tell me about when you were little

Since the beginning of our time, human beings have told stories. We love listening to them and also telling them. At the center of our stories beats the heart of our shared humanity and when we share them we become witnesses to the lessons, adventures and impact of our own lives. We teach, learn and make sense of our own experiences.

For your children, your stories help expand their world. You are the most important, most intriguing and most influential person in his life. Children, although they don’t always ask you, want to know everything about you. They want to know about you from when you were little, the life you lived before they came into the world, the mistakes you made committed, the adventures you’ve had, the risks you’ve taken, the people you’ve loved, the fights you’ve fought.

Adolescents want to know more

You may not they ask, but as your children continue into their teens, they will continue to look to the stories you tell for lessons about life. Thus, with your stories they will be able to make sense of their confusion, their disorder and their internal chaos. Although your life has been very different, it is likely that you have made the same mistakes, that you have had the same fears… When your children ask you questions and also wait for your answers, they hope to calm down and be encouraged to move forward. > Your kids will learn more from you than they can from anyone else on the planet.

Your kids want to see themselves in you and see through your eyes. No matter how old they are, your stories, what happened to you in life will be the most interesting thing they can hear at that moment. Children will feel very loved, loved, extraordinary, brave, strong, capable of doing anything… thanks to the fact that they will be able to see themselves through your eyes, the person they love most in this world, the person who loves them the most in the universe.

The most important stories for your children

What stories do your children like to hear from you

If you had never thought about the importance of talking to your children about yourself, nor have you ever told them stories from when you were little, the time has come to change that. Those are the best stories you can tell them and the ones they’ll really love to hear, 24/7. Not sure where to start?

What the world was like when you were little

With each generation the world changes, but there are important issues that tend to stay the same: families, relationships, friendships, fears, hopes, the fun… The way you experienced life may be different from the way the child learns now, but when you tell them the stories there will always be common ground. The most important parts of the human experience don’t change much from generation to generation.

Your Misadventures

Children, especially younger ones, see you as a responsible, unbreakable, hard-working, committed person… But they also see you as tired, in a bad mood and sometimes somewhat chaotic. Although at the same time they also see you as an orderly person – at least when they are little. When you tell the stories of your misadventures, you will be showing about your life, how you have struggled in life and above all, that it is okay to stumble and make mistakes, as long as you get up and learn from your mistakes to keep moving forward.

Other topics that they will surely be interested in knowing about you

  • The places you have seen
  • The things you have done
  • How did you meet the other parent
  • How did you fall in love with their father/mother
  • The day you found out they were coming into the world
  • Things from when they were little but they don’t remember due to childhood amnesia
  • How was the day they were born
  • …And whatever you want to tell them, but always from love.