The children have been locked up in their homes for a whole month. Some have more space than others inside their houses, some have a garden and others… don’t.Each family with children manages as best they canso that the children are well during this confinement that has already lasted a month and which looks like it will go a long way.

You have to protect them

Adults get overwhelmed sometimes, but children are the ones who really haven’t come out at all during all this time, and the little ones who don’t even have a balcony in their homes have more merit than any other. Adults sometimes get anxious, they may be worried about the future… But children are there, always at the foot of the canyon.

There are those who think that children are the forgotten ones of society because they are not allowed to go out to the park, or to the street, or to throw the garbage. In reality, they are being protected so that they do not get infected or spread, because when children go out they are less careful than adults… They are children, and they want to play, move, socialize… it is normal that their risk of contagion or contagion is greater , so they are not forgotten, they are protected, just like the elderly at risk who should also be in their homes.

You will get out cautiously, probably in less time than that we believe, but at the moment when it has to be done, measures will have to be taken and above all, it will be necessary to be aware that the danger has not passed.

Weeks go by…

Children may show some different behaviors as the weeks go by. They can be more contentious, rebellious, they can cry more, they can pee or poop on themselves when they already had it under control, they want to sleep with you… But all this is normal. They show in actions what they don’t know how to show in words.

It is important for parents to work with their children on emotions, to teach them that it is normal for them to feel afraid, to be worried, to feel uncertainty, to be sad because they cannot see to their friends at school, because they haven’t seen their relatives for a month, because everything is weird and because “the older ones” are always worried or angry. Not for less.

The children deserve it

You will have a surprise because you are a champion

The children are the champions of all this. Many of them, especially the little ones, accept the situation with resignation because they know what they have to do: they respect, comply, understand and know that not going out is the best thing they can do right now. The elders tell them, and somehow they know it’s something very important. That’s right.

When someone does something very well, they receive recognition, an award, extra money at work… right? They are motivations that all adults like, because children are no less in this.

That is why, when all this happens, we propose one thing for parents: give the children a gift. A gift that makes them feel special, a gift as a reward for a job well done, a gift within the possibilities of each one, does not have to be anything material, it has to be special. Each family knows the likes and interests of their children and the possibilities of doing one thing or another.

But they deserve this gift, they deserve to be recognized because they are doing well. If you would like to give him a gift that costs money, but the crisis is hitting your pockets hard, it does not have to be as soon as the state of alarm ends, it can be when you recover, while you can make a craft as recognition for your child and more go ahead, when you have something saved in case you want to spend money, buy it.

They deserve to feel that their effort is worthwhile, that their good work is rewarded and that thanks to them, things will be better. It can even be a motivation to improve behavior, to calm possible nerves and seek calm at home.

You will have a surprise when all this happens because you will you’re winning!