Analyzing the Lyrics of Stray Kids' "Thunderous"

“Thunderous” is the title track of Stray Kids’ 2021 mini album Noeasy. The energetic EDM-pop song highlights the group’s powerful vocals and impactful lyrics. Let’s take a closer look at the meaning behind the Korean and English lyrics of this Stray Kids hit.

Overview of “Thunderous” Lyrics

“Thunderous” delivers a booming message about being confidently yourself. The lyrics encourage embracing your inner “thunder” instead of being afraid of judgement. It’s about realizing your self-worth and standing out unapologetically.

Written by members Bang Chan, Changbin and Han, the lyrics utilize thunder and lightning imagery. They describe the “thunderous” sound of their footsteps as they march to the beat of their own drum.

Breakdown of Korean Lyrics

In the Korean chorus, Stray Kids chant:

Pyeongbeomhan nunbit sorichyeo
Geurimgateun balgam kkochi pineun gose

This translates to:

With peaceful eyes closed
Listen to the sweet sound of blossoming

The lyrics tell us to close our eyes, shut out the outside noise, and listen to our inner selves.

Other Korean lines like:

Jeo haneul wiroseo

Lighting up the sky

Highlight how Stray Kids unabashedly shine bright like thunder and lightning in the sky.

Analysis of English Lyrics

The English version contains the chorus:

Don’t be afraid, afraid, afraid
Ring the alarm, we’re going up

These uplifting lyrics encourage us not to fear judgement. Instead “ring the alarm” and proudly announce your arrival and success.

Other English lines like:

Thunder thunder thunder, feel the thunder
Lightning lightning lightning, feel the lightning

Reinforce the song’s central thunder and lightning motif. They pair the repeated words with a stomping rhythm to simulate the actual boom and flash of a storm.

The pre-chorus builds momentum leading into the chorus:

Louder, get louder
We getting louder, go

This cleverly connects “louder” with proudly finding your voice and inner power.

Why “Thunderous” is Meaningful to Fans

With its themes of fearlessly chasing your dreams and embracing self-acceptance, “Thunderous” resonates with Stray Kids’ fans. During uncertain times, the lyrics are motivating and inspire staying confident.

The group’s seamless blending of Korean and English phrases also highlights the inclusivity of their message. By effortlessly alternating languages, Stray Kids promote cross-cultural understanding between their diverse global followers.

Through both versions of the lyrics, “Thunderous” encourages staying true to yourself and pursuing your passions on your own terms. The song empowers fans to confidently let their inner “thunder” roar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who wrote “Thunderous”?

“Thunderous” was written by Stray Kids members Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han.

What album is “Thunderous” from?

“Thunderous” is the title track off Stray Kids’ mini album called Noeasy, released in 2021.

What genres are represented in “Thunderous”?

“Thunderous” blends elements of EDM, hip hop, and pop music. It has a dynamic dance beat.

What do the lyrics of “Thunderous” mean?

The lyrics encourage self-acceptance, chasing your dreams, ignoring the haters, and boldly marching to the beat of your own drum.

How did “Thunderous” perform on the charts?

“Thunderous” reached #1 on multiple South Korean music charts after its release. It was Stray Kids’ first #1 hit on the charts. Check out more at our website for kids.