Once upon a time there was an old carpenter named Geppetto who was very happy making wooden toys for the children of his village.

One day, he made a puppet out of a very special piece of pine wood and decided to name it Pinocchio. At night, a blue fairy came to the workshop of the old carpenter:

“Good Geppetto,” he said while the old man slept, “you have made others so happy that you deserve to make your wish of being a father come true.” Smiling, the blue fairy touched the puppet with her magic wand:

“Wake up, little puppet made of pine… wake up!” The gift of life is yours!

And in the blink of an eye, the blue fairy brought Pinocchio to life.

“Pinocchio, if you are brave, sincere and selfless, one day you will be a real boy,” said the blue fairy. Then he turned to a cricket named Jiminy Cricket, who lived in Geppetto’s cupboard.

“Jiminy Cricket,” said the blue fairy, “you must help Pinocchio.” You will be his conscience and guardian of the knowledge of good and evil.

The next day, Geppetto proudly sent his little wooden boy to school, but since he was so poor, he had to sell his coat to buy the schoolbooks:

“Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket will show you the way,” Geppetto said. Please don’t get distracted and come to school on time.

Pinocchio left home, but never came to school. Instead, he decided to ignore Jiminy Cricket’s advice and sell the books to buy a ticket to the puppet show. When Pinocchio began to dance with the puppets, the puppeteer surprised with the skills of the wooden boy, asked if he wanted to join his puppet show. Pinocchio happily accepted.

However, the evil puppeteer’s intentions were very different; his plan was to get rich with the only living puppet in the world. Immediately, he locked Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket in a cage. It was then that Pinocchio recognized his mistake and began to cry. The blue fairy appeared out of nowhere.

Although the blue fairy knew the reasons why Pinocchio was trapped, he still asked:

“Pinocchio, why are you in this cage?”

But Pinocchio didn’t want to tell him the truth, so something strange happened. His nose began to grow longer and longer. The more he talked, the more he grew.

“Every time you tell a lie, your nose will grow,” said the blue fairy.

“Please make it stop,” said Pinocchio, “I promise not to lie again.”

The next day, on the way to school, Pinocchio met a boy:

“Come with me to the Land of Toys.” In this place every day is a vacation! said the boy excitedly. There are toys and treats and best of all, you don’t have to go to school!

Forgetting the advice of the blue fairy and Jiminy Cricket again, Pinocchio ran with the boy to the Land of Toys. Upon arrival, he had a lot of fun playing and eating treats.

Suddenly, the ears of Pinocchio and the other children of the Land of Toys began to grow very long. By not wanting to go to school, they were turning into donkeys!

Turned into donkeys, Pinocchio and the children arrived at a circus. The ringmaster made Pinocchio work for the circus tirelessly. There, Pinocchio injured his leg while he was doing tricks. Angry, the master of ceremonies threw him into the sea along with Jiminy Cricket.

In the water, the spell was broken and Pinocchio returned to his puppet form, but a whale swimming nearby opened its huge mouth and swallowed him whole. In the darkness of the whale’s stomach, Pinocchio cried while Jiminy Cricket tried to comfort him. It was at that moment that he saw Geppetto in his boat:

“My son, I was looking for you by land and sea when the whale swallowed me.” I am so glad I found you! said Geppetto.

The two hugged happily.

“From now on I will be good and responsible,” promised Pinocchio through tears.

Taking advantage of the fact that the whale was sleeping, Geppetto, Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket lit a fire inside it and jumped out of its huge mouth when the fire made it sneeze. Then they sailed all the way home. But Gepetto fell ill, Pinocchio fed him and took care of him with great care and dedication.

“Dad, I’ll go to school and I’ll work hard to fill you with pride,” said Pinocchio.

Keeping his promise, Pinocchio studied hard at school. Then one day something wonderful happened. The blue fairy appeared and said:

“Pinocchio, you are brave, sincere and have a kind and selfless heart, you deserve to become a real boy.

And that’s how the wooden boy became a real boy. Geppetto and Pinocchio lived happily ever after.