There are many mothers who, when their babies are born, immediately think that they should bathe them daily so that they are healthy and clean, a big mistake! Babies do not have to be bathed when they are born. First, because they hardly move and second, because there are several important factors that you must take into account and that we will discuss below, but remember: do not bathe your baby!

You may be surprised to read this, but you need to know that if you give your newborn baby a bath, you may actually be creating a pretty significant health problem. The reality is that it is better to wait at least a few days to bathe your baby.

There are hospitals that bathe the baby as soon as it is born and others that wait hours to do so. But we mean when you get home from the hospital. How often should you bathe your baby?

Newborn babies should not be bathed

Many professionals agree that newborns should not be bathed. There are plenty of advantages as to why they shouldn’t… and it’s better for them. In fact, there are also hospitals that prefer not to bathe them… and there will come a time when it will be widespread.

Next we are going to tell you why babies should not be bathed as soon as they are born. Let’s see the most important.

Improve the chances of breastfeeding the baby

Babies who are bathed after two hours of birth are less likely to have successful breastfeeding . This makes sense and it is that the little one is guided by smell. He needs her and his mother’s scent to recognize where the breast is and start sucking instinctively.

If they bathe him or put soaps on him that eliminate these natural and much-needed odors, they make it harder for him to do his innate job of seeking out mom’s nipple to begin nursing.

The bond with the mother is better maintained

Following the previous point, it is necessary that the little one has a sense of smell and knows how to recognize his smell and that of his mother. This will get the bond started quickly between mother and child. Also, if you don’t take your baby out for a bath, you’ll have more time to bond during the first few hours after birth, which is critical to your baby’s health!

Vernix caseosa is not removed

When a baby is born they have a yellow substance all over their body. Some have more and others less, but this substance is important and everyone has it.

It is a substance that protected them inside the uterus and is known as vernix caseosa . At present, this substance is not removed because it helps regulate body temperature and also provides hydration and elasticity to their skin. Maintaining it is very necessary after birth where the skin tends to dry out and even suffer from atopic dermatitis.

And at home, when do you have to bathe your baby?

When you’re home, you’ll have to bathe your baby, of course! But you don’t have to do it every day. A baby hardly gets dirty or sweats… so you can bathe him every three or four days without any problem.

It is important that you turn bath time into a special, relaxing activity for both of you. Have everything you need on hand, including a bathtub adapted for newborn babies and also products that are suitable for their delicate skin and delicate scalp. And don’t forget that the towel should be very soft so that your baby’s skin doesn’t get irritated!