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“W” represents Self-Expression. The W shows persistence and is full of purpose, charming, and sociable. Naturally attractive, affable, and with imagination.

Here on this page, we have compiled 68 American Baby Girl Names Starting With W. Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of the most popular 68 American Baby Girl Names Starting With W.

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When you’re thinking of baby names, it’s important to consider the sound of the name as well as its meaning. While there are many traditional American baby girl names available, there are a few that start with W that should also be on your list!

What are the top baby girl names starting with W?

There are so many wonderful baby girl names starting with W that it can be hard to decide which one to choose. Here are some of our favorite choices: Willow, Winifred, Wynona, Wyatt, and Xenia.

How popular are these names?

When it comes to American baby names that start with W, they are quite popular. Here are some of the top 20 names starting with W as of 2018:

1. Willow
2. Winifred
3. Willowbrook
4. Willow Springs
5. Winston
6. Winton
7. Wynn
8. Wyoming
9. Wyndham
10. Wynton
11. Xandrea
12. Xenia
13. Xander
14. Yale
15. Yara 16 . Yaritza 17 . Yesenia 18 . Ylva 19 . Zoe 20

What does the future hold for these names?

When it comes to baby names, there’s something for everyone. But what about the future? What will be popular in 10, 20 and even 30 years?

Here are five American baby girl names that start with W: Willow, Winnie, Whitney, Wyatt and Webber. They may not be popular now, but they could be in the future.



Pretty American Baby Girl Names Starting With W

Wachiwi Dancer
Wakeisha Life, Woman, Prefix Wa Plus Keisha
Waleis From Wales
Wallace From Wales
Wallis From Wales
Wanda Get Fat, Wanderer
Wandalyn Vandal
Wanetah Yahweh is Gracious, The Charger
Wanetta pale face
Wanetta Pale
Wanita Gift from God
Wann Pale
Warm A Caring Woman
Wayne Cartwright
Welcome Welcomed
Welsie From the west
Welss From the west
Wenda Light skinned
Wende Friend, Wander
Wendee White and Smooth, Soft
Wendi Light skinned
Wendy Friend, Literary, Wends, Vandals
Wendy Light skinned
Wenona Giving, First Born Daughter
Wenonah First-born Daughter
Weslee Western meadow
Weslia Western meadow
Whisper TBD
Whitley From a White Clearing
Whitley White meadow
Whitney From the White / Fair Island
Whitney White island
Whittany White Island
Wild TBD
Wilda Willow, Wild, Untamed, Willow Tree
Wilhelmina Will, Desire, Helmet
Willa Desired, Resolute Guardian, Will
Willa Resolute protector
Willabelle Will-helmet
William Determined Guardian
Willie determined guardian
Willie Will-helmet, Protection, Will
Willisha One who Creates Illusion
Willo Protect, Willow Tree
Willow Will Helmet, Protect, Tree Name
Willow Graceful or slender
Wilma Will, Desire, Helmet
Windy Blustery, Breezy, Full of Wind
Wini Winner
Winifred Peace Friend, Friend of Peace
Winnie Friend of Peace, White
Winnifred Peaceful Friend, Fair, Holy
Winona The Oldest Daughter
Winter Season Name, Born in Winter
Wisdom Learning, Intellectual Power
Witney White Island
Wonder Remarkable
Worthy Appropriate
Wuti Woman (Hopi)
Wyatt TBD
Wynn Fair, Pure, Light Complexion
Wynne Fair or white
Wynona First Born Daughter
Wynonna Oldest Daughter
Wyome Plain