God
Makala Like God
Makayla Beautiful, One who is Like God
Makayla Who is like God
Makaylee Oen who is like God
Makeba TBD
Makenna Happiness, Son of Kenneth
Makenzie Child of Kenneth
Makia TBD
Makiya A Huntress of Eagles
Makiyah A Huntress of Eagles
Malaak Queen
Malachi Angel of God
Malani Big Black Eyes
Malaya A Creeper, Forest, Fragrant
Malayka Angel
Maleah Bitter, Beloved
Maleika Queen, Work, Rivalling, Imitating
Malene Woman from Magdala, Magnificent
Maleni TBD
Malgosia Pearl
Malia Rebellious, Beloved, Industrious
Maliah Rebelliousness, A Queen
Malicia Evilness
Malinda Blend of Melissa and Linda
Malissa Honey Bee
Maliyah Form of Mary
Mallie Gentle One, Bitterness, Honey
Mallorie Unlucky, Army Counsellor
Mallory Unfortunate, Unlucky, Unhappy
Mallory Unfortunate or unlucky
Malone Pious
Malorie Unhappy, Unlucky
Malory Unhappy, Unlucky
Mamie Sea of bitterness
Manasi A Complete Woman, A Lady, Nobel
Mancy Voice of Heart
Manda Lovable
Manda Name of a River, Battle Maid
Mandalyn Lovable
Mandalyn Lovable, Abbreviation of Amanda
Mandelina Lovable
Mandi Lovable
Mandi Adorable, Lovable
Mandie Lovable
Mandie Lovable, Abbreviation of Amanda
Mandy Lovable
Mandy Lovable, Worthy of Love
Manisah One who Travels on Foot
Manny Mainland
Mansi Plucked Flower, Voice of Heart
Mantha Sun, A River
Manuela God Accompanies us
Manya Rebellious, To Agree
Mapiya Sky
Maple The Tree whose Sap is Distilled
Mara Eternally beautiful
Mara Bitter, Variant of Maria
Marae Time, Destiny
Marali Female Swan
Maralyn Beautiful waterfall
Maranda Adorable, She who Must be Admired
Marcail Pearl
Marce War-like, Dedicated to Mars
Marcela Dedicated to God Mars, God Mars
Marcelina Young Warrior, Rendered to Mars
Marceline Dedicated to Mars
Marcell TBD
Marcella Warring, Little Marcus
Marcelle Dedicated to Mars
Marcellous Of Mars
Marci Of Mars, Martial, Brave, War Like
Marcia Warlike
Marcia Rendered to Mars, Warlike
Marcie From Mars, God of War
Marcy Warlike
Marcy Rendered to Mars, Warlike
Mardella meadow near a lake
Maree Bitter or sea of bitterness
Maree Sea of Bitterness, Beloved
Mareesa Sea of Bitterness
Mareesa Bitter or sea of bitterness
Maren From the Shore, Of the Sea
Mareya TBD
Margara Pearl
Margaret Pearl
Margaret Pearl, Jewel, Name of a Saint
Margarett Pearl
Margarette Pearl
Margarita Pearl, Child of Light
Marge Pearl, Child of Light
Margee TBD
Margene Pearl
Margeree Pearl
Margerey Pearl, Diminutive of Margaret
Margerie Pearl
Margerie Pearl, Diminutive of Margaret
Margery Pearl
Margey Pearl, Diminutive of Margaret
Margie Pearl, Diminutive of Margaret
Margo Pearl
Margot Pearl, Child of Light
Margret Pearl, Child of Light
Marguerite Pearl, Daisy Flower
Margy Pearl, Diminutive of Margaret
Mari Rebellious Woman, Wished of Chld
Maria Pleasure of Joy
Maria Bitter or sea of bitterness
Mariah Bitter or sea of bitterness
Mariah God is My Teacher
Marial Sea-bright, Sea of Bitterness
Mariale The One with the Beauty
Mariam Sea of Bitterness, Form of Mary
Marian A Combination of Mary and Ann
Mariana Rebellious Woman
Mariangela TBD
Mariann Bitter, Sea of Bitterness
Marianna Combination of Maria and Anna
Marianne Bitter, Sea of Bitterness
Marianthi TBD
Maribel Rebellious Woman, Star of the Sea
Maricela Young Warrior, Rendered to Mars
Maricella Beloved of Amun
Marie Rebellious, Form of Mary
