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“N” represents imagination. The N shows creativity and loves pleasure, writer, and spokesman. Looking for names that start with the letter “N”? Well, you’re in luck! Here are some of the most popular American Baby Girl Names that start with the letter N.

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Here on this page, we have compiled 327 American Baby Girl Names Starting With N. Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of most popular 327 American Baby Girl Names Starting With N.

Names That Begin with N

There are a lot of great American baby girl names that start with the letter “n”. Here are just a few of them:

  • Nina
  • Natalie
  • Nellie
  • Nancy
  • Nina



Names Starting With N that are Unusual

When it comes to baby girl names, there are a few that stand out from the rest. Names starting with N are often unconventional, and they can be quite unique. Here are five of the most unique American baby girl names that start with N.

  1. Naiara: This name is derived from the Latin word for “nimble.” It’s pronounced NA-yuh-ra.
  2. Nala: This name is African in origin and means “storm.” It’s pronounced NAL-uh.
  3. Nami: This Japanese name means “wave” or “ocean.” It’s pronounced NAHM-uh.
  4. Naomi: This name is Hebrew in origin and means “pleasantness.” It’s pronounced NAH-muh.
  5. Nina: This Russian name means “girl.” It’s pronounced NEEN-uh.

Names that sound Similar to Baby Names that Begin with N

There are a few baby names that start with the letter “n” and sound similar to other names that begin with the letter “n.” For example, both names starting with the letter “n” can be pronounced “jenna.” Jenna is a popular name for girls and Jenna Marie is a popular name for girls. Both of these names are pronounced like juh-NAH.

Another example of a name that starts with the letter “n” and sounds similar to a name that starts with the letter “n” is Nevaeh. Nevaeh is a beautiful biblical name meaning “new life.” This name is also considered to be trendy and popular for girls.

