horror stories for kids

From a very young age, Juan had the misfortune of being a sleepwalker. His mother would often find him prowling late at night in front of the house, his gaze lost in the darkness. However, tonight was different: his mother was sound asleep and did not hear him leave the house.

Juan walked slowly, but without pausing, with each step he moved further away from the safety of his home.

The streets became more and more strange and the neighborhood in which he was was not familiar to him.

John was lost.

Turning the corner, Juan found a man. An enormous top hat covered his thick gray hair. His face, white as snow, contrasted with the empty blackness of his eyes.

“Sir, do you know the name of this place?” John asked.

“I don’t know,” the man replied, his voice rough and cracked from disuse.

Then the man lit a cigarette and as he held it close to his face, the dim light revealed the most horrifying sight: the man’s teeth were as long and sharp as a beast’s!

Panicked, Juan began to run.

As he ran, he met another man. The man asked:

“Why are you going so fast?”

“I saw a man whose teeth were as long as those of a beast,” answered Juan.

Immediately, the man revealed his monstrous long and sharp teeth in a brief smile and asked:

— Which ones are longer, those or mine?

John kept running.

Suddenly, he came to a street that was familiar to him. He turned the corner and found his house.

Juan woke up screaming, drenched in a cold sweat. Then he realized that he was in his own bed and that it had all been a nightmare.

His mother opened the door and approached him:

-What’s going on? -I ask.

—I dreamed of very strange men, with long sharp teeth and I did nothing but run.

His mother’s smile grew wider and wider, revealing hideous teeth, long and sharp as a beast’s.

Poor Juan, if he was dreaming, he couldn’t wake up… and if it was reality, he no longer had a way to escape.