Explore the sweet side of science

What better way to get to know the “sweet” side of science? Through this fascinating experiment you will learn about the process of crystallization.

For this experiment you will need:

✔ a piece of rope
✔ 3 cups granulated sugar
✔ 1 cup of boiling water
✔ A glass jar or cup
✔ A pencil or sticks
✔ kitchen rope
✔ vegetable coloring (optional)


⛔ With the help of an adult, fill the jar or glass with boiling water and the vegetable coloring of your choice, then slowly add the sugar until it doesn’t dissolve. Tie the string to the pencil and generously rub sugar over the string, place the pencil in the mouth of the glass or jar allowing the string to dangle into the sugar water. The string should not touch the bottom of the glass. Place the glass in a warm place and leave it sugared for a week or more.

At the end of the week you will see sugar crystals forming on the rope.


By mixing the water and sugar, you have created a supersaturated solution (a solution in which no more sugar can dissolve). As time passes, the water will slowly evaporate from the solution. When the water evaporates, the solution becomes more saturated and the sugar molecules continue to come out of solution and accumulate on the string, a process known as crystallization.

Thanks to science and patience, you will enjoy this delicious treat!