Pretty American Baby Girl Names Starting With N

Nachelle Powerful Woman
Nada Generosity, Dew, Giving, Hopeful
Nadeah Hope
Nadeen hope
Nadeya TBD
Nadi River, Flow
Nadia Filled with Hope, Caller, Moist
Nadia Hope
Nadie Wise, Form of Nadia, Hope
Nadijah Moist, Delicate, Tender, Hope
Nadine Filled with Hope, Hopeful
Nadine Hopeful
Nadira Pinnacle, Rare, Precious
Nadiya River, Hope, Generous, Successful
Nadiyah Caller, Announcer
Nadjah Delicate, Hope, Moist, Tender
Nahimana Mystic
Nahisha TBD
Nahla Dust, A Drink, A Drink of Water
Naida Flowing, Nymph, Water Nymph
Nailah Attainer, Achiever, Ali, Poet
Naima Calm, Belonging to One, Graceful
Naira Woman with Big Eyes
Nairi From a Canyon Land, Kind One
Nakari Pure
Nakayla Victory of the People
Nakedra Smart One, Beautiful
Nakeisha Her Life, Unconquered, Favourite
Nakesha The Lord of Heaven
Nakia Faithful, Pure
Nakisha Unconquered, Unclear
Nakita Victory of the People
Nakoma Great Warrior / Spirit
Nala Successful, Beloved, Queen
Nallely I Love You
Nameena Wave
Namid Star Dancer (chippewa)
Nan Full of Grace, Gracious
Nan Full of grace
Nancey Full of Grace, Favour, Grace
Nancey Full of grace
Nanci Full of Grace, Favour, Grace
Nanci Full of grace
Nancia Full of Grace
Nancie Full of Grace
Nancy Filled with Grace; God’s Flavour; …
Nancy Full of grace
Nandi One who Pleases Others
Nanette Little Favourable One
Nanie Beautiful
Nanisha TBD
Nann Full of Grace, Grace
Nann Full of grace
Nannette Full of Grace, Favour, Grace
Nannie Grace, Favoured Grace
Nanou Loved, Charming
Nansi God has Favoured Me
Naola Charming
Naoma My Joy, Pleasant One
Naome Pleasantness, Sweetness
Naomi Congeniality, Enjoyment, Pleasure
Naomi Beautiful
Nara Happy, Near One, Joyous
Nara Happy
Nare TBD
Narva Near
Nascha Owl
Nashan TBD
Nashida Student, Desirous, Seeker
Nashota Twin
Nassim Breeze
Nastasha Resurrection
Naswa TBD
Nata Snake, Birthday, Christmas Day
Natalee The Birthday of Christ, Natal Day
Natalia Born on Christmas Day
Natalie Born on Christmas
Natalie Born at Christmas
Natallia Form of Natalie; Christ’s Birthday
Natallie Born on Christmas
Nataly Birthday, Child Born at Christmas
Natalya Child Born at Christmas
Natane Daughter, Female Child
Natarsha Born on Christmas Day
Natascha Born on Christmas or Birthday
Natascia Resurrection; Christ’s Birthday
Natasha Beautiful
Natassa Beautiful
Nate TBD
Nathalia The Birthday of Christ
Nathalie Child Born at Christmas
Nathaly Child Born at Christmas
Nathania Gift of the Lord
Nathanya A Gift from God
Natima Pure
Natiyah They are Awesome
Natosha Child Born at Christmas
Natty Born on Christmas
Natural Nature
Naureen Light, Honour
Nausheen Beauty, Sweet, Happy
Nautica Sailor, Navigator on the Sea, Ship
Nava Gorgeous, A Boat, Tune, Beautiful
Navana Beautiful
Navia TBD
Navid Beloved
Nay Short for Naomi / Nayara
Naya To Admire God
Nayara Very Light, Leadership, Leader
Nayeli Cute
Nayely Highness, Grace, Princess
Nazarena Flowers
Nazia Princess, Queen, Pride
Neana Little Girl, Beautiful Eyes
Nearra Nearest
Neda Voice, Call, Prayer, Voice of God
Neda Wealthy guardian
Nedda Prosperous Guardian
Nedha TBD
Nedra Below the Earth, Awareness
Nedra Prosperous Guardian
Neelie Champion, Female Version of Neil
Neelie Champion
Neely Champion, Passionate
Neely Champion
Neena New, Emotion, Better
Neera Pure Water, Soft, Young One
Neesa Night, Hunger, Women, Lamb
Neesha Night
Neha Beautiful Eyes
Nehha Eyesight, Beautiful Eyes
Neila Champion
Neisha Night
Nejla Light, Brightness, Pragasham
Neka A Wild Goose
Nekia Pure, Victory of the People
Neko TBD
Nelda From the Alder Trees, Sun Ray
Nelda By the alder tree
Nell Shining light
Nell Mercy, Compassion, Shining Light
Nella Shining light
Nelle stone
Nellie Shining light
Nellie Shining Light, Eleanor
Nellisa Goodness, Light
Nellwyn Bright friend
Nellwyn Bright Friend; Nellie’s Friend
Nelly Shining light
Nelly Shining Light, Eleanor
Nelsy Victory, Ship
Nelwin Bright friend
