There are names for every taste. There are names that are compounds and others that are the result of linguistic combinations; others come from ancient times and others are simply short, but sufficient. With a few letters you can get a name that has property, elegance and fluidity. We present a list of short names and their meaning so you can choose the best one for your baby. 212 Baby Girl Names Starting with She With Meaning.

Short names usually give each baby great personality. These names are attractive, unlike those names that are longer and are usually, for the most part, classic names. Giving your baby a short name can bring some advantages, in addition to being easy to remember, they are useful if the surnames they have are of a considered extension. All these factors must be taken into account when choosing the name that your son or daughter will have.

Are you expecting a baby? Congratulations on the arrival! It is not an easy task to choose a name when the time comes. Each name has its particularity and here, in Primary World, we also show you its meaning so that you keep it in mind when choosing a short name for your little one. Choose the best baby names for girls.

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Short names for girls and their meaning


Of Hebrew origin means ” the one who gives life “.


Danna too . It comes from the Hebrew culture and its meaning is ” who judges wisely “.


Name of Germanic origin that means ” the one who shows her strength and courage “.


Also Lea or Leah. Name of Hebrew origin that means ” melancholy has become a woman “.


It comes from Latin and its meaning is ” the one who weaves the linen “.


Name of Latin origin that means ” who brings clarity “.


It originates from the Hebrew culture and has the meaning ” devoid of bitterness “.


It comes from Latin and this name means ” the pious “.


Name that comes from Latin and means ” tranquility itself “.


It comes from Hebrew, but is also known as a Hindu name. Its meaning is ” the united nation “.

Short names for boys and their meaning


Name of Hebrew origin that means ” the one who follows God ” or ” the one who stays by his side “.


Name that is of Germanic origin and its meaning is ” harmony abounds ” or ” with grace in its favor “.


Name of Persian origin that means ” the great lord ” or ” king of the place “.


Name of Germanic origin that means ” this is the prince “.


It comes from Hebrew and means ” the one whom God never abandons ” or ” the help of God “.


It comes from the Greek Python , and means ” beautiful plant ” or ” green plant “.


Name of Hebrew origin that means ” God must be merciful ” or ” he who is faithful “.


This name is of Latin origin and means “lion” or “noble beast”.


It is considered a name with both Greek and Latin roots. Its meaning is ” the light that brings calm ” or ” source of illumination “.


Name of Germanic origin that means ” wise protector “.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Ava Cheerful and enthusiastic. They have the ability to easily adapt to their surroundings and are often flirtatious. They tend to attract attention and be the center in social gatherings. Intelligent and very diligent.
Dana Of great character, but at the same time they are distinguished by being affectionate and compressive. They have great talents for natural areas and the arts. Enterprising and a little choleric.
emma They tend to be analytical and persevering, Bold and very intelligent, but at the same time they are communicative and know how to express their feelings with sweetness. Friendly and good friends.
Leah Idealistic and meticulous, close to being perfectionists. Autonomous and self-sufficient. They prefer activities that involve little risk and are usually romantic.
Lina Peaceful, calm and sincere. They tend to be selective with their friendships and are interested in honest relationships. Disciplined and hardworking, they do not like superficiality or elitism.
Light Courageous, ambitious and very impatient with achievement. They directly express what they think and what they feel. They are usually praised for their merits, when the results point to perfection. They are interested in music.
Mara They are usually extroverted and cheerful people, although they also have moments of drama. They like to live to the extreme and changing and intense situations. They are as proud as they are passionate.
Pia They like to be around people and be the center of attention, and most of the time they do. They have a great sense of freedom and responsibility. They like that their work is recognized and the efforts that this entails.
Peace They are characterized by their altruism and nobility of heart. They like to feel protected and have great communication skills. They don’t usually like conflicts and they bring calm wherever they go.
uma Discreet but communicative, they always have a timely word to express in various situations. Astute, very enthusiastic and hostesses like no other.
Abel Courageous and very attentive to his family. Responsible and always looking for a way to see the positive side of situations. They act firmly and with equal sensitivity at all times.
allan Calm and collected. They have multiple qualities and excel at what they love to do. They have a charitable spirit and are always surrounded by good luck.
Cyrus They tend to be stealthy and authoritarian. They may seem contradictory at times, but they get out of trouble quickly, thanks to their self-confidence. Eloquent and of agile thoughts. They find it difficult to express emotions.
Enzo Sagacious and a little capricious. They have people skills and seek to take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way. They have good ability to take numerical accounts.
Ezra They are characterized by their high capacity for altruism and empathy with their peers. They seek to please others and live in an environment full of harmony. Insightful and very talented.
phyto They have great virtues and great potential in business fields. Expressive and cheerful, with great dynamism to carry out any activity they propose. They like to entertain others.
Ian Scattered, but they always achieve their goals. They are not afraid of changes and accept them with great ease. They do not support unfair acts and are cautious. They have great instincts.
Leo They have a strong and dominant personality. They like to stand out from the rest, either because of their talent or simply by attracting attention.
Luca Dreamers and nice personality. They know how to please every place they arrive. Charming and have many virtues, especially artistic.
Ray Unpredictable and very friendly. They stand out for their generosity and accompaniment to those who need it. Very ingenious and act under principles of reason, they do not get carried away by baseless comments.