Simple Parenting Tips for Busy Moms

There are busy mothers who can feel a bit lazy about their motherhood and parenting. There is no need to be ashamed of this, it is a reality that there are better days and worse days when it comes to parenting. children. A mom who prefers lounging on the couch while her 7-year-old son does the dishes isn’t a bad mom… She’s just teaching him responsibility, and that’s a good thing!

In parenting it is necessary not to overprotect children so that they can evolve as independent beings. Protecting is not the same as being overprotective and so that you can have a happy parenting, don’t miss these simple parenting tips for busy mothers.

Getting out of diapers

Getting started with the use of the potty is not easy at all, in fact, it is a whole process that can feel absolutely complicated for parents, sometimes it seems like an impossible mission! To do this you must be gradual and have a lot of patience. These simple keys will help you:

  • The urinal must be visible and always in the same place.
  • Never force your child to use it.
  • Whenever he uses it, praise your little one (regardless of the result).
  • When he sits down, you can give him a reward that likes or spend some time reading stories.
  • The rest is a matter of time.

Prevent tantrums

Tantrums seem something horrible, although they are normal and necessary for the development of children. But is there anything you can do to prevent them from having too many tantrums in a row? Don’t miss these simple tips:

  • Don’t put the child’s whims too close.
  • When he is about to end up in a tantrum, offer him a stimulus that distracts him.
  • Don’t forbid him too much and watch more, if you only forbid him things you will make him nervous and you won’t let him develop well.
  • If you are busy and your child wants to play, tell him that you will later (and then do it).

busy mom parenting

Calming down a child having a tantrum

When a child is in the middle of a tantrum, he will be in an emotional block, so calming him down is not always a simple task. encilla. So when a tantrum is imminent, keep the following in mind:

  • Distract him to divert attention from the conflict.
  • Calm down the tantrum with love, for example by giving a healing kiss.
  • If there is no danger to health: ignore.

What to do when your child does not eat hardly

When a child hardly eats, it is a real problem for mothers who feel that they are doing something wrong. Don’t get too overwhelmed with this, babies and children know when they are hungry and when they need to eat. Therefore:

  • Allows the child to be hungry so that he eats.
  • Allows your child to experiment with ingredients in the kitchen.
  • Do not make him eat out of obligation or you will get the opposite.
  • Do not give him anything to snack between meals.
  • Give him foods with flavor enhancers in healthy meals.
  • Give them less sweet things.
  • Have your children do more physical activity so they are more hungry.

When it’s time to sleep

There are children who find it hard to sleep because they prefer to be playing or doing other things. That is why, sometimes, putting children to sleep is not an easy task, so these simple tips will come in handy:

  • Balance your little one against your body in a light way, they will feel relaxation.
  • Breathe together slowly with repetitive movements.
  • Read stories.
  • Sing a song and stay close to him until he falls asleep.
  • Have peaceful sleep routines.
  • Make bedtime inviting with nice sheets and nightlights.