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“R” represents Possibilities. The R shows Enthusiastic, Patience, and even-tempered. R is stable, hard-working, warm-hearted, and compassionate. Here on this page, we have compiled 427 American Baby Girl Names Starting With R. Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of the most popular 427 American Baby Girl Names Starting With R.

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Looking for American baby girl names that start with R? You’re in luck! In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the best options for names that start with the letter R. Whether you’re looking for a traditional name or something a little more contemporary, we’ve got you covered.


Rhea is a popular American baby girl name that has a range of meanings. Some examples are creative, fertile, and powerful.


There are so many American Baby Girl Names starting with R! Here are a few to get you started:

Reagan- This name is derived from the former US president, Ronald Reagan. It’s perfect for a girl who is strong-willed and patriotic.

Rebekah- This biblical name means “beloved,” and is perfect for a girl who is kind-hearted and loving.

Ruby- This gemstone is associated with love, happiness, and confidence, making it the perfect name for a confident baby girl.


Rayna is a unique name that is sure to catch your attention. It is also a fun and descriptive name that has a lot of meaning.

Rayna is derived from the Old Norse word “hrein” meaning “clear.” This name was given to a girl in honor of her clear skin. The name is also popular among Scandinavian parents.

Another possible explanation for the name Rayna is that it comes from the Irish Gaelic word “rann” which means “river” or “stream.” This could be a reference to the fact that this name often goes well with names like Jordan, Ryan and Brayden.

The most popular place for people named Rayna is located in North Carolina where it ranks as the 149th most popular name overall. Other famous places with lots of Raynas include Seattle, Washington; Rochester, Minnesota; and Lewiston, Maine.


Rowan is a popular baby girl name that starts with the letter R. Rowan is both a classic and trendy name, and it has been around for centuries. Rowan is pronounced like the word rye. Some popular Rowan names include Rowen, Ryann, Roxanne, and Reagan.


Ryder is a very popular baby girl name that has been increasing in popularity over the last few years. It is pronounced as “ray-deer” and derives from the English word “runner”. Ryder means “raging horse” and can be used for girls or boys. Some of the most popular Ryder namesakes include actress Ryder Lynn, singer Ryder Smith, model Ryder Adarcik, and athlete Ryder Santora.



