The 15 best inflatable pools for babies and children

Most children love to cool off in the water, especially when summer arrives and temperatures rise. Inflatable pools are a very practical solution since they hardly take up space, they are very easy to install and can be stored throughout the winter. In addition, they do not need additional safety accessories to protect the little ones at home and beyond cleaning, they hardly require any maintenance. These are some ideal models for babies and young children that you can install in the comfort of your home for your children to have fun.

Inflatable pools for babies and children to have fun during the summer

1. Blue Bestway Pool

Blue Bestway Inflatable Pool

If you are looking for a large and safe pool to have fun with as a family, the smallest of the house, this model is an excellent option. The pool is recommended for children over 6 years of age as it has a capacity of 778 liters and a height of 51 centimeters. It is made of high quality resistant vinyl to withstand the ravages of the sun, while it includes a floor protector to last for years. In addition, it has built-in safety and quick emptying valves so that you can store it easily and comfortably. Includes an extra strong repair kit to fix any leaks or damage. However, keep in mind that as it is a large pool, it is recommended for use in gardens or terraces.

2. Castle inflatable pool

Cheap Castle inflatable pool

This inflatable pool with a castle design is made of extra resistant vinyl 0.25 millimeters thick, which makes it an ideal alternative if you are looking for a safe and durable model. In fact, it includes a patch repair kit to fix small pores or punctures and further extend its useful life. With a capacity of 74 liters, the pool has a kind of awning that represents the roof of the castle, so that the little ones can shelter from the sun on the hottest days. And so that they can have fun while they bathe, it includes a removable inflatable flower that you can easily remove to play in the water. It is designed for children ages 1-3.

3. Intex Easy Set Pool

Intex Easy Set Inflatable Pool

Spacious, comfortable and safe, this Intex circular model has all the basic features that can be asked of a home pool. It is made with Super-Tough technology of three Extra-strong vinyl and polyester layers to provide it with greater resistance and durability, while it has an inflatable ring on its upper part to give it greater stability without the need for a metal structure. In addition, it is very easy to assemble and disassemble, you just have to spread it out on firm and level ground, inflate the upper ring and when you fill the pool with water it will be ready to use. It is worth noting that it does not include a treatment plant, but it does have connections so you can install it.

4. Intex Family Lounge Pool

Intex Family Lounge Pool inflatable

This square pool with a design in shades of blue and white is ideal for enjoying a day with the family as it has a capacity of 882 liters and can support a maximum of 4 people . In addition, it has integrated four comfortable seats with inflatable backrests in the corners and two cup holders to keep close at hand and enjoy some cold drinks while the kids have fun in the center. It is made of high-quality vinyl 0.32 millimeters thick and has two inflatable rings that provide greater stability to the structure. It has a drainage valve to facilitate its filling and emptying, at the same time that it includes a kit of patches to repair small pores and punctures so that you can continue enjoying the pool for much longer.

5. Blue embossed inflatable pool

Blue embossed inflatable pool

This inflatable pool, made in resistant vinyl and with an original design of two rings and embossed triangles in the middle area, it is designed to be used by two children over 3 years of age. It has a capacity of 790 liters of water and includes a drain plug to facilitate emptying it when you finish using it. In addition, it has three air chambers so that it is much easier to inflate and deflate, although it is worth mentioning that the side construction is made of a single panel. The set also includes a kit of patches to repair possible pores and punctures that may be made in the future and thus extend its useful life.

6. Sunset inflatable pool

Sunset cheap inflatable pool

This multicolored vinyl inflatable pool is designed for children between 1 and 3 years old. It has a capacity of 68 liters of water and consists of 3 rings that give it greater stability so that the little ones at home can have fun safely. Its compact design of 86 x 25 centimeters makes it a perfect alternative for families who have little space at home. It is worth noting that it includes a repair kit to fix possible pores or punctures that may appear over time.

7. Winnie the Pooh paddling pool

<p Little fans of the adventures of Winnie the Pooh will be delighted to take a dip with this little bear and his friends. It is an inflatable pool that has a padded floor and a ribbed parasol to protect to the children of the sun. Made of resistant vinyl, this hexagonal pool of 109 x 102 centimeters has a capacity of up to 41 liters, about 12 centimeters of water height, ideal for children between 1 and 3 years old. Includes a repair patch to fix punctures.

