Playing in the dirt and rolling around in the mud makes children happier, reduces their anxiety levels, and stimulates their ability to learn.

I first read about this topic in this article on a gardening website and was so shocked by what it said that I started reading and researching more about it. I have discovered so many benefits of playing outside, with dirt, mud, being a gardener, etc. that today I want to share them all with you.


Playing with mud makes children happier and reduces their states of anxiety and depression : This is confirmed by various scientific studies that have shown that in the mud there is a bacterium “Mycobacterium vaccae” that when it comes into contact with our body generates serotonin as a response of our immune system.

Serotonin, among other things, helps us raise our spirits and reduce depression. Serotonin is also generated by playing, so… At last scientific studies “recommend” that children play and end up full of mud !

But in addition, these beneficial effects last up to 3 weeks later, which indicates that being outside, in nature, gardening or playing with the earth regularly is an excellent idea to improve the health of children.

Learning levels are improved : serotonin not only improves mood and makes children happier, but also facilitates their ability to concentrate and, therefore, to learn.

Allergy levels are lowered : the immune system needs to always be on the go. When “we don’t give him a job” … he is self-employed! That is, when we are too clean , away from germs and bacteria (such as those present in the earth), the immune system begins to react against other substances that are not germs, such as pollen or fruits.

Asthma levels are reduced : in 2011 a study was carried out with children who lived on farms , in permanent contact with bacteria from the soil and animals, and it was concluded that their asthma levels were between 30% -50% less than children who lived in other environments much more “hygienic”.

Vitamin D levels are increased : Playing with mud and dirt forces children to be outdoors . Thus their bodies have the possibility of obtaining enough vitamin D , so fashionable now, especially due to the general lack of it, even in sunny countries like ours.

Playing with mud and earth implies playing with natural elements , which always allow an open and unstructured game , and also helps us to connect with nature .

At home my little Earthman always finishes in this way. Now I know why, these little ones are wise.

Their biology and their innate impulses lead them to want to be in contact with the earth and mud, to the extent that this brings them benefits on a physical, emotional and learning level.

If we prevent them from getting dirty, coming into contact with dirt and other germs or from doing so we are washing them every 5 minutes… we are preventing their immune system from working properly.

But above any benefit that can be cited … the most important of all is what children enjoy finishing well brown . We may not like that they end up stained from top to bottom … But it is worth it that they can do it if that is going to make them happier and healthier, right?