When we receive the news that a friend is going to become a mother, we want to give her a gift to congratulate her. However, most of the time we tend to choose a gift designed for the baby , without realizing that there are also many simple and original gift ideas to surprise the mother-to-be. So, if you want to give a gift to the surrogate mother, these are some different ideas and, above all, practical and useful, with which you will surely make her smile.

7 original gifts to surprise a pregnant woman

1. Sleep belt

If you are looking for a different and practical idea to give to a pregnant woman, with this sleeping belt you will hit the nail on the head. It is a very comfortable accessory that provides stability and support to the womb so that the future mother can rest peacefully throughout the night. Being made with viscoelastic foam, it respects the woman’s morphology while, thanks to its velcro fastening system, it adapts to each stage of pregnancy , so that she can use it throughout her pregnancy. As it is very soft to the touch, it does not bother the skin and, as it has a removable cover, it can be washed every time it gets dirty so that it always stays like the first day.

2. Book “Tell me mom: Your pregnancy and my first year”

This book “Tell me mom: Your pregnancy and my first year” is a perfect gift to surprise a pregnant woman. The book contains information on the development of pregnancy and offers some answers to the doubts of future mothers. However, what really makes it special is that it has space to add photos, comments or any memory about the precious stage of pregnancy and the baby’s first year of life. In addition, it has a very cool design and is made with ecological paper, free of chlorine, so it is safe for both mothers and their children. It is worth noting that it includes 160 color pages and is bound with a sewn reading tape, which gives it a vintage touch.

3. Adjustable panties with pattern

These adjustable panties with a smiley face pattern are perfect for any pregnant woman, but especially for those who love a good mood. Its casual smile and wink design gives it a very original touch while being available in different colors they become a perfect bet for day to day. As they are made of cotton and spandex , they fit well to the body, at the same time that they are very comfortable to wear and facilitate perspiration. Thanks to their high waist with adjustable drawstring, they cover the entire belly so they are easier to wear and stay in place throughout the day. It is important to point out that each package includes 3 pieces, whose color and drawing may vary depending on availability.

4. Pelvic floor strengthener

Training the pelvic floor not only helps strengthen the muscles of the birth canal, reduce back discomfort and improve bladder control, but also promotes a woman’s recovery after giving birth. That’s why this Elvie pelvic floor strengthener makes a great gift for any pregnant woman. Its intelligent technology will guide women during training, making sure that the technique they use is correct and teaching them how to improve the exercises. Designed with medical-grade silicone, it is a safe, comfortable and very easy-to-use device that can help the mother-to-be face pregnancy and get through childbirth more easily.

5. Nursing pillow

Although it may seem like a hackneyed gift to many, the truth is that nursing pillows are always an excellent idea to give to a pregnant woman. Of course, if you want to make a difference, choose a nursing cushion that the mother can use before giving birth to her baby , like this cushion from the Niimo label. Made of soft cotton and filled with polyester fiber and silicone, it is not only very pleasant to the touch but also very comfortable, so that the mother can use it both to rest on the sofa and as a support for her belly while she sleeps. Thanks to her closure system, she can also use it when the baby is born to breastfeed more comfortably. It is available in different designs, with stars, hearts, animals or plain.

6. Anti-stretch mark oil

During pregnancy, a woman’s skin undergoes many changes due to the effect of hormones. In this sense, skin care products, such as this anti-stretch mark oil from Frenchy Sens, can become an excellent gift to pamper the mother-to-be and help her take care of her skin. Formulated from organic argan, almond, hemp and sunflower oil, this oil prevents the appearance of stretch marks , relieves tightness, reduces itching and promotes skin elasticity so that it stays smooth for much longer. Unlike other similar oils, it leaves the skin softer, smoother and more hydrated.without the unpleasant greasy feeling. And, as it is made with natural and organic products, it helps reduce the ecological footprint, is respectful of the environment and does not pollute.

7. T-shirt with a message

Another very cool gift idea is t-shirts with fun messages about motherhood, like this “New Mom, but very pretty” design. Made of cotton and polyester, it has a very casual design and is comfortable to wear as it is breathable and pleasant to the touch. Being short-sleeved, it is perfect to wear during the summer, although you can also find other similar designs in a sweatshirt version for winter days. The best thing is that it is available in different sizes and colors so that you can choose the future mother’s favorite design and combine it with her usual clothes. Without a doubt, it is a very original gift option that will not leave anyone indifferent.