Coloring is one of the activities that little ones enjoy the most at home, especially when the whole family joins in. And the truth is that it is not only a fun plan to keep children entertained and spending quality time together but it is also very beneficial for their cognitive development and emotional balance.

Coloring, an excellent exercise to activate the child’s brain

Did you know that coloring stimulates children’s creativity? This is an excellent activity for children to let their imagination run wild, while promoting the development of their visual perception and abstract thinking. This is because colouring, like drawing, stimulates both brain hemispheres, the left one related to logical thinking and the right one linked to imagination and creativity.

It is also a good exercise to train children’s fine motor skills. Regardless of whether little ones already know how to write or not, painting will help them better control their fingers, while also stimulating hand-eye coordination. In addition, as it is an activity that demands children’s attention on a single task for a relatively long period of time, it is ideal for strengthening concentration and attention from an early age.

From an emotional point of view, it has been shown that coloring has a relaxing effect on children as it helps to calm anxiety and eliminate tension, in the same way that it helps to channel negative emotions, such as anger, fear or sadness, and to express the deepest feelings. And, if shared as a family, it is also an excellent opportunity to strengthen communication, improve interpersonal relationships and enhance the development of social skills.

In this sense, bet By realistic yet imaginative coloring pages, you can give children an extra dose of motivation and make them better reap the benefits of this task. A good idea is to choose spring paints since, in addition to admitting many colors, they are usually beautiful.

10 drawings of spring flowers to color in

1. Spring Flowers

Flowers coloring page

There is no better way to welcome spring than with a touch of color to these beautiful flowers . The little ones can choose the colors they prefer, they can even create multicolored flowers, the only limit is their imagination.

2. Flowers in the field

Coloring field flowers drawing

This is a beautiful spring drawing with which children will be able to bring out the painter inside them to give life to these cheerful flowers and the butterflies that flutter around them. Without a doubt, a great way to have a fun time at home this spring.

3. Bird Perched on a Branch

Bird Perched on a Branch coloring page

Little nature lovers will be delighted to color this beautiful bird perched on a branch. It is not necessary for children to adjust to reality, they can use as many colors as they want to give the drawing a personalized touch. If you prefer, once finished you can give it to a friend or family member.

4. Spring sun

Spring sun coloring page

An excellent way to motivate children to celebrate the arrival of spring is giving life to these warm rays of the sun. It is a simple but very pretty drawing, perfect for the little ones at home to put their imagination to the test while they train their manual skills.

5. Bouquet of flowers

Drawing of bouquet of flowers to color

With this beautiful bouquet of flowers, children will be able to unleash their creativity and combine their favorite colors. There is no pattern to follow, the important thing is that you have a fun time. When finished, the bouquet can become an excellent gift for a friend.

6 . Gate and garden in spring

Gateway and flower garden in spring coloring page

With this spring drawing, children will be able to let their imagination fly and choose any color to bring the flowers that adorn this entrance to life. Without a doubt, it is a beautiful drawing that, once finished, can serve as inspiration to create a family story.

7. Flower mandala

Flower mandala coloring page

This is not just any flower, it is a mandala, a symbol of Hindu origin used as a tool in meditation and spiritual relaxation. Therefore, it will not only serve to have a fun time coloring but will also test the concentration of the little ones, while helping them channel anxiety and negative emotions.

8. Flower basket

Flower basket coloring page

The little ones at home will surely love coloring this beautiful bouquet of flowers in a vase. There is no limit to the colors! Children can choose their favorites to give a spring touch to the drawing and, once finished, they can give it to any member of the family.

9. Dragonflies flying around poppy flowers

Dragonflies flying around poppy flowers coloring page

In this spring scene of dragonflies flying over poppies, children can choose the color combination that best suits them. like. It is not necessary to adjust to reality, it is a spring drawing in which any color comes in like a glove.

10. Japanese landscape with flowers and Japanese woman

Japanese landscape with flowers and Japanese woman coloring page

This is a beautiful drawing for older children already It requires a certain level of skill. It is a Japanese spring landscape in which Mount Fuji and the sea in the background are represented. Undoubtedly, a perfect option for family coloring and having a fun time.