Pretty American Baby Girl Names Starting With R

Ra Doe
Rabeah Resembling a Raven
Rabecca Tied, Bound
Raby Brightly
Raca Worthless, Good-for-nothing
Rach Ewe, Frog
Rachael An Ewe, A Little Lamb
Racheal Ewe, Female Sheep
Rachel Innocence of a lamb
Rachel Innocence of a Lamb, Sheep, Ewe
Rachell Innocence of a Lamb, Lamb, Ewe
Rachell Innocence of a lamb
Rachelle Ewe, Lamb, Female Sheep
Rachie Ewe
Racine TBD
Racquel Ewe, Innocent, Female Sheep
Radella Elfin Counsellor
Radella Elfin counselor
Rae Doe, Ewe, Variation of Raymond
Raeann Ewe, Rae Plus Ann
Raeanne Graceful Lamb
Raechel Ewe, Female Sheep, Innocent Lamb
Raegan Descendant of the Little King
Raelee valiant
Raelene Ewe, A Modern Invented Name
Raelyn Sheep’s Friend; Ewe; Sunbeam / Ewe …
Raelynn Sheep
Raenah Queen, Form of Regina
Raewyn Raven
Rafaella God has Healed
Ragan TBD
Rahema Merciful, Generous, Kind
Rahera TBD
Raichel Ewe, Powerful Ruler
Rain Night
Rain Wise councel
Raina Queen, Advice, Decision
Rainbow An Array of Bright Colours
Rainee Queen, Counsel, Advice
Rakesha To Guard, The Moon
Ralitsa TBD
Ralph Wise Wolf, Wolf Counsellor
Rama Lord Rama, Pleaser of the Lord
Ramah Pleasing, Delighting
Ramona Wise protector
Ramona Advice, Decision
Ramya Enchanting, Delightful, Enjoyable
Rana Blessing, Elegant
Randa To Dance, Admirable, Resemble
Randi Admirable, Wonderful, Wolf Shield
Randy Strong Defender, Shielded Wolf
Rane Queen, Pure
Ranelle TBD
Raney Queen
Rani Queen, Princess
Rania Contented, Queen
Ranie Charming, Queen of Night
Ranisha Rae Plus Aisha
Raqiyah Progressing
Raquel Innocence of a lamb
Raquel Female Sheep, Form of Rachel
Raquell Precious
Rashel Female Sheep
Rashelle female sheep
Rashelle Ewe, Female Sheep
Rashida Righteous, Rightly Advised
Rashika Descended from Royalty
Rashonda Young Gazelle
Ravani Spirit, Soul
Raveena blackbird
Raven TBD
Raven Blackbird
Ravenna Raven
Ravyn Blackbird, Dark Haired, Wise
Ravyn Blackbird
Ray Female Sheep, Ewe
Rayanna Rainbow, Nymph, Rain
Rayanne TBD
Raycel God Gift
Rayelle Ray Plus Elle
Rayen Blossom
Raylee Valiant
Rayleen Wise Guardian
Raylene Ewe, Wise Guardian
Raymond Best, Strong Defender
Rayn TBD
Rayna Queen, Pure, Purity, Holy Dust
Rayne Queen, Wise Guardian
Raynisha Ewe, Well-advised Protector
Rayya Fragrant Breeze, Form of Light
Razaid Skater
Razelle TBD
Reagan Little King, King, Impulsive
Reagan Little king
Reah To Flow, River, Comfort
Realeen Valiant
Reanna Eminent Queen
Reanne Rae Plus Ann
Reb To Tie, Cattle Stall
Reba One who Ties and Joins, Fourth
Reba Fourth
Rebacca TBD
Rebbeca Bound, Tied
Rebbecca Tied, Joined, Bound
Rebeca Tied, Joined, Form of Rebecca
Rebecca TBD
Rebecca Bound
Rebekah To Tie, A Quarrel Appeased
Reby To Tie, Cattle Stall
Rechell Ewe
Rechelle Ewe
Red Redheaded One, Or Dim, Of Redmond
Reece Enthusiastic
Reegan One who Rules, Ruler
Reene Born Again, Rebirth
Reenie To Rise Again, Rebirth
Reeny Rebirth, Born Again
Reesa Laughter, Beloved of Amun
Reese Enthusiasm
Reeva Tied, Joined, Beauty
Regan Little ruler
Regan Ittle Ruler, Nobility
Regena Queen
Regenia Queen
Regi Queen
Regia Queen
Regina Queen
Regina Queen, Purple Flower
Reha Star
Reign Power, Beauty
Reila TBD
Reiley Rye Field
Reilly From a Meadow of Rye
Reina Night, A Queen, Form of Regina
Reisha First
Reizl Beautiful, Luck, Gift of God
Rella Messenger, Angel, Little
Remington Raven Estate
Remy Precious
Rena Graceful, Of the Sea, Born Again
Renada Reborn
Renae Born Again, Reborn
Renah Refused, Despised, Disregarded
Renai Rebirth, Water Lily, Lotus
