FRIV games are an excellent option to combat boredom. These are free games whose dynamics are easy to understand and are designed for all ages, which makes them an ideal bet to play with children as well as to have fun with the family.

In addition, they allow you to play where, when and how you want since they are available online both from your mobile phone and from a computer or even an Xbox. And they are very accessible since they do not require installation or registration. The best thing is that there are themes and game modes for all tastes, so you will surely find one that you like. To make your job easier, here is a selection of 10 amazing FRIV games to play as a family.

10 FRIV games to have fun with children

1. 4 Colors

If you like card games, this unofficial version of Uno is an excellent alternative. It is a game of logic and skill that admits up to four participants, so it is perfect to improvise a game at home. The objective is to match the cards according to the number or color to get rid of them as soon as possible. Of course, it includes some wildcards that help to achieve the mission, so keep an eye on them. In the end, whoever runs out of cards first wins.

2. Tetra Blocks

Tetra Blocks is the FRIV alternative to the classic Tetris. Basically, it consists of a kind of puzzle with colored and flashing pieces that players must place correctly while descending. The goal? Match all the pieces so that there are no blank spaces and thus eliminate as many complete horizontal lines as possible. Points are added for each eliminated line, so whoever has accumulated the most points wins.

3. Master Checkers

Checkers fans will be delighted to play a family game with this timeless classic. It is an online version of checkers that includes a virtual board and 24 tiles so that you can improvise a game wherever and whenever you want. The game has the advantage that two players or a single player can play against the machine, an ideal opportunity for children to perfect their technique. The idea is to “eat” all the opponent’s pieces, so whoever gets it first wins.

4. Real City Driver

Do the little ones at home like racing cars? Then, they will have a lot of fun driving their own car while testing their resistance through the streets of this city. It is a classic car game that, despite not having very realistic graphics, is very fun and easy to play. Unlike other similar games, this version allows you to customize the car and move the camera to offer a more visual experience. The goal is to reach the finish line as quickly and as intact as possible.

5. No Duck’s Sky

If you like space adventures, this action game will keep you entertained for hours. Set in the galaxy and starring a duck, its objective is to overcome numerous obstacles to reach the goal. Unlike other similar games, No Duck’s Sky has the peculiarity that, as it takes place in space, the jumps are made by shooting the gun in the opposite direction to which you want to go, since gravity does not exist in this world. Are you prepared to try it?

6. Feet’s Doctor: Emergency Care

With this medical simulator, the little ones at home who dream of becoming clinicians will be able to train their skills from an early age. This is a simple pedicure game in which players must get to work to heal calluses, sores and misshapen nails while dealing with roughness and bad odors. Without a doubt, it is not a game for very sensitive players or with delicate stomachs, but it comes as a glove for those who enjoy healing wounds and healing injuries.

7. Blocky Snakes

If you are nostalgic for the classic Snake, with Blocky Snakes, the FRIV version of this game, you can remember this nice snake. It is a three-dimensional version in which the protagonist is a snake that increases in size as it devours the obstacles in its path. Of course, you have to be very careful because larger snakes also appear on the scene that can eat the smaller ones. The objective is to devour everything that appears on the screen. Whoever accumulates the most points wins.

8.Geometry Dash

This classic mobile game is now available in a FRIV version, so you can play it from any device. Set in a typical platform game-style setting, it features a square that relentlessly propels itself past obstacles, jumps, drops, and traps on its way to the finish line. The objective? Get to the end as intact as possible. To do this, you must maintain a good rhythm and above all, have very fast reflexes to avoid obstacles that may appear.

9. Coco Monkey

If you are looking for a fun and relatively short game, this FRIV version inspired by the “Super Monkey Ball” video game series is perfect. In this case , puzzles and action are combined and the protagonist is a chimpanzee armed with a few coconuts who must overcome different levels of spikes, traps and abysses. Without a doubt, it is a deceptively simple game, in which children will have to show off their best skills to overcome all the adversities that they will find in their path.

10. Cut the Rope Experiments

If the little ones at home like physics, then they will be delighted with this classic and fun game. The idea is to help a nice green creature to eat all the sweets that appear in each level. The problem is that the candies appear hanging from strings, so you have to figure out the correct path so that, when you cut the string, the candies are within reach of the creature. To do this, the children will have to find the right moment and position to cut the ropes. Whoever gets the most points wins.