8. Inflatable circle pool

Inflatable circle pool

If you are looking for an inflatable pool with a classic design for the little ones from home, this is an excellent option as it is made of high-quality resistant vinyl, which offers extra durability. The pool with a white background and multicolored watercolor circles has 3 air chambers with double valves to guarantee its safety and stability at all times. This model has a capacity of 330 liters and, due to its dimensions of 147 x 33 centimeters, it is designed to be used by up to 3 children over 2 years of age. It also includes a repair kit with patches for possible punctures.

9. Inflatable shark pool

Inflatable shark pool

This Intex brand inflatable pool, Made of high-quality vinyl, it stands out for its original shark design with its mouth open so that children can let their imaginations fly while they cool off. The body of the shark forms the base and the upper part of the head is the structure of the parasol, a detail that the little ones will appreciate on days of intense heat. The 201 x 198 x 109 centimeter pool has a capacity of 119 litres, so its use is recommended for children over 2 years of age. It includes a drain plug to facilitate filling and emptying, as well as a repair kit to fix punctures and close small pores.

10. Dinoland Water Play Center

Dinoland Water Play Center

If you like the classic pool bored and you want to go a step further, bet on this aquatic play center. Made of resistant vinyl, it consists of an inflatable slide with a padded base and side bars, as well as inflatable figures in the shape of a dinosaur, rings, water spray and colored balls so that the little ones have a great time. It supports a maximum weight of 80 kilos and is designed for outdoor use, preferably for children over 3 years of age. Includes a drain plug and repair kit.

11. Children’s pool with removable awning

Inflatable children's pool with removable awning

Yes you are looking for a pool with which you can protect your children from the sun while they have fun in the water, this is a good option since it has a sunshade that covers the entire surface so that ultraviolet rays do not directly affect the pool skin. It is a swimming pool with a print of animals and marine plants with a capacity of 295 liters and an extension of 157 x 122 centimeters, so that it can be used by up to 2 children, preferably over 2 years of age. It is made of resistant vinyl, but includes a repair patch kit to fix any small puncture. It also has a drain plug.

12. Castle Water Play Center

Castle Water Play Center

With this water play center, children do not They can only have fun in the pool but they can become real princes or princesses for a day. It is an inflatable play center measuring 185 x 152 x 107 centimeters and in the shape of a castle that includes a slide with a padded base to cushion the descent, an inflatable spear and shield, as well as an alligator with a sprayer that splashes water. It includes a drain plug for easy filling and emptying and has a repair kit with patches. Made of high resistance vinyl, the castle supports a maximum of 80 kilos of weight. It is designed for children ages 2 and up.

13. Seta inflatable pool

Inexpensive Seta inflatable pool

This inflatable pool made by Intex has an adorable design in the shape mushroom, perfect for children between 1 and 3 years old. The pool has an inflatable base to ensure greater comfort and has a parasol that offers partial shade to the little ones during days of intense sun. It has a capacity of 45 liters of water and an extension of 102 x 102 x 89 centimeters, which makes it a very compact model, ideal for families that do not have much space at home. Includes a removable inflatable mushroom for children to play with and a kit of patches to fix possible punctures.

14. Isla Water Play Center

Isla Water Play Center

In this water game center shaped like an island, children can imagine they are in the Caribbean surrounded by palm trees. The center includes a slide with a padded base that cushions children from falling and has several inflatable accessories to make the experience more entertaining, it has a game with inflatable three-ring hoops, an inflatable palm tree, a whale and a turtle. In addition, its edges have a water dispersing function to make the experience more entertaining. Made of resistant vinyl, it has a capacity of 458 liters of water in its largest version and 49 liters in the smallest model. The largest model is prepared to support up to 80 kilos of weight, although it is not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

15. Blue inflatable pool

Cheap blue inflatable pool

This pool is perfect for older children at home since its version smaller has a capacity of 132 liters of water and an extension of 114 x 25 centimeters. In fact, it is recommended for children over 2 years old and up to 7 years old. One of its greatest advantages is that it is made of resistant vinyl and has 3 rings, which offers greater stability and durability so that you can use it for several summers. In addition, it includes a patch kit so you can repair small pores and punctures. It is worth noting that although it is designed for a single child, its structure admits up to two children at the same time, which will make the experience much more fun for the little ones at home.