One of the plans that children most enjoy in summer is to take a dip. It doesn’t matter if it’s a beach , a pool or a river, most kids don’t notice their destination as long as there’s enough water to jump into. Fortunately, in Spain there are paradisiacal beaches where you can organize a trip with the children, but there are also many other destinations where the little ones can enjoy this fun plan, such as the rivers.

Spain has a very rich hydrography that has some 90 rivers with their tributaries. These are natural destinations, surrounded by nature, where children can not only swim but also practice nautical activities, embark on hiking trails, learn about the fauna of the area and discover some of the most typical specimens of the region’s flora. In addition, most of the rivers are usually close to very picturesque towns that are also worth discovering. Here is a selection of the best Spanish rivers where you can spend a fun day with your family. Hotels to stay with children in Segovia.

10 rivers where you can enjoy a family getaway

1. Bullaque River, in Ciudad Real

It is a tributary of the Guadiana river that rises on the Laguna hill, in the Sierra del Chorito, in the Retuerta del Bullaque terminus, and flows into the “Las Juntas” area, in Luciana. Considered one of the cleanest rivers in Spain, it treasures various wetlands as it passes through towns such as Porzuna, Robledo or Piedrabuena, where children can enjoy precious natural ecosystems. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular bathing sites is the Tabla de la Yedra, located about three kilometers from Piedrabuena, where you will not only find space for the little ones to take a dip, but also areas reserved for fishing, the practice of canoeing and boat rides.

2. Cabriel River, in Cuenca

Known for its many gorges and crystal clear waters, this river has many places to enjoy a day surrounded by nature. From its source in the turquoise pool known as La Muela de San Juan to its passage through the Contreras needles or its mouth at the Junta de los Ríos, in the bed of this river you will find many places to relax while the children take a dip. . One of its busiest areas is the Chorreras del Cabriel, a true natural paradise made up of waterfalls, waterfalls and pools of turquoise water, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Other very cool places where children can take a bath are the Playeta de la Lastra and the Playeta de Víllora.

3. Mijares River, in Castellón

From its source in the Sierra de Gúdar in the province of Teruel to its mouth in the province of Castellón, this river treasures many corners where you can enjoy a day with the family in the middle of nature. One of the places you cannot miss is the Salto de la Novia, a kind of natural pool with a beautiful waterfall where children can have fun while cooling off from the high summer temperatures. Another of its iconic sites, located on the riverbed at the height of Montanejos, is the Fuente de los Baños, a kind of natural pool of turquoise waters fed by thermal waters with mineral-medicinal properties that emanate from a nearby spring. With a constant temperature of 25ºThroughout the year, this fountain has a shallow bathing area for the little ones at home, as well as a green area where you can enjoy a picnic with the children.

4. River Mundo, in Albacete

The Mundo River is the main tributary of the Segura River as it passes through Albacete, without a doubt, one of the most charming places in Castilla-La Mancha. Along its entire course, the river has many spaces where children can enjoy activities in nature, from walks and hiking trails to sightings of the native fauna of the region. One of its most visited areas is its source in the Calares del Mundo y de la Sima Natural Park, which reaches its maximum splendor during the spring, although you can also visit it during the summer to take a dip. If you dare, you can not miss its impressive waterfall with a drop of 100 meters high and the Cueva de los Chorros, a natural space of unique beauty, ideal to discover with the little ones at home.

5. Canaletes River, in Tarragona

It is a tributary of the Ebro that rises in the Sierra de la Espina and runs between steep mountains as it passes through the municipality of Tarragona. Undoubtedly, one of its most beautiful areas is found in the Gandesa district, where the Canaletes River has sculpted a strait of natural pools that seem to have been dug at will between the rocks and fed by the mineral-medicinal waters that emanate from these lands with a constant temperature of 28º. Known as the Balneario de la Fontcalda, in its waters you can enjoy a relaxing bath during practically any time of the year, as well as excursions on foot or by bicycle in the surroundings or a picnic in the recreational area that is just a few steps away. .

6. Gorge of the Knights, in Ávila

In its descent from the highest mountains of the Sierra de Gredos, this tributary of the Tormes River has carved a succession of beautiful lakes into the rock, popular throughout the province of Ávila. Undoubtedly, one of its most visited areas is usually the area that extends between Navalguijo and Navalonguilla, where you will find not only pools of crystal clear water where you can take a bath with the children, but also some fishing grounds without death in which fish abound like trout, ideal for lovers of sport fishing. Of course, very close by there are also various green spaces surrounded by nature where you can enjoy a picnic to replenish your strength.

7. River Sella, in Asturias

Known for its famous kayak descents, this coastal river that flows into the Cantabrian Sea is the perfect place for lovers of this water sport. In addition to its routes for adults, it also has some easier routes for canoeing with children. And, of course, it has different bathing areas where you can cool off from the high summer temperatures. From pools and natural pools to beautiful waterfalls, there are options for all tastes, as well as many spaces where you can sit and rest while enjoying a delicious snack.

8. Hells Gorge, in Cáceres

In this enclave, the Jerte River has sculpted one of the most famous river landscapes in Spain, a water park in which the rocks take on the shape of waves as they submerge in the waters. Declared a Protected Nature Reserve, the Garganta de los Infiernos has many streams, waterfalls, waterfalls, natural pools and large pools excavated by erosion where you can not only take a bath but also practice water sports, undertake hiking trails that zigzag around from the river or simply enjoy a relaxing walk in the surroundings. The best time to visit this site is in summer since, like a good mountain river, the waters that bathe the gorge are usually very cold.

9. Aragon River, in Navarre

If you are looking for a river with crystal clear waters where you can enjoy bathing with the children, the Aragón River as it passes through Navarra is perfect. It is not in vain that it is considered by the European Environment Agency as one of the rivers with the best water quality in Spain. . Surrounded by lush vegetation, in this river you will find different bathing areas, places to enjoy a picnic and various paths to delve into nature to discover some of the specimens of the region’s native fauna and flora. Undoubtedly, one of its most popular places is the natural beach of La Presa, a place with a sandy area that has a recreational area with benches and tables in the shade of the trees.

10. Bergantes River, in Teruel

As it passes through Aguaviva, the Bergantes river forms a chain of very cool natural pools in the rocky bed, perfect for taking a bath in the summer months. Its calm and transparent waters in the vicinity of the Cananillas bridge are also perfect for children as it has shallow areas where they can play and have fun in the water while watching the fish pass between the rocks. Of course, there is also space where you can enjoy a snack and various routes that run along the river to enjoy a family walk or go hiking with the little ones at home.