The 10 best electric breast pumps

The breast pump is one of the essential accessories during the lactation period. With this device, the mother will be able to extract breast milk, which will not only prevent breast discomfort but also allow her to use that milk to feed the baby at another time. In fact, the breast pump is an ideal alternative for mothers who must return to work and do not want to give up breastfeeding.

Basically, there are two types of breast pumps: manual and electric. Manual breast pumps have the advantage that they can be adapted to the rate of suction with which the mother feels comfortable, but on the other hand they involve a great effort during extraction, so their use is recommended occasionally. On the other hand, electric breast pumps can be used daily, even several times a day, as they are much more efficient, faster and more comfortable.

If you are thinking of using a breast pump During lactation, most experts recommend using an electric breast pump. Ideally, it should be a breast pump made of quality materials and that it has some features that make this task easier. These are some of the best electric breast pumps that can help you during breastfeeding.

Ten functional and easy-to-use electric breast pumps

1. Medela Swing Flex

This is a simple, easy-to-use, and highly effective breast pump tested over 1,000 pumping sessions as part of four clinical studies. inic. One of the most interesting features is its PersonalFit Flex funnel system of different sizes that adjust to any type of breast thanks to its 360ยบ rotation angle and its soft and flexible edges. This, added to its 2-Phase Expression technology, designed to simulate the baby’s sucking rhythm, make it an ideal device for mothers who aspire to a comfortable and fast extraction.

Another of its advantages is that it has an anti-overflow system that stops extraction when it has reached the limit of the device, while at the same time it is very easy to disassemble and assemble to speed up cleaning after each use. It is worth noting that it also has a very compact and lightweight design that allows you to carry it easily in your bag.

2. Momcozy Breast Pump

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If you are looking for a practical, comfortable and effective breast pump, this may be a good option. The device works automatically, starting with a gentle massage that helps stimulate milk secretion and then activates the pumping function to extract it naturally. It includes 16 regulation levels that will allow you to adjust the extraction rhythm with which you feel most comfortable, and so that you do not have to repeat the process each time you use it, it has a memory function with which you can record your patterns.

Another advantage is that it has an internal anti-reflux valve that prevents air from returning , while keeping bacteria away from the milk. Finally, it is worth noting that it is very quiet, it is free of BPA and it has a rechargeable battery that offers great autonomy.

3. Kidome Breast Pump

KidiMe Portable Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump Breast Milk Pump Lactation Milk Pump with...

Like most electric breast pumps, it has a massage mode to stimulate milk flow and a suction mode with 15 selectable levels to extract it. Another point in its favor is that it is very quiet, which will allow you to enjoy comfortable expression in a relaxed and calm environment. It is also compatible with wide-mouth bottles from other brands of breast pumps, allowing to give a second life to other bottles you may have at home.

4. Bellababy Breast Pump

This Bellababy breast pump is perfect for traveling mothers as it has a very light and compact design, as well as having a large battery. autonomy that allows it to be used without the need to have it connected to a power outlet. Although it is worth clarifying that it is very easy to recharge since in addition to the power connection it has a USB interface.

Without a doubt, another of its greatest advantages is its automated extraction system that has 4 modes and 9 suction levels that allow you to regulate the rhythm of extraction and, to make programming faster, the device saves the last mode you chose and activates it the next time you turn it on. In addition, it has a high-definition and intuitive touch panel that shows different indicators, such as suction level, extraction time or battery status, so you can easily regulate them.

5. Philips Avent SCF332-31

The device works automatically, when you turn it on, the stimulation of the breast to promote the flow of milk, and then begins the expression that has three levels so you can adjust the rhythm with which you feel most comfortable. It is worth mentioning that it is very quiet, it includes a system that prevents milk from spilling into the ducts and it has few parts so that it is easy to disassemble, clean and assemble.

6. Decdeal Breast Pump

The device has 2 operating modes, a massage function that helps stimulate the flow of milk and a suction function to extract it that has 10 power levels so you can regulate the speed of extraction. Of course, it is made of high-quality, BPA-free materials, which allows it to be sterilized with boiling water. And, to ensure that the baby’s milk stays fresh and free of bacteria, it has a closed system that prevents the entry of germs.

7. Sumgott Breast Pump

This breast pump includes 3 modes and has 9 suction levels so you can choose the speed you feel most comfortable with. It also features a 3D soft silicone massage cushion that gently and naturally stimulates milk flow, while ensuring a secure seal and perfect fit for more efficient pumping. And to prevent breast milk from returning, it has a closed system that also prevents the entry of germs.

8. Bammax breast pump

If you are looking for an efficient and easy-to-use breast pump, this Bammax device is an excellent alternative. In fact, you can use it in both manual and electric modes, depending on your needs. In its electric version, the breast pump has 2 extraction modes, massage and suction, and each mode has 9 levels so you can choose the pattern that is closest to your baby’s. In addition, it has a function that allows you to save the last pattern when you turn on the device again.

It is made of silicone for food use, which reduces the risk of injury and makes it a very safe device. . It is worth noting that it includes a rechargeable lithium battery that gives it an autonomy of approximately 1.5 hours, a functionality that will allow you to use it also at work or when you are traveling.

9. Availand Nature Smart3

In addition, it has an ergonomic design that helps it adapt perfectly to any type of breast, while allowing air to be extracted from the milk and blocking its return. And so that you can monitor the extraction in real time, it has an LED touch screen where all the information appears. Of course, it is made of BPA-free materials and has an autonomy of up to 3 hours, although it also works connected to a power outlet.

10. Yunbaby S19 Breast Pump

Its compact design and the fact that it does not require connecting tubes make this breast pump an ideal option for mothers who want to take it everywhere. It works with a rechargeable lithium battery via USB interface that gives it the necessary autonomy so that you can use it without connecting it to a power outlet.

Another of its great advantages is that it is Made with food grade PP silicone and BPA free, while it has a closed anti-reflux system that prevents the formation of mold and prevents the entry of germs and bacteria, keeping the milk fresh for longer. time.

To guarantee your comfort, the Yunbaby breast pump has a petal-shaped massage cushion that simulates the baby’s mouth and gently adapts to the skin without oppressing the breast so that the suction is as natural as possible. Thanks to its ergonomic design and its 3 expression modes, this breast pump stimulates the flow of milk without the need for you to bend down, and it also has 9 suction levels so you can choose the speed with which you sit more comfortable.