Renana Song
Renata Reborn, Born a New, Born Again
Renato Born Again, Lotus, Rebirth
Renatta Reborn
Renay Water Lily, Rebirth, Born Again
Rene Reborn, Peace
Renea Rebirth, Beautiful
Renee Reborn
Renell Reborn, Rebirth
Renesha Reborn, Rae Plus Aisha
Renie Peace, Reborn, Diminutive of Irene
Renisba Reborn
Renisha Reborn
Renita Love, Reborn
Renna Dissolve, Artistic, Reborn, Night
Renne To Rise Again, Rebirth
Reta Pearl, Speaker, Variant of Rita
Retha Excellence, Righteous, Virtue
Retta Pearl
Reva Sweat Heart, A Star
Rexana Royal Grace, Regally Graceful
Rexanna Royal Grace
Rexanne Light, Dawn, Bright, Queen
Rexine Queen
Reya Queen, Angel, Graceful, Singer
Reyana Night, Queen, Pure
Reyna Queen, Form of Regina
Reyne Remain Beautiful
Rezina Queen
Rhae Stream, River, Poppy Flower
Rhea To Flow, Stream, Flowing, River
Rheanna Great queen
Rheanna Great Queen, Form of Rhea, Rivers
Rheba Cattle Stall, Tied, Joined
Rheem Name from Divine Mantra
Rhena Graceful
Rhequille Power
Rheta Speaker, Pearl, Variant of Rita
Rheya Flowing Stream
Rhia Good Heart
Rhiana Sweet Basil, Maiden, Great Queen
Rhiann Maiden, Great Queen
Rhianna Maiden, Goddess, Related to Queen
Rhianne Great Queen, Maiden
Rhiannon Eminent / Sacred Queen, Nymph
Rhoda Greek for Rose
Rhodene TBD
Rhoma Goddess Lakshmi, Sensitive
Rhona Rough Island, Powerful, Mighty
Rhonda Rough island
Rhonda Rough Island, Grand, Good Spear
Rhyanna Nymph, Goddess
Ria Singer, Love, To Flow, Earth
Riah Victory
Rianna Kind, Caring, Sweet Basil
Riba Knowledgeable
Ricarda Strong ruler
Ricarda Daring Power
Ricca Peaceful Ruler, Ruler Forever
Riccarda Powerful Ruler
Ricci Peaceful Ruler, Forever Strong
Richard TBD
Richelle Brave ruler
Richelle TBD
Rickelle female sheep
Ricki Peaceful Ruler
Rider An Accomplished Horse-woman
Rie Rebelliousness, Sea of Bitterness
Rigel Foot
Rihanna Sweet Scent, Great Queen, Unclear
Riisa Rose
Riki Powerful Leader, Strong Power
Rikki Powerful Ruler, Power
Riku Innocent
Riley Rye Meadow, Rye Clearing
Rilletta Stream
Rilletta Stream, Small Brook
Rillette Stream
Rillette Stream, Small Brook
Rina Peace, Form of Catherine, Pure
Rinda A Giant
Rinko TBD
Rinne Clear, Defender of Men, Bay
Ripley Meadow Near the River
Risha Beautiful, Feather, Line, Saintly
Rishay Feather, Line
Rishti Spear, A Lance
Risika Saintly
Rita Pearl, Child of Light
Ritu Season, Weather, Mausam
Riva Form of Rebecca, Tied, Joined
Rivaa Form of Rebecca, A River, Tied
River River, Stream
Riwa Joined, Beauty, Tied, Pure Water
Rix Ever Ruling, Peaceful Ruler
Riya Graceful, Singer, One who Sings
Riyana TBD
Riza Pleasure
Rizelle TBD
Rizzabelle TBD
Roanna A Form of Rosana, Gracious
Roanne Rugged Land
Robbie Of Shining Fame
Robert Famous Brilliance
Roberta Bright fame
Roberta Of Shining / Bright Fame
Roberta famous brilliance
Robertia Bright Fame, Famous
Robertia Bright fame
Robia TBD
Robie TBD
Robin Bright fame
Robin A Singing Bird
Robina Bright Fame
Robyn Bright Fame, Famous
Robyne Type of Bird, Red Beauty
Rochel Repose, Rest, Battle Cry, To Roar
Rochele Repose, Battle Cry, Rest, To Roar
Rochelle Battle Cry, To Roar, Rest
Rocio Drops of Dew, Dew Drops
Rohanne Sandalwood
Rolanda Renowned, Famous in the Land
Rollie From the Famous Land
Rolly From the Famous Land
Roma Exalted, Lofty, Goddess Laxmi
Romaine Woman from Rome, Of Rome
Rome Power, Strength
Romella Roman Woman
Romey Loving
Romie Strength, Power
Romney Of the Winding River
Romona Protective Advice, Protector
Rona Light, Rough Island, My Joy
