All parents want our children to become successful people when they grow up. Perhaps you think that with upbringing and day to day is more than enough for your children to grow up with a strong personality, with good self-esteem, self-confidence and self-confidence. But the reality is that this is not always the case. Our children must also work to strengthen all these aspects, which do not come alone in the personality, and that, although we constantly reinforce it from the outside, we must know how to do it well.

Perhaps you realize that something is wrong or that his self-esteem is not entirely strong when he begins to grow and you discover that he does not defend himself against humiliation, that he has submissive behavior before other people or even, when you notice that he is not loved or values ​​in his own comments towards himself.

The power of words and actions

Words have much more power in your children than you can ever imagine, which is why it is so important to know how to choose them wisely every time we want to address them. You also have to be very careful with labels, because phrases directed at children of the type: “you are useless, you are useless” or “you are the most intelligent, nobody is as smart as you”; They can both be just as harmful.

When we address our children, we must be realistic with their abilities and try to enhance their talents and abilities, without saying half-truths or falling into humiliating words that destroy self-esteem in seconds. Words can change one’s thoughts and beliefs… and that’s why you have to think about them before saying them.

Keys to boost your children’s self-esteem

Next we are going to explain some keys so that you are able to boost your children’s self-esteem and that in the future, they are more likely to become successful people, don’t miss a thing!

Who do you love more?

This is a fundamental question to ask your children. They will automatically think of people around them to respond, but they must understand and learn that the person they have to love more than any other is themselves. If one is not capable of loving oneself above anything else, then one will lack self-love.

To achieve this, but without falling into narcissism, it is important to reflect internally, have good emotional control, value one’s own abilities, know what one’s interests, defects (and accept them) and virtues (and enhance them) are. Make your children see that they are capable of achieving their dreams as long as they work hard to achieve it, and love themselves enough!

slide skin

It is necessary to teach children that they can have an imaginary slide skin. This means that any insult, humiliation, negative or destructive criticism should not affect them in the least, because it will slip on their slide skin. People can say what they want, but we have to have enough confidence in everything we do so that it doesn’t affect us at all. We learn from our mistakes and that helps us enhance our own security.

New goals

Life is full of challenges and goals to be achieved, but they must be clear along the way. Achieving goals and challenges, little by little (slowly but surely), will be what helps us to be ourselves. Your children will begin to see their own potential. It is important to remember that these goals should be realistic expectations and avoid falling into the unattainable trap. And you should always be by his side to understand and validate the emotions he has when reaching a challenge, making mistakes or having to start over.

Being surrounded by unconditional love

Love is essential to live happily and with good self-esteem. Feeling that others love us and accept us as we are makes us feel united, safe and in social belonging. The family plays a fundamental role in all this and that is why, as parents, we must always give our children unconditional love. Recognizing their successes and their effort will motivate them to continue reaching their goals.

That children grow up surrounded by positive thoughts will make them internalize this way of thinking. Recognition, good words, patience, guidance from love and respect… are all necessary tools for life. Your children will grow up with good self-esteem and confidence.

In addition, every day you must be a good example of self-esteem and good work. Make your children see that in order to truly love others, just as you love them above anything else, it is important that they love themselves. That they accept and value themselves, because being happy is not a goal, it is a path that we must enjoy loving and accepting ourselves… and thus, self-esteem will be strengthened almost by magic.