Marie Bitter or sea of bitterness
Marie Jeanne Marie + Jeanne
Mariea Purity, Beloved, Variant of Maria
Mariel Bitter or sea of bitterness
Mariel Sea of Bitterness, Bitter Sea
Mariela Bitterness, Diminutive of Maria
Marielena Rebelliousness, Sea of Bitterness
Mariella Bitter, Bitterness
Mariely Wished for Child
Marielys Star of the Sea, Sea-bright
Marienne Rebelliousness, Sea of Bitterness
Mariesa Wise Protector, Respectable
Mariessa Sea of Bitterness, Rebelliousness
Marigold Mary’s Gold; Refers to the Mother …
Marii Beautiful Flower
Marilee Bitterness, Wished for Child
Marili The Bravest and the Boldest
Marilou Rebellious
Marilu The Perfect One
Marilyn Rebellious Woman
Marilyn Bitter or sea of bitterness
Marilynn Bitter or sea of bitterness
Marilynn Blend of Marie or Mary and Lyn
Marin Of the Sea, Bitterness
Marina Sea maiden
Marina From the Shore, Sea Maiden
Marinah Of the Sea
Marinelle Of the Sea
Marineth Combination of Maria and Kenneth
Marion Rebellious, Star of the Sea
Marisa Of the sea
Marisa Combination of Maria and Luisa
Marise Variant of Maria, Bitterness
Marisel Star of the Sea
Marisela Star of the Sea
Marisha A Variation of Mary, Bitter
Marisol Sunny Sea, Bitter
Marisol Sunny sea
Marissa Of the Sea, Dancing with River
Marissa Of the sea
Marita Bitterness, Royal Lady
Maritza Bitterness, Star of the Sea
Marium Humble, Honest, Follows Pride
Marivel Marvellous
Mariya Mother of Jesus Christ, Beloved
Mariyah Purity, To Desire
Mariyam Pomegranate
Mariza Of the Sea
Marj Beloved of Amun, Marjoram Herb
Marja A Berry, Sea of Bitterness
Marjan Stone, Coral, Bitter, Mars, Manly
Marje Pearl, Diminutive of Margaret
Marji Pearl
Marjie Pearl, Diminutive of Margaret
Marjo Pearl, Sea of Bitterness
Marjo Pearl
Marjorey Pearl, Diminutive of Margaret
Marjori Pearl, Diminutive of Margaret
Marjorie Pearl, Diminutive of Margaret
Marjory Pearl, Diminutive of Margaret
Marjy Pearl, Diminutive of Margaret
Mark Dedicated to Mars, War-like
Markella TBD
Marki TBD
Markia Martial, Warlike
Markie Gleaming, War-like
Markisha Mary + Keisha
Markita Warlike, Dedicated to Mars, Pearl
Marla Rebellious Woman from Magdala
Marla From the high tower
Marlaina From the High Tower
Marlana From the High Tower
Marlayna From the high tower
Marlayne From the high tower
Marle High Tower
Marlee High Tower, An Elder Tree, A
Marleen From the High Tower
Marleena From the high tower
Marleena From the High Tower, Bitter
Marleene From the high tower
Marleigh From the lake meadow
Marleina From the high tower
Marlena From the High Tower
Marlene Rebellious Woman
Marlene From the high tower
Marlenne From the high tower
Marleny TBD
Marlette Origin is Germanic
Marley From the lake meadow
Marlie Variant of Marilyn
Marliese Kind to All Creatures
Marlin Falcon
Marlin Falcon, Blend of Mary and Lynn
Marlina From the High Tower
Marlinda From the high tower
Marline From the High Tower
Marlisa Bitter, Variant of Marlene
Marlisa Bitter
Marliss Bitter, Variant of Marlene
Marliss Bitter
Marlo Daughter of Mary, Drained Lake
Marlowe Bitter
Marlyn Bitter or sea of bitterness
Marlyn Bitter, Sea of Bitterness
Marlyne Place Name
Marlynn Bitter, Sea of Bitterness
Marlynn Bitter or sea of bitterness
Marlys Bitter
Marlys Bitter, Variant of Marlene
Marlyssa Bitter
Marlyssa Bitter, Variant of Marlene
Marnee To Rejoice
