Back to school is approaching, so it’s time to go looking at everything that children need when they return. This year it is estimated that Spanish parents will spend an average of 1,890 euros: a little less, 968 euros, if it is a public center, 2,704 if they go to a concerted school and up to 6,247 euros if it is a private school. For this reason, many parents prefer to wait for the school to provide them with the list of materials that the children will need throughout the year so as not to spend in vain.

However, if you want to save a little you can look at those “basics” that the children will need in the course. To make your job easier, at Stage Infant we offer you some of the best-selling school supplies on Amazon that have a very competitive price. What are metaphors? Some examples to recognize them.

10 school supplies with which you can save on going back to school

1. Colored markers

Markers are one of those basics that can’t be missing when children go back to school, so this pack of multicolored markers will come in handy. Specially designed for everyday projects for kids 5+, they have a medium-sized tip that offers great coverage and precision so kids can draw with ease. And in addition, they are very durable since they resist pressure without being damaged. Made from water-based ink, these markers have the advantage that they can be cleaned very easily, both from hands and from most fabrics. It is worth noting that the pack contains 18 markers of different colors.

2. Sketchbook

This Canson stamp notebook is perfect for drawing classes for the little ones at home. Made of 300g/m2 fine-grain watercolor paper, it is ideal for a wide variety of drawing techniques, including wet techniques, as it absorbs water very well without leaving stains, while ensuring good wet erasability. . And it’s safe for children! Its leaves are acid-free, so they do not release toxic substances while the little ones work on them. And, so that children can unleash their imagination and creativity, it includes 30 A4-size sheets so that they can draw different designs.

3. Pencil case

If you are looking for a pencil case with enough capacity, this Eastpak model is perfect. It has a large zippered compartment where children can store and keep their day-to-day accessories close at hand. From pencils, pens and markers to small rulers, compasses and erasers, in this case you can have everything in one place, preventing school supplies from being lost inside the backpack. Being made of nylon, it is not only very flexible but also more resistant than other fabric models, so they will surely accompany children throughout the school year. It is available in many colors.

4. School compass

This Staedtler stamp compass will be perfect for drawing and basic geometry classes for the little ones at home. With a length of 124 millimeters and a maximum diameter of 300 millimeters, it is ideal for children who are new to drawing circles so they can make them with greater precision. However, beyond its beautiful blue and silver design, the compass is also very practical since it allows you to change the leads so that children can adjust it to their needs, while it has a slightly rounded needle that prevents possible injuries . . It’s worth noting that it comes in a clear, flip-top plastic case for kids to carry safely in their backpack and includes a spare ruler and lead tube.

5. Trace kit

Practical and functional, with this tracing kit from Milan children will be ready to return to drawing and geometry classes. The kit includes a 30-centimeter ruler, a 180º and 10-centimeter protractor , a 90º, 45º and 45º square and a 90º, 60º and 30º bevel that children can use to give their figures extra precision. Made of a resistant and flexible material, this tracing kit promises to be very durable and accompany children throughout the school year. It is worth noting that the kit is available in various colors, yellow, blue and pink, so that children can choose the one they like best.

6. Pencils with rubber

Pencils are one of those basics that will accompany children throughout the school year, so there is nothing better than opting for this set of 40 pencils with erasers. Ideal for drawing as well as for taking notes in class, they have a very pretty multicolored design with animal shapes. Unlike other pencils, the graphite in these pencils is easier to handle but harder to break, so children will be able to use it for a long time. And, since they have an eraser on top, they will be able to correct their mistakes in the blink of an eye to continue with their task as soon as possible.

7. Workbooks

If you are looking for some practical and light notebooks for back to school for the little ones at home, this Herlitz model is an excellent bet. Made from 80g/m2 paper, they include 16 framed A4 grid sheets, ideal for maths class as well as note taking or drawing. Unlike other models, it includes a sturdy cover with rounded edges that protects the sheets inside from wear. Available in various designs, the set includes 10 notebooks so that children can use them in different subjects.

8. Book Protectors

With these protectors, children’s books and notebooks will remain as the first day throughout the school year. It is a pack of 5 units of transparent covers that protects books and notebooks from daily wear and tear, leaving the title and design of each copy visible. Being made of polypropylene , it is very resistant to the passage of time and also very easy to use. You just have to insert the covers of the book or notebook in the flaps, close it to adjust the cover and remove the protective tape to fix it. It is available in different sizes so that you can choose the most suitable.

9. School supplies set

If children need various accessories for back to school, betting on a set of school supplies like this one from the PracticDomus label is a good option to save a little money. Includes 4 graphite pencils, 12 colored pencils, 12 multicolored markers, 5 pens and a corrector, as well as a marker, a sharpener, an eraser, a glue stick, scissors and a 15-centimeter aluminum ruler. Everything, together with a three-compartment zippered case that has a pocket with a time card and a flap with a fabric pull that will help children to always have everything collected and at hand.

10. School diary

If you are looking for a school planner to motivate the little one at home on their return to school, this Finocam design is perfect. “The only impossible thing is what you don’t try” is the motto of this beautiful planner that offers space to write personal data, the course calendar and the schedule for the three quarters. In fact, it has a weekly plan where children can specify their daily tasks and write down their most important events. In addition, it includes a session of maps of Spain, Europe and the world, as well as a periodic table and 80 full color stickers so that the little ones can give their agenda a personalized touch.