The 10 best balance bikes for kids

The bikes without pedals are an excellent bet for children to learn to ride a bike. They not only help the little one to become familiar with its handling but also train their balance and improve their reflexes. In addition, they are an opportunity for children to practice physical activity, keep excess weight at bay and prevent diseases such as diabetes from an early age.

Unlike traditional bikes, with a bike without pedals children have greater freedom to learn on their own without the help of their parents since they are the ones who propel themselves with the feet, a detail that allows them to lose their fear and learn at their own pace. That’s why it’s important to choose a lightweight balance bike that kids can easily maneuver but is also robust enough to withstand many hours of use and several falls. These are some models that will not disappoint you.

10 bikes without pedals for the little ones at home

If you are looking for a bike without pedals for your child to take his first steps on two wheels, this Chicco model is an excellent option. Its ultralight structure helps to maintain balance and control the bike more easily, while its handlebar can be adjusted in height for more comfortable handling. It also has an anti-slip and adjustable saddle that not only improves grip but can also be adapted so that the child continues to use the bike for longer. The model is equipped with 10-inch puncture-resistant wheels, robust and resistant that reduce the risk of accidents and give the bike extra stability.

2 . Sawyer Balance Bike

Light and durable, with this bike without pedals from the Sawyer Bikes label, many hours of fun await children. Being made with ultralight quality materials, it hardly weighs and is very easy to maneuver so that the little one can control the bike from the first day without problems. In addition, its design allows the saddle to be adjusted so that the child can use it for as long as he needs it. Its solid structure and quality components make it a very safe bike while its anti-slip wheels Punctures reduce the risk of accidents and extend their useful life.

3. Puky LR M

Its design comfortable and functional makes this bike without pedals an ideal alternative for children from 2 years old. It is equipped with pole rims and equipped with ball bearings that give it extra security and help the child to control the bike more easily from the first moment because it is also very light. It has an adjustable handlebar and saddle that adapt to the child’s height so that he can use the bike as he grows. And, unlike other bikes without pedals, this model has a fairly wide space between the saddle and the handlebar so that the child can place his feet if you play to pull the bike.

4. Bikestar balance bike

Thanks to the height-adjustable frame of this bike, children will be able to use it from 3 or 4 years old until they make the leap to a model with pedals. It has an ergonomic seat and handlebars that are adjustable in height and inclination that allow the bike to be adapted to the child’s height and provide a greater comfort while driving. Its 12-inch pneumatic wheels help the little one better maintain balance, even on wet or slippery surfaces, while better cushioning and absorbing impacts on uneven floors. It includes handbrakes that reduce the risk of accidents and gives the child greater control over the vehicle. It is worth noting that the handlebar is made of safe, toxic-free materials.

5. Kinderkraft Balance Bike

If you are looking for a beautiful and functional balance bike so that your child can take it wherever they go, this Kinderkraft model will be a success. It has a beautiful design that falls in love at first sight, with details in black and wood color that give it an elegant touch, while being very practical because it hardly gets dirty. However, one of its greatest advantages is that it is very easy to maneuver because it is made of birch, a resistant but light type of wood. In addition, it is very safe and comfortable: its seat is made of fabric to give it extra comfort while it has non-slip rubber handles to make it easier to grip.It includes a handle on the frame so you can easily transport it and a nice bag on the handlebar so that the child can always carry their belongings with them.

6. My Bike Feeber

Rugged and fast , this model from the Feeber label is an excellent bet for the little ones at home to learn to ride a bike. As it does not have pedals, it is ideal for training the child’s balance and coordination before opting for a conventional bike. It has robust 10-inch wheels that give it extra safety, while reducing the risk of accident on uneven terrain. Its structure made of composite materials makes it a light and easy to maneuver bike, while its height-adjustable handlebar and saddle not only offer extra comfort, but also allow it to be used during growth.

7. Besrey balance bike

With this bike children will be able to train their coordination and reflexes before taking the step to a bicycle with pedals. Made of steel, this model of the Besrey label is very easy to control due to its lightness. As it has a height-adjustable saddle and handlebar you can adapt it to your little one as he grows so that he can use it for longer. In addition, it is very safe: it has a non-slip handle that makes it easier to grip and it has a shock absorption system that reduces the effects caused by blows. Includes a non-slip fixed pedal so little ones can lean on as they gain confidence.

8. Bikestar wooden bike

Practical and light, this model without pedals is an ideal alternative for children to take their first steps on a bike . Made with certified solid wood and free of toxins, it is a very light bike that the little one will be able to handle with ease because it also has a very smooth direction. It has 12-inch pneumatic tires that give it extra stability and help to better cushion the impacts of the asphalt. One of its greatest advantages is that it has an adjustable frame and saddle that can be adapted in two positions to the height of the little one as he grows. Being made with resistant and durable materials, this bike will accompany your child for a long time.

9. Chicco scooter

Inspi ed in the Vespa design, with this Chicco model your little one will have a lot of fun while showing off their style with their friends. The bike-motorcycle includes two support wheels for the little novice, although once the child has got the hang of it, they can be removed. In any case, the bike-motorcycle has wide wheels that give the little one extra stability and balance so that he can use it both inside the house and during walks. Unlike other models, this bike-motorcycle incorporates an electronic steering wheel with ignition key, interactive buttons with horn, gasoline and engine sounds, as well as different light effects on the indicators that the little one will love.

10. Strider 14 Sport

With this Strider model, children will learn to ride a bike in a simple and fun way. Its lightweight, high-performance design ensures your little one can maneuver the bike with ease, while its padded, hip-hugging saddle provides extra comfort. The bike has custom handles and an adjustable handlebar that can be adapted to the child’s height. In addition, it has light and quality tires made of ethylene vinyl acetate polymer that reduce the risk of punctures and ultralight one-piece wheels. And so that the little one can continue using the bike for as long as he needs it, it includes a regular seatpost and an XL to adjust the saddle to the size of the child as he grows.