Marnesha rejoice
Marney To Rejoice
Marni Sea Maiden, Rejoice, From the Sea
Marnie From the Shore, Sea Maiden
Marolyn Rebelliousness, Sea of Bitterness
Marquita March, Borderland
Marquitta TBD
Marri Large Red Gum Tree
Marrian Rebelliousness, Sea of Bitterness
Marrill TBD
Marrisa Beloved of Amun
Marry Sea of Bitterness, Rebelliousness
Marsa TBD
Marsha Warlike
Marsha Warlike, Dedicated to God Mars
Marshae A Form of Marsha
Marsida TBD
Marta Mistress
Martha Sorrow
Martha Lady / Mistress of the House
Marthina Dedicated to Mars, War-like
Marti Lady, War-like, Dedicated to Mars
Martika Lady
Martina Rendered to Mars
Martine Dedicated to Mars
Marty Dedicated to God Mars, Lady
Marusia Rebelliousness, Sea of Bitterness
Marva Wonder, Miracle, Marvellous, Lady
Marvel Miracle, Wonderful, Extraordinary
Mary Sea of bitterness
Mary Wished-for Child, Rebellion
Marya Beauty, Mark, Limit, Beloved
Maryam Rebellious Woman
Maryan Sea of Bitterness
Maryann Combination of Mary and Ann
Maryann Sea of bitterness
Maryanna Sea of bitterness
Maryanne Bitter, Wished-for Child
Marybell Sea of Bitterness
Marybeth Rebellious Woman
Maryellen Rebellious Woman
Marygrace TBD
Maryia TBD
Maryjane Rebellious Woman
Maryjean Gracious
Maryjo Rebellious Woman
Maryjo Sea of bitterness
Marylee Joyful, Lighthearted, Happy
Marylene TBD
Marylin Sea of Bitterness, Bitter
Marylin Sea of bitterness
Marylou Bitter, Wished-for Child
Marylu Sea of Bitterness, Bitter
Marylu Sea of bitterness
Marylyn Sea of Bitterness
Marylynn Sea of Bitterness
Maryon Sea of Bitterness
Maryonn Bitter
Marysol Sunny Sea, Wished-for Child
Maryum Mother of Isa, Flower, Beloved
Marzia Satisfactory, Agreeable, Warlike
Mashael Glorious Torch, Lights, Lanterns
Mashari TBD
Mashauva chubby cheeks
Maslynn Little Blooming Flower
Massa From the, One who Tempts Others
Massiel One who Comes Down from the Stars
Matei Gift from God
Matilda Mighty in Battle, Strong in War
Matisse TBD
Matlalatzin Unclear
Matthew Gift of God
Mattie Lady, Strong in War
Matty good, child of Maud
Maude Woman from Magdala
Maudie Mighty in Battle, Battle-mighty
Maura Rebellious, Wished-for Child
Maureen Rebellious Woman, Dark Skinned
Mauri Beloved, Dark Skinned
Maurine Bitter, Rebellion
Maurita Dark, Rebellion, Star of the Sea
Maury Beloved, Dark Skinned, Moor
Mausi Plucks Flowers
Mauve Mallow Plant
Mavin Song Thrush, Mavis
Mavis Joy, Small Bird, Songbird
Mavis Joy
Maxie Mack’s Pool; Greatest
Maxie The greatest
Maxine Greatest, Great Woman
Maxine The greatest
May To Increase, Kinswomen, Mother
May To increase
Maya Industrious
Mayah Close to God, Princess
Maybell TBD
Maybelle Lovable
Mayda Maiden
Mayde Maiden
Maye Beloved of Amun, Star of the Sea
Maygen Great and Mighty
Mayisha The Light of the Moon
Mayke Rebellious Woman
Mayla Religious Gathering
Mayleen Beautiful, Fifth Month of the Year
Maylen Fifth Month of the Year
Maylia Rebelliousness, Sea of Bitterness
Maylin Great Waterfall
Maylyn May Plus Lynn
Mayme Rebellious, Sea of Bitterness
Mayme Sea of bitterness
Mayra Moon, Beloved, A Plant Name
Mayura Peacock, Illusion
Mazie Diminutive Form of Margaret, Pearl
McCall TBD
Mckayla Which Man is Like God
Mckenna Born of Fire, Son of Cionaodh
McKenna Ascend
Mckenzie Pretty, Good-looking
Mckenzy Good-looking, Pretty
Mckinley Child of the Wise Leader
Meadow A clearing
