They look so cute, but they’re not.

With a black mask covering their eyes, the raccoons look like cute bandits. But don’t be fooled by appearances, these animals are very aggressive, they can also be carriers of parasites and diseases such as rabies.

Raccoons are native to America. They are very adaptable beings, so they live in a variety of climates and habitats. They usually build houses, called dens, in trees or caves, but they also live in barns or abandoned vehicles, and if you’re unlucky, they’ll find a home in your attic!

Raccoons are not social. They are nocturnal and sleep much of the day. During the winter, they tend to sleep even more, but they do not hibernate in the strict sense. Basically, they sleep while their bodies live on stored fat.

Fun facts

  • Raccoons are omnivores: fish, mice, frogs, eggs and fruit are all part of a raccoon’s natural diet. However, when they live near cities, they prefer to look for their food in garbage cans.
  • Raccoons like to soak their food in water before eating. It is not that they intend to wash it, they do it so that their paws are more sensitive to the touch. In this way they obtain information such as the shape and texture of their food.
  • The front legs of a raccoon are very flexible and can open almost anything.
  • The raccoon is an excellent runner, swimmer, climber, and acrobat.