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“O” represents Patience. The O shows Responsibility, Knowledge, and intellect. The O is a frank, methodical person who respects law and order in everything. If you’re looking for American baby girl names that start with the letter “O”, there are plenty of options out there. Some of our favorites include Aurora, Opal, Olympia, and Oona.

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Here on this page, we have compiled 97 American Baby Girl Names Starting With O. Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of most popular 97 American Baby Girl Names Starting With O.


If you are looking for a name that is unique and truly one of a kind, consider naming your baby Olivia. This name is perfect for girls who want to stand out from the rest. Olivia also has a lot of history behind it, which makes it even more special.

There are so many terrific Olivia names out there, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your little girl. Some of our favorites include: Omi, Opal, Odette, Oona, and Aurora.


Ava is a beautiful name that originates from Hebrew. It means “promise” or “future.” This name is perfect for a baby girl who is looking for something unique and special.


There are so many great American Baby Girl Names starting with O! Some popular choices include Addison, Arya, Olivia, and Owen. If you’re looking for something a little less common, consider names like Addison Grace or Addison Elizabeth.


If you’re looking for a name that is unique and modern, Harper may be the perfect choice for your newborn baby girl. This name is often chosen by parents who are looking to create a unique and memorable name for their little one.

Harper is a feminine given name meaning “queen,” “princess” or “heir.” It was first popularized in the late 1990s as an alternative to traditional princess names like Mia or Elizabeth. Harper also has several other variants, including Haleigh, Harper Lee and Harlow.

If you’re interested in naming your daughter Harper, be sure to consider some of the variant spellings of this unique name. You can also choose from other American baby girl names that start with O, such as Olivia, Zoey and Olive.


There are plenty of American baby girl names starting with “O” and a few of the most popular choices include Astrid, Opal, Odessa, Olivia, Oona and Ossian.

Astrid is a Scandinavian name that means “star.” It’s a very pretty and sophisticated name that’s perfect for a girl. Astrid is also pronounced ah-striht.

Opal is a beautiful gemstone and the name of a mineral, as well as the given name of an American actress who was born in 1933. The name has been growing in popularity in recent years and it sounds lovely paired with other European-inspired names like Aurora or Clarissa.

Odessa is an exotic and romantic name that comes from the Ukrainian city of Odessa. It’s definitely a unique choice for a baby girl and could be fun to spell (od-seesa).

Olivia is one of the most popular girls’ names in America right now and it’s easy to see why – Olivia has such a sweet and Feminine sound to it that it would be great for any baby girl. Plus, Olivia is also quite versatile – you could choose to spell it Olivia or Olyvia if


Mia is a beautiful name that has been popular for years. It is derived from the Greek word “mima” meaning “my little one”. Mia is also the name of a popular Disney character and has many variations, including Michaela, Mya, Miah and Mikayla.


Emmalee is a sweet and feminine name that is sure to catch your attention. It has Spanish origins, meaning “the beloved.” It’s perfect for a baby girl who is destined for happiness and love.

Some other great American Baby Girl Names starting with O include Ophira, Omali, Opal, Oshana, Orli, Orin, Orion and Ophelia.



Pretty American Baby Girl Names Starting With O

Oana Gift from God
Obedience Obedience
Octavia TBD
Odalis Wealthy, Riches
Odalys Wealthy
Odell Woad Hill, Place Name, Rich, Song
Odessa The Odyssey, Wrathful
Ofelia To Help, Aid
Ofri TBD
Ohio Of the Good River, From the State
Oixie The Power of Love
Ojasina Having Strength, Vigorous
Olanda A Person from the State of Holland
Oldwin Special friend
Oldwina Special Friend
Oldwyn Special friend
Oleda Winged
Olencia TBD
Olesia Defender of Mankind
Oleta Winged
Oleta Winged, Verity, Truth
Oletha Light or nimble
Oletha Light, Nimble
Olexa Defender of mankind
Olga Divine Woman, A River, Holy
Olie Lily, Beautiful, Ancient Anna
Olisa God’s Promise; God
Olita Winged
Olive Kind One, Tree, Peace, Pure
Olivia Olive tree
Olivia Symbol of Peace, Olive Tree
Ollie Olive Tree, Elf Warrior, Elf Army
Olympia heavenly
Oma Leader, Giver of Life, Commanding
Omani An Exuberant Woman
Omuila Love
Omuile Love, Happy, Princess, Fifth
Omuille Love, Happy, Powers
Ona Full of Grace, Fire, Grace
Ondrea Strong; Courageous; A Man’s Woman; …
Oneesha TBD
Oneida Long-awaited, Of the Upright Rock
Oneisha Ondrea Plus Aisha
Onesha Ondrea Plus Aisha
Oneyda People of the Stone
Oni Desired, Wanted
Onia Our One and Only
Onika Onyx
Onisha TBD
Onita Strong
Onna A Pattern
Ontario Beautiful Lake
Onyx Black Stone
Oona One
Opal Precious stone
Opal TBD
Ophelia Helpful Woman, Helper, Serpentine
Ora Beautiful seacoast
Ora Beautiful Sea-coast, Money, Light
Orabel Beautiful seacoast
Orabel Beautiful Seacoast, Light, Golden
Orabelle Beautiful Seacoast, Prayerful
Orabelle Beautiful seacoast
Oralia Golden, Variant Aurelia, Light
Oralie Golden, Variant Aurelia
Oralie Golden
Ordella Elfin Spear
Orelia Golden
Orelon Ear
Orenda Magic Power
Oriena Golden, Variant Aurelia
Orlain Pledge
Orlinda Eagle
Ornella Flowering Ash Tree
Ornette Like an Ash Tree
Orpha Back of the Neck, A Fawn
Orsi TBD
Orva Worth gold
Orva Special Friend, Courageous Friend
Ouida Woman / Famous Warrior
Oumou TBD
Oyin Wealth – Success
Ozella With Strength, God
Ozioma The Message
Ozlem TBD
Ozzie Strength