Did you know that a newborn spends an average of between 8 and 10 diapers a day? Later, that figure is reduced to between 6 and 8 diapers per day, which translates into a consumption of approximately 600 euros per year. Without a doubt, it is a great expense for the family economy, especially considering that children do not leave the diaper completely until around 2 or 3 years old. So if you want to lighten the load on the shoulders of future parents, an original and very useful gift idea is diaper cakes.

5 diaper cakes for the smallest of the house

1. Stroller Diaper Cake

If you’re looking for a stylish diaper cake, this cute stroller in blue is perfect as a gift for expecting parents. Made 100% by hand and decorated with precious ribbons, bows and flowers, it has 28 size 3 Dodot diapers perfectly articulated so that they arrive at their destination intact and can be used. In addition, it includes a pair of pearl booties that can be white or blue, depending on availability. And, so you don’t have to worry about a thing, it comes wrapped in cellophane decorated with some very cool accessories.

2. Motorcycle Diaper Cake

The future bikers at home are sure to be delighted with all the gifts that await them in this diaper cake in the shape of a motorcycle. The design includes 30 perfectly usable size 3 Dodot diapers, which are the ones that shape the wheels of the motorcycle. In addition, it contains a soft checkered velvet blanket, ideal for cooler days, as well as a cuddly bear-shaped cuddly toy that the little ones won’t want to part with. It also includes a 100% cotton waterproof bib, a physiological silicone pacifier and a comb and brush set, perfect for the daily hygiene of the little ones.

3. Battery Shaped Diaper Cake

Perfect for music lovers, this cute drum kit diaper cake is sure to wow expectant parents. Designed with 47 size 3 Dodot diapers and crowned with a soft bear-shaped teddy, it represents a drummer in action. The best of all? All diapers are usable since, thanks to their dedicated manufacturing, the shape remains intact until it reaches its destination. And so you don’t have to worry about a thing, it is sent wrapped in cellophane and with a bow detail, ready to give as a gift.

4. Classic Diaper Cake

If you don’t want to risk too much with your gift, you can bet on this classic diaper cake from the Viale Magico label, with which you will surely be right. Decorated with light blue and jute ribbon, it contains 15 Huggies, Pamper or Chicco diapers, depending on availability, which are perfectly placed to prevent wear and tear and can be used to the full. On this occasion, the icing on the cake is a beautiful decorative teddy bear that matches the blue and brown tones of the design.

5. Butterfly Diaper Cake

Beautiful and original, with this butterfly-shaped diaper cake you will surprise future parents for good. Designed with 36 size 3 Dodot diapers that shape the wings, it is made with great care so that all the diapers can be used. Decorated with some flowers and antennae, it also includes two printed bodysuits that make up the body of the butterfly and give the diapers extra stability. Without a doubt, a design with a lot of detail that will not leave anyone indifferent.

5 diaper cakes for the smallest of the house

1. Stroller Diaper Cake

Surprise future parents with this beautiful and practical diaper cake in the shape of a pink stroller. Made 100% by hand, it is made up of 28 size 3 Dodot diapers carefully wrapped so that they arrive safely at their destination and can be used to the full. As an additional detail, it includes beautiful white or pink pearl booties, depending on availability, which can become the baby’s first shoes. And to give it a more elegant touch, in addition to the details with flowers and a bow, it is sent wrapped in a beautiful cellophane paper.

2. Disney Plane Diaper Cake

Ideal for the little princesses at home, this Disney plane includes many of the accessories they will need during their first months of life. Designed with 50 size 3 diapers carefully arranged to shape the plane, it also includes various baby care products, from bath lotion and skin oil to talcum powder and cream against cold and wind. In addition, it contains a pacifier, a bottle, a spoon for his first porridge and rattle socks, as well as a bib, a changing mat and a precious Disney Minni Mouse plush toy.

3. Classic Diaper Cake

If you want to play it safe, this Super Cool Classic Diaper Cake is an excellent choice. It has three floors of fully usable size 2 Dodot Sensitive diapers, as well as some hygiene accessories for the baby: cologne, extra mild shampoo, ultra-mild liquid soap and moisturizing milk, all from the Nenuco label. In addition, it includes a backpack with handles for the back and a zipper, perfect for carrying jars or diapers separately from the rest of the baby’s objects. On this occasion, the icing on the cake is a beautiful teddy bear that the smallest of the house will surely love.

4. Motorcycle Diaper Cake

Ideal as a gift for biker parents, this diaper cake in the shape of a motorcycle contains many surprises. The design includes 30 wearable Dodot size 3 diapers, as well as a pair of socks and a cute bib with the message “I am a princess”. In addition, it contains a soft checkered velvet blanket, perfect for the winter days, as well as a physiological silicone pacifier and a comb and brush set for the little one’s daily hygiene. All crowned with a teddy bear, wrapped in cellophane and decorated with a beautiful gift bow.

5. Diaper cake with cloud decoration

Looking for a diaper cake to give to expectant parents? With this delicate Viale Magico design you will hit the nail on the head. It is a two-tier cake that includes 15 or 30 Pampers, Huggies or Chicco brand diapers, depending on availability. The cake is decorated with a pink and jute ribbon that gives it a very tender minimalist look and as icing it has a cloud with a very pretty pink heart. Without a doubt, an excellent choice to surprise the parents of the future girl.