Meadow Field of Flower, Grass
Meagan Pearl, Strong and Mighty One
Meagen Strong – Mighty One
Meaghan Pearl
Mechelle One who Resembles God, Like God
Meda Thinking of the Sea, Prophetess
Meena Fish, Precious Stone, Starling
Meeni TBD
Meerna TBD
Meg Love, Pearl, Great and Mighty
Megan Pearl, Strong and Capable, Strong
Megan Pearl
Megean pearl, great
Megg Pearl
Meggan Pearl
Meghan Pearl, Strong and Capable
Meghann Pearl, Diminutive of Margaret
Mei The Fifth Month, May
Meighan Great and Mighty
Meika TBD
Meiko A Bud, Beloved of Amun, Beautiful
Meili Beautiful, Pretty, The Lovely One
Meilin Beautiful Jade, Plum Jade
Mekelle Like God, One who is like God
Meko One who Blessed with Beauty
Melanie Dark, Black, Dark Skinned
Melany Black, Dark-skinned
Melba Soft or Slender, Mill Stream
Melina Canary yellow
Melina TBD
Melinda Grateful, Gentle, Dark, Honey
Melinda Honey
Melis Honey, Bee
Melisa Bee, Honey Bee, Lemon Balm
Melise Bee, Famous Bearer
Melisha Bee, Famous Bearer
Melissa A Bee, Honey Bee
Melissa A bee
Melissia Bee, Honey
Mellah Religious Gathering
Mellany Black, Dark
Melle Highborn Power
Mellina Bee, Honey
Mellisa Honey Bee
Mellissa The Honeybee
Melodee Beautiful Song, Music
Melodie Song, Melody, Music
Melody Melody or song
Melody Music, Rythmic, Instrument, Song
Melonie Black, Dark-skinned
Melony Dark Beauty, Black, Dark-skinned
Melora Honey, Laurel
Melpo TBD
Melrose Melanie Plus Rose
Melva Armoured Ruler, Mill-worker
Melva Armored ruler
Melveen Friend
Melvina Handmaiden, Smooth Brow
Melvina Handmaiden
Melynda Honey, Blend of Melissa and Linda
Melynda Honey
Melyssa Honey Bee
Mem Ancient Egypt, From Memphis
Memdi Henna
Mera Aristocratic Lady
Merana Woman of the Waters
Meranda Admirable, Worthy of Love
Mercedes Mercies, Grace, Ransom, Wages
Mercedes Mercy or merciful
Mercedesz Grace, Merciful, Mercies
Mercedez Mercies
Mercer Merchant, Storekeeper
Mercer Merchant
Mercia Compassion, From Mercia, Mercy
Mercia martial, warlike
Mercia Compassion
Mercie Compassion, Mercy, Forbearance
Mercie Compassion
Mercilla Compassion
Mercina Compassion
Mercina Compassion, Forbearance
Mercy Compassion
Mercy Forgiveable, Compassion
Meredith Protector of the sea
Meredith Ruler of Battle
Meredyth Great Chief
Merelyn Rebelliousness, Sea of Bitterness
Meret Little Famous One
Meri Cheerful or light hearted
Meri Cheerful, Light Hearted, Mirthful
Meric Ruler of the Sea
Meridel Cheerful or light hearted
Meridel Cheerful, Light Hearted, Mirthful
Merideth Protector of the Sea, Great Ruler
Meridian Imaginary Circle Around the Earth
Meridith Great Ruler, Protector of the Sea
Merie Merry, Beloved of Amun, The Sea
Meriel Shining sea
Meriel Myrrh, Variant of Muriel
Merilyn Combination of Mary and Lyn
Merina Beauty
Meritt TBD
Merlene Falcon
Merlina Blackbird
Merly Shining
Merna Affectionate, Tender, Beloved
Merri Cheerful or light hearted
Merri Cheerful, Lighthearted, Mirthful
Merrie Cheerful or light hearted
Merrie Cheerful, Light Hearted, Happy
Merrilee Cheerful or light hearted
Merrilee Cheerful, Light Hearted, Mirthful
Merrily Happy, Lighthearted
Merrilyn Combination of Mary and Lyn
Merry Cheerful or light hearted
Merry Cheerful, Light Hearted, Mirthful
Mertice Famous
Mertice Lord, Famous
Mertise Famous
Mertysa Famous
Meryl Shining / Bright Sea
Mesa From the Flat-topped Hill
