Samiel Name Meaning


The name Samiel name meaning probably comes from the verb hear (shama) and probably means ‘heard/heard by God’. Samuel’s mother Hannah seemed unable to have a child at first, but she offered to God and gave birth to a child. Fabio Meaning And Diminutives and Variations of The Name.

Is The Name Samiel Name Meaning and Popularity In The World?

Samuel is a popular name and from 1990 the name has become more and more popular. More than two hundred babies are given this name every year. In 2017, the name was in place 79 in the top 100 boy names and 206 boys were given this name. It will be interesting to know more about Meaning of name Ona and What Does It Means.

Does Samiel have a negative meaning?

No, the meaning of Samuel is positive.

In which part of the Bible can I find Samiel?

The name Samuel can be found in the Bible books

Who was Samiel and what did he do?

Samuel is the last judge in the Old Testament and at the same time the first true prophet. Samuel’s parents Hannah and Elkanah go annually to the tabernacle in Shiloh to offer sacrifices. Hanna has been childless for a long time and prays to God for a child. She promises God to give that child to Him. So when Samuel is born a year later, his mother also takes him to the temple.

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Samuel grows up in the temple, at a time when visions and oracles are rare. He is called by God as a child, and then God appears more often in Shiloh. Samuel succeeds Priest Eli as ruler of the people after Eli dies. Samuel is the prophet who, at the behest of God, anointed Saul and David as king. You may also be interested in more boy names and meaning.