Ronald Mighty, Counsel Power
Ronda Good Spear, Noisy, Running River
Roneisha Combination of Ron + Aisha
Ronesha A Form of Roneisha, Ron Plus Aisha
Roni Honest Image, Strong Counsel
Ronit Joy is Mine
Ronke Lovely, Beautiful
Ronna Strong Counsel
Ronnell Ruler of judgment
Ronnell Ruler with Counsel
Ronni Strong Counsel
Ronnie Rules with Counsel
Ronnie true image
Rooney One who Brings Victory
Roquel Ewe
Rory Dawn, Red King / Ruler
Ros Gentle Horse, Renowned Protector
Rosa Rose, Little Rose, Flower Name
Rosa Rose
Rosalee Rose Blossom, Rose, Rose Garden
Rosalia Beautiful Rose, Rose Garlands
Rosalie Rose, Flower Name, Rose Garden
Rosalind Delicate Horse, Pretty Rose
Rosalinda Beautiful Rose, Tender Horse
Rosaline Pretty Rose, Gentle Horse, Weak
Rosalyn Delicate Horse, Pretty Rose, Weak
Rosalynn Rose, Pretty, Flower Name
Rosamond Pure Rose, Variant of Rosamond
Rosane Rose
Rosann Rose
Rosanna Graceful Rose, Rose of Grace
Rosannah Gracious Rose
Rosanne Compound of Rose and Anne, Favour
Rosario Woman with Rosary, Rosary
Rose Rose Flower / Bush, Flower Name
Rose Flower
Roseann Gracious Rose
Roseanna Combination of Rose and Anna
Roseanne Gracious Rose
Roseanne Flower
Rosebud TBD
Roselene Variant of Roseline
Roselin Pretty Rose
Rosella Pretty Rose
Rosella fragrant flower
Roselle Rose Blossom, Rose, Flower Name
Roselyn Pretty Rose, Gentle Horse
Rosemary Bitter Rose, Dew of the Sea
Rosemary Bitter rose
Rosemi Splendour, Ray of Light
Roses Rose
Rosetta Rose Blossom, Rose Bush, Horse
Rosey Rose
Roshell Rest, To Roar, Battle Cry, Repose
Rosia Rose
Rosie Like a Rose, Rose Flower, Rose
Rosilyn Pretty, Horse Shield of Lime Wood
Rosina Horse Shield of Limb Wood
Rosita Queen of Rose, Flower Name
Roslyn Pretty Rose, Similar to Rosalind
Rossie Beautiful, Like a Rose
Rosslyn Pretty, Horse Shield of Lime Wood
Rossyee Beautiful
Rosy Deep Pink, Beautiful, Rose
Rougette Red Coloured
Roula Rebelliousness, Sea of Bitterness
Rowanne Little Red-haired
Rowena Fame and Joy, White
Rowenna White, Spear, Fame, Friend
Roxana Bright, Dawn, Light
Roxane Dawn of Day, Dawn, Bright, Star
Roxane Dawn of day
Roxann Dawn
Roxanna Bright, Dawn, Beginning of Day
Roxanne Star of Magnificence, Dawn
Roxi Star of Magnificence
Roxie Star of Magnificence, Dawn
Roxxanne Beginning of Day
Roxxy TBD
Roxy Dawn, Sunrise
Roya A Dream Come True, Premonition
Royal Of the King
Royce The King’s Child
Rozanna Rose, Variant of Roseanne
Rozanne Combination of Rose and Anne
Rozella Beautiful Rose, Rose Garden
Rozlyn Pretty, Horse Shield of Lime Wood
Rozy As a Rose, Lucky
Ru Soul, Learner
Ruba Green Highland, Hill, Gift of God
Rubi Red Gemstone
Rubie Red Gemstone, Ruby Jewel, Reddish
Rubina The Red Gemstone, Red, Ruby
Ruby Reddish
Ruchelle Ewe
Rudel Hello
Rudy Spear, Famous Wolf, Power
Rumor Falsity
Rusty Red Headed
Rusudan TBD
Ruth Companion
Ruth Mate, Companion, Friend
Rutha Companion, Friend, Form of Ruth
Ruthann Friend or Compassion
Ruthanne Gracious Companion, Friend
Ruthe Companion, Friend
Ruthie Companion, Friend
Ruthy Companion
Rutina TBD
Ruweiie Friendly to Everyone
Ruzanna Composed, Calm
Rya River, Stream, To Flow
Ryan Little King / Ruler
Ryana Descendant of Rian
Ryann Great Queen, Little Leader
Ryder An Accomplished Horse-woman
Rye Descendant of Rian
Ryen Descendant of Rian
Ryenne To Bring Home from Overseas
Ryka Born out of a Prayer
Rylan From the Lands of Rye
Ryleigh Rye Field
Rylie Pretty, Rye Meadow
Rylin TBD
Ryn Park
Ryna Night
Rynn Park, Descendant of Rian