Meshell One who is like God
Methotase Laying Eggs in the Sand
Methotaske Laying Eggs in the Sand
Mia Wished for child
Mia Beauty, Mine, Beloved
Miah Illusion, The Moon, Mine
Miakoda Power of the Moon
Miana Protection, Desire
Micaela Who is like God
Micaela One who is Like God
Micah Like Yahweh, One who is Like God
Micayla One who is Like the Lord
Micha One who is like God, Humble
Michael One who Resembles God
Michaela Who is like God
Michaela Gift from God
Michaele Close to God, One who is Like God
Michaella Who is like God
Michaelle Full of Happiness
Michaelyn Who is like God, Variant of Michal
Michaiah TBD
Michal Like the Lord, Brook
Michala Female Version of Michael
Miche Who is like God, The Righteous Way
Michel Feminine Form of Michael
Michele Like the Lord, Feminine of Michael
Michelene One who is like God / Lord
Michell One who Resembles God
Michelle Who is like God
Michelle One who is Like God
Michelly Gift from God
Michi The Righteous Way, Pathway
Michie Flower, Gateway
Mici TBD
Mickaela Gift from God
Mickayla One who is like the Lord
Mickie One who Resembles God
Micky Greatest, Who is like God
Micole One who is Like God
Mie Sea of Bitterness, Sea of Sorrow
Miel Gracious
Miesha Gift / Blessing of God
Migdalia Tower, From a Tower
Mika Who is like God
Mika Like God, Gift from God
Mikaela Who is like God
Mikaela Female Version of Michael
Mikaia Gods Earth
Mikaila A Form of Michaela, Like the Lord
Mikal One who is like God
Mikala Rose, Like God
Mikayla Who is like God
Mikayla Michaela, Like God
Mikela Who is like God
Mikella Who is like God
Mikella Like God, Feminine of Michael
Mikelle Who is like God
Mikelle One who is Like God
Mikenzie child of the wise leader
Mikey Stem
Mikeya Variant of Mike
Mikhaela Who is like God
Mikie Stem
Mikki Who is like God
Mikki Feminine of Michael
Mikko Who is like God
Mikko One who is Like God
Miku Beautiful Sky
Mikyla Gift from God, Variant of Michaela
Mil Gentle Strength
Mila Traditions, Miracles, Industrious
Milagros Miracle
Milaka Rivalling, Dear, Pleasant
Milan Meeting, Get Together, Eager
Milania Union, Grace, People, Favour
Mildred Gentle Adviser
Mildrid Gentle advisor
Mildrid Gentle Adviser, Gentle Strength
Mildryd Gentle advisor
Mildryd Gentle Adviser, Mild of Strength
Mileah TBD
Milee One who is like Me, Found
Mileena Grace, People, Favour
Miles Peaceful, Favoured, Merciful
Miley Very Attractive
Milie Found, Who is like Me
Milijana TBD
Milinda TBD
Milissa Honey, Bee
Milita A Flower Blossom
Militza TBD
Millaray Blossom of Gold
Millee Gentle Strength
Millicent Work Strength
Milly Gentle Strength, Industrious
Milvia TBD
Mimi I am
Mimiteh New Moon
Mina Love, Will, Desire, Helmet
Minal Gem, A Precious Stone
Minda Fish
Mindee TBD
Mindi Short Form of Melinda, Honey, Love
Mindie Honey, Abbreviation of Melinda
Mindie Honey
Mindy Honey
Mindy Woman of Gloom, Honey
Minerva The Mind, Intellect
Minji Strong, Powerful, Respectful
Mink Cloud
Minnie Loving Memory, Will
Minor A Young Woman, A Lass, Junior
Minou A Gem, Eden
Minya Older Sister
Mion TBD
Mira Admirable
Mira Devotee of Lord Krishna
Miracle An amazing wonder
Miracle Divine Intervention
Miranda To be admired
Miranda Admirable, Wonderful
Mirasol Sunflower
Mircea Mercy
Mireya Admirable, Miracle, Got has Spoken
Miriam Rebellious Woman
Miriam Sea of bitterness