Nelwina Bright friend
Nelwyna Bright friend
Nely The Bright One
Nema Rules
Nemi Famous Person
Nena Eyes, Favour, Grace
Nene Abbreviation of Linnethia
Nenna Little Girl, Great-granddaughter
Neo Gift, Talent, New
Neoma Miracle, Little King, Kingdom
Nereida Nymph of the Sea, Water Lily
Neriah Lamp of the Lord, Light
Nerice From the Sea, Sea Nymph
Nesly Unique
Nessa Powerful, Ambitious, Holy
Nestor TBD
Neta Little Seed, Leader, Guide, Bear
Nettie Gracious, Merciful, Grace
Netty Name ending
Neva Leader of the Tribe, Snowy
Nevada Snowy
Nevada Snowy, Covered with Snow
Nevaeh Heaven, Peace, Angels
Neveah Butterfly
Neyda Favour, Grace, Without Guile
Neyla Fulfilled Wish
Neysha Pure
Nia Female champion
Nia Intention, Female Champion, Aim
Niabi Fawn
Niah Purpose
Niccole Victor of the People
Nich One who is like God
Nichele Blend of Nichole and Michelle
Nichelle Victorious Maiden
Nichol Victory of the People
Nicholas Victory of the People
Nichole Victory of the People
Nici Victory of the People
Nickee Victorious People
Nicki Victory of the people
Nickie Victory of the people
Nico Beautiful, Successful
Nicola Victory of the People
Nicole Victory of the people
Nicole People’s Triumph; Victory of the …
Nicolette Victory of the people
Nicolette People’s Triumph; Victory of the …
Nicolle People’s Victory; Female Version …
Nicosia Woman from the Capital of Cyprus
Nida To Call, Voice, Prayer
Nidah Resembling on Elf
Nidal TBD
Nidawi Fairy
Niecy Follower of Dionysus
Niela TBD
Niesha Full of Life, Pure
Nikee Victory; People’s Triumph
Nikeesha Victory of the People
Niketa Goddess Laxmi, Home
Nikhaar Beautify, Glow, Blossoming
Niki Victory of the People, Goodness
Nikia Victorious People
Nikisha Beautiful
Nikita Residency, Earth, Victorious
Nikka Belongs to God, Bringer of Victory
Nikki Victory of the people
Nikki People’s Triumph; Victory of the …
Nikkie Victory of the people
Nikko Victory of the People
Nikkole Victor of the People
Niko TBD
Nikola People’s Victory; Victory; Useful; …
Nikole Victory of the People, Victory
Nila Moon, Enchanting Moon
Nilah Success, Water Hyacinth
Nilda Ready for Battle, Armoured
Niloo TBD
Nimet Blessing
Nina Full of grace
Nina Love Hope, Lovely-eyed
Ninna Friendly, Blossom, Flowery
Nira Consisting of Water, Juice
Nisha Night, Perfect, Quite
Nishi Night, Alert, Getting Stronger
Nita Serious, Gracious, With in Rules
Nitasha Form of Natasha, Kind, Strong
Nite Born in the Evening
Nitika Morality, Niti means Policy
Nivia Worshipper, Brightness
Niviarsiaq Little
Niviera stream, river
Niya Friend, New Achievement, Graceful
Nizel Champion, A Beautiful Bird
Nizhoni Pretty
Noa Movement, Love, Motion, Shake
Noel Christmas
Noel Christmas, Born on Christmas Day
Noelani Heavenly Beauty, Mist of Heaven
Noelia Born on Christmas
Noelle Born on Christmas, Birthday
Noemi Congeniality, Pleasantness
Nohely Christmas
Nokomis Grandmother (chippewa)
Nola Magnolia Flower, Noble, Famous
Nolcha Sun
Nolene Noble
Noma My Pleasure, Farming, Example
Nona The Ninth One
Nora Bright torch
Nora Light, Honour
Norabel Honor
Norabel Honour, Light
Norah Light, Sun Ray, Torch, Reputation
Noreen Light, Honour, Bright One
Norene Honourable, Light
Norie Shining
Norine Honour, Light, Diminutive of Nora
Norita Honourable
Norma From the North, Pattern, Courage
Nosheen Sweet Thing
Nour Light
Nova New, Newcomer, A Bright Star
Novalee Chases Butterflies
Novaleigh TBD
Noveli Power
Novella New
November Born in the Month of November
Novi New, The Ninth Month
Novia Young, New
Nuka My Younger Brother / Sister
Nukpana Evil
Nuna Land
Nya Purpose, Lustrous, Goal
Nyah Aim, Purpose
Nyana Divine
Nyasia Most Beautiful One, Beginning
Nycole Victorious People
Nye Beginning, Hunger, Lamb, One
Nyeisha Pure
Nyesha Pure
Nyiesha TBD
Nykia Pure
Nyla Winner, From the River Nile
Nyoka Snake, Serpent
Nyra Rose, Beauty of Goddess Saraswati
Nyree Flaxen, Pacific Islander
Nytika As Precious as a Gem, Regular
Nzinga TBD
Nzingha TBD