Once upon a time there was a beautiful young princess named Snow White who lived in a kingdom far away with her father and stepmother.

His stepmother, the queen, was also very beautiful, but arrogant and proud. He spent the whole day looking at himself in the mirror. The mirror was magical and when he stood in front of it, he asked:

“Mirror, mirror, who is the most beautiful in the kingdom?”

Then the mirror answered:

— You are the most beautiful of all women.

The queen was satisfied, knowing that her mirror always told the truth. However, as the years passed, Snow White’s beauty and kindness became more evident. For all her good qualities, she far surpassed the queen’s physical beauty. And finally a day came when the queen asked again:

“Mirror, mirror, who is the most beautiful in the kingdom?”

The mirror answered:

“Snow White, whose kindness makes her even more beautiful than you.”

The queen was filled with anger and ordered the presence of the hunter and said:

“Take the young princess into the forest and make sure the wild beasts deal with her.

With tricks, the huntsman took Snow White to the forest, but when he was about to carry out the queen’s orders, he took pity on the beautiful young woman and said:

“Run, go away, poor girl.” Find a safe place to live.

Finding herself alone in the great forest, Snow White ran as far as she could until nightfall. Then he spotted a small cabin and went into it to sleep. Everything in the cabin was small. There was a table with a white cloth and seven small plates, and with each plate a teaspoon. Also, there were seven small knives and forks, and seven jugs filled with water. Against the wall were seven small beds, one next to the other, covered with quilts as white as snow.

Snow White was so hungry and thirsty that she ate a little bit of vegetables and bread from each little plate and drank a drop from each little mug. Then, he wanted to lie down in one of the beds, but none of them were his size, until finally he was able to settle into the seventh.

When it was already dark, the owners of the cabin returned. They were seven dwarfs who dug and extracted gold and precious stones in the mountains. They lit their seven flashlights, and observed that someone had been in the cabin, since the things were not in the same place.

The first said: “Who sat in my chair?”

The second said: “Who ate from my plate?”

The third said: “Who bit off my bread?”

The fourth said: “Who took part of my vegetables?”

The fifth said: “Who used my fork?”

The sixth said, “Who used my knife?”

The seventh said: “Who drank from my jug?”

Then the first noticed a wrinkle in his bed and said: “Someone has gotten into my bed.”

And the others went to check their beds, saying, “Someone has been in our beds too.”

But when the seventh looked at his bed, he found Snow White sleeping peacefully and called the others:

-Oh jesus! they whispered. what a lovely girl

When dawn came, Snow White woke up very scared to see the seven dwarfs standing in front of her. But the dwarfs were very friendly and asked his name.

“My name is Snow White,” she replied, “and she told them all about her wicked stepmother.”

The dwarfs said:

“If you can clean our house, cook, make the beds, wash, sew and knit, you can stay as long as you want.” Snow White happily agreed and stayed with them.

Time passed and one day, the queen decided to consult her mirror and discovered that the princess lived in the forest. Furious, she poisoned an apple and took on the appearance of an old woman.

“One bite of this apple will make Snow White sleep forever,” said the evil queen.

The next day, the dwarfs went to work and Snow White was left alone.

Shortly after, the queen disguised as an old woman approached the kitchen window. The princess offered him a glass of water.

“You are very kind,” said the old woman. Take this apple as a gesture of thanks.

The moment Snow White bit into the apple, she collapsed. The dwarves, alerted by the animals of the forest, arrived at the cabin while the queen fled. With great sadness, Snow White was placed in a glass case. They all hoped that the beautiful young woman would wake up one day.

And the day came when a handsome prince who was crossing the forest on his horse, saw the beautiful young woman in the glass urn and marveled at her beauty, gave her a kiss on the cheek, the young woman woke up having broken the spell. Snow White and the prince got married and lived happily ever after.