When you are a mother of a newborn, it is difficult to understand what happens in the first few days because it is a time of adaptation and mutual knowledge. As the days go by, the parents get to know the baby better and the little one feels more secure with her parents.

Parents can sometimes feel like they don’t understand their babies when they need something, but in reality, by listening to your instincts, you’ll soon know what your little one needs just by looking at them.

baby’s language

It is wonderful to discover how babies have a specific language with which they show love and connection with their parents; with both mom and dad. As the weeks go by, you can feel how that special bond is formed and that secure attachment that is so important for the development of the little one.

This love that is born when a baby comes into the world is wonderful and it is difficult to explain it with words… Only parents full of love for their children can understand this feeling. Secure attachment and love for the baby and the baby for the parents is a process.

When you take care of a baby, the little one falls in love with you every day, and you already fell in love with him before he was born.

Signs that indicate a secure attachment and enormous love of your baby towards you

Although it seems that your baby is a small being who does not show emotions because he is still very small, in reality he is telling you much more than you imagine without words… He is able to show you through some signs that you are forming a secure attachment with him and most importantly… that he loves you with all his being!

Next, we are going to comment on some of the signs so that you can take them into account from now on.

He prefers you before anyone else

A baby will prefer you (mom or dad) to anyone else in the world. He recognizes you, he knows it’s you and he prefers to be by your side rather than with anyone else. Signs that reveal that your child is unhappy. When a baby is born, she recognizes her mother almost automatically and  little by little she recognizes her father (or primary caregiver).

He feels safe by their side and prefers to be with them before anyone else. Although the newborn does not have fully developed sight yet, it is the sense of smell that will let him know who his mother and father are, and he will only want to be in his arms!

looks at you a lot

Yes, a newborn does not have well-developed eyesight yet, but he looks at you… and he looks at you a lot! In addition, from the month of your little one’s life he will begin to respond to your facial expressions and in a few weeks his smile will melt your heart.

It is important that you look at your baby and more when he looks at you to form that attachment between the two because your little one needs you to take care of his physical needs, but also his emotional ones! It will be from 4 months, when the attachment is established, when your baby will look at you at all hours, and he will only want to look at you! Because you are the most important thing to him.

smiles at you

As we have told you in the previous point, when your baby smiles at you… it will melt your heart! And is not for less. Because her smile when you walk through the door or just when she looks at you, is her way of telling you that she loves you with all her heart.

will always look for you

When you are not there he will look for you, when he starts to move he will stretch his arms towards you so that you hold him in your arms, when he starts to crawl he will go wherever you go… You are his home and not the walls that make up your house. Your child needs to feel your warmth, your affection, your affection and your love all the time.

That security that he will feel with you will help him start exploring his environment with courage and curiosity. This is what attachment is all about: that he feels great self-confidence thanks to the secure attachment he has with you and that in this way, he is able to get the best out of himself, at any age! And when they are babies, they have to bring out their exploring side.

His eyes light up when he finally sees you

When you have to go out to work or just to shop and leave your baby with a caregiver, when you come home… his eyes will light up as if he has seen something wonderful! But in reality, of course she has seen something wonderful! She has seen you! You will feel like the most important person in the world, but for her world… you are essential!