Mirinda Adorable
Mirren TBD
Mirta Mistress of the House or Lady
Mirtha Lady
Misa Like a God
Misae White Sun, Pasty Sun
Mish TBD
Misha Like the Lord, Bee, Smile
Mishay Smile, Variant of Michelle
Mishelle Like the Lord, Feminine of Michael
Mishka Gift of Love
Misi Smart – Kind
Misia Beautiful, Smart
Missie Hard Worker, Bee, Honey
Missouri From the Town of Canoes
Missty Sweet
Missy Bee, Young Girl
Mistey Misty
Misti Foggy
Misti Dim, Cloudy, Vague, Foggy, Misty
Mistie Foggy, Misty
Mistie Foggy
Misty Foggy
Misty Foggy, Misty, Sweetness, Dim
Misu Ripples in the Water
Mitch TBD
Mitchell One who is like God
Mitra Friend, God of Daylight
Mitsi TBD
Mituna Wraps Salmon in Willow Leaves
Mitzi Rebellious, Sea of Bitterness
Mitzy TBD
Miwa Beauty, Harmony, Ring, Wheel
Miya Sacred House, Temple
Mizz One who Honours, Comforter
Moema Delicious
Moesha Drawn out of the Water
Moira Sea of Bitterness, The Great
Moli Diadem, Crown
Molli Bitter
Mollie Bitter
Molly Bitter
Molly Rebellious, Coolest Name Ever
Mona Solitary, Adviser, Nun, Wish
Monae solitary, advisor
Monay Descendant of the Protector
Monda TBD
Mone Good, Single, Descendant, Only
Monee Attractive
Moneka Earth or Soil
Monette TBD
Moneysha Wisdom, Desire, Intelligence
Moni Intelligent, Beautiful, Nicely
Monia To Advise, Hermit, To Warn, Only
Monic Monk, Hermit, Single, Only
Monica Adviser, Solitary, Alone, Unique
Monica Advisor
Monicah Unique, Solitary
Monie Adviser
Moniesha Knowledge, Wisdom, Intelligent
Monifa I am Lucky, Lucky Lady
Monika A Wise Counsellor, Goddess Durga
Monique Adviser
Monique Wise, Counsellor, Advisor, Alone
Monisha Wisdom, Knowledge, Talent, Sweet
Monja A Nun
Monna Noble
Montana Mountainous
Montana From a Hilly Land, Mountainous
Montanna Mountainous, From a Hilly Land
Montina Mountain, Variant of Montana
Monya Monk, To Advise, Hermit, Only
Moon Slave, Myth Name, Letters
Moorea TBD
Morena Little Mary, Brown, Brown-haired
Morey The with the Darker Skin
Morgan Bright Sea, White Sea Dweller
Morgan Bright Sea
Morganna Sea, Edge, Circle, To be Born
Morganne Great – Bright
Moriah Jehovah is My Teacher
Morleigh Woman from the Moor
Morningstar TBD
Morrisa Dark One
Mosi First Born, Cat
Mouna Silent, Quiet
Movita TBD
Moxi Nerve
Mriam TBD
Muffy TBD
Muncel Strong, Willing
Muriel Myrrh, Bright Sea, Sea-bright
Muyis Love, Happy, Sleeping Beauty
Mya Emerald
Mya Emerald, Mine, Great, Great Mother
Myah Goddess, Jewel of World, Mine
Mychaela Like God
Mychaela Who is like God
Mychele Gift from God, Feminine of Michael
Myiesha Life Blessing, Great Life
MyKayla One who is like God
Myla Merciful
Myla Female Soldier, Merciful
Myle Happy
Mylee Smiley, My Smiling Destiny, Dark
Myleen Merciful, Feminine of Myles
Myleen Dark
Mylena TBD
Mylene Dark
Myli Sweet, Gentle Breeze
Mylie One who Smiles, Vine
Mylin TBD
Myra Sweet ointment
Myra Swift and Light, Admirable
Myranda Admirable, Wonderful
Myria Prosperous, Great, Famous
Myriah To Wonder at, To Admire, Myrrh
Myriam Ancient Version of Mary, Beloved
Myrian TBD
Myrna Merry, High Spirited, Festive
Myrrah To Admire
Myrtice An Aromatic, Evergreen Shrub
Myrtis An Aromatic, Evergreen Shrub
Myrtle An Aromatic, Evergreen Shrub
Mystee Foggy
Mystee Foggy, Misty
Mystery A Lady of the Unknown, Question
Mysti Foggy
Mysti Foggy, Misty
Mystica Washed in an Air of Mystery