Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, outlining our future and shaping our present. Children have not been left out of this trend. As digital natives, today they represent 1 in 3 Internet users, according to Unicef data .

But nevertheless, although technology and the Internet offer children enormous opportunities to be entertained and learn, parents must guarantee them a safe space where they can develop their digital skills. It is not just a matter of keeping them away from inappropriate content, but of providing them with truly enriching and developing experiences in the digital space.

At SaveFamily they are aware of the challenge that parents face, which is why they have created a safe, educational and entertaining tablet for children. The SaveFamily tablet has a 7-inch screen and weighs less than 200 grams, making it easy for children to handle. It also guarantees a safe environment for the little ones to navigate and puts at their disposal educational games with which they can learn in a fun way.

A tablet that guarantees the safety of children in the digital environment

One of the main concerns of parents when their children go online and start downloading applications is their safety. That is why it is important that they have control systems that guarantee a safe environment for children.

SaveFamily is the first children’s tablet with a dual Premium parental control system. Not only does it have a free, ad-free, kid-safe browser, but it also has a parental control app that offers many features.

Parents can regulate the hours of use and schedule breaks in which the tablet will be inoperative to regulate the time that children spend in front of the screen and prevent them from developing an addiction. It even allows you to set usage schedules by apps, so parents can regulate the time their kids spend on YouTube or any other app.

It also allows you to set web filters to ensure safe browsing. Parents can, for example, block generic content such as topics related to violence or drugs. In addition, they can block specific web pages and add them to a black list that children will not have access to. And in the case of the older ones, there is a function that allows you to determine which applications they can download and which ones they cannot.

This tablet also includes an SOS button so that children can notify their parents if an emergency arises, so that a notification will immediately reach their mobile. And thanks to its GPS geolocation system you will be able to know exactly where your child is when they take the tablet with them.

With regard to the safety of the tablet itself, it has an ultra-resistant silicone case that will protect it in the event of falls, so that this device will be able to accompany children for a long time. It also includes a handle so you can take it anywhere with ease and a rear support to rest it on any surface.

Learn in a fun way through games

The SaveFamily tablet is not only safe but also educational and fun. It incorporates more than 100 preloaded games with which the children will remain very entertained. However, the most interesting thing is that it has a module based on the Montessori method, so that the little ones can learn and have fun at the same time.

To accompany children on their digital adventures, this tablet has a long-lasting battery with a capacity of 2500mAh. It also has a dual camera so that children can enter the photographic universe and an internal memory of 16Gb that gives them plenty of space to store all their things.

Last but not least, SaveFamily is a trusted Spanish brand that offers up to 30 days for a return and a two-year guarantee, with support and technical service included, always in Spanish and with the certainty that on the other side of the online you will find a person willing to solve any problem, not machines.