The phenomenon of youtubers is not exclusive to adults, children are also making a space for themselves on this platform. Despite their young age, many digital natives are already capable of captivating attention through a camera and attracting crowds of followers. Although it is a fashion that is not exempt from controversy, the truth is that the little ones at home enjoy a lot and have a very entertaining time with the adventures and misadventures of their favorite youtubers. Here are some of the YouTube channels that are going strong.

20 YouTube channels that children love

1. The Rats

With 21.6 million subscribers, these two little sisters lead the ranking of children’s youtubers in Spain. Although some of the videos of Las Ratitas have been involved in some other controversy, the truth is that it is a channel full of games and adventures in which children can also learn interesting things such as washing their hands well, doing crafts and some tricks to take care of the planet. In fact, such has been their success that these sisters already have a book and their own image and likeness toy dolls.

2. Masha and the Bear

With 17 M subscribers, this is another of the YouTube channels preferred by the little ones at home. The channel is based on a Russian folk tale and each chapter is part of a fun animated series that narrates the adventures of Masha, a very mischievous little girl who lives in the forest, and her friend, her Bear. Winner of the Kidscreen Awards for Best Animation, it is a very funny channel in which laughter is not lacking, but neither are positive values ​​and wise teachings.

3. Doggy Doggy Cartoons

In this fun YouTube channel, the superheroes and characters of Frozen in clay form come to life to give their 16.4 million followers entertaining stories full of good humor and wisdom. From healthy eating habits and positive role models to crafts and different games, each chapter is a new adventure where kids can be entertained at will while learning something new every day and testing their skills.

4. Diana Baby

With 16.1 million followers, the channel of this 5-year-old girl has managed to conquer the hearts of the little ones at home practically since its inception. Based on Diana’s everyday experiences , the channel is a nod to the idyllic life many children dream of. A space centered on the magical world of games and toys, in which there is no lack of good humor, funny occurrences and the nice interpretations of this little girl. All with the collaboration of her parents and her brother, Roma, with whom she lives many adventures.

5. BabyBus

Its 16 million subscribers endorse this YouTube channel whose main objective is to turn learning into a fun experience. It is a channel specially designed for children between 2 and 5 years old in which stories, songs and children’s games take on special importance. From the hand of its protagonists, adorable and very funny pets, the little ones can also learn crafts, healthy habits and good role models to follow while having great fun.

6. The Kingdom to Play

If there is a YouTube channel that the little ones at home love, without a doubt, it is “El Reino a Jugar”, not in vain it already has 13.7 million followers and continues to add. A channel in which farm animals take center stage and in which songs and children’s games are not lacking so that children have fun, sing and dance as they please. Of course, it also has a space dedicated to learning, in which the little ones will be able to become familiar with numbers and colours, learn to draw and discover the sounds made by the different animals in a simple and entertaining way.

7. Little Baby Bum in Spanish

Starring Mia and her three siblings, Ella, Ollie and Max, along with a hilarious cast of talking friends, animals and vehicles, this YouTube channel is sure to win over the little ones at home from the very first episodes. The channel, which already has 11.4 million followers, offers a wide repertoire of songs with which, thanks to the magic of its rhythm and rhyme, children will be able to sing and dance while learning positive values, role models to follow healthy lifestyle habits.

8. ExpCaseros

Little scientists and inventors at home will love this YouTube channel where each video shows new home experiments, low cost inventions, crafts and fun tricks to do at home. The channel already has 11.3 million followers and its protagonists have released their own set of experiments and a saga of children’s books on science with which they intend to strengthen children’s skills and knowledge about the world around them. Without a doubt, it is a very interesting and educational channel, ideal for children who are beginning to enter the world of science.

9. Best toys

Little fans of Peppa Pig’s adventures will be delighted with this YouTube channel, in which the best toys of this cute little pink pig come to life. The channel, which already has 10.5 million subscribers, includes many stories and adventures starring precisely the toys, in which there is no lack of touches of good humor and valuable learning. In fact, while having fun, the little ones will be able to learn many interesting things, from doing home experiments and crafts to some simple tricks to be more responsible and take care of the environment.

10. Toys And Funny Kids Play Doh Cartoons

With 9.9 million followers, this YouTube channel is one of the favorites for the little ones at home. Elsa and Hulk are the protagonists of this space in which, together with their friends, they interpret entertaining stories full of little teachings and a lot of learning. Of course, there is also a space reserved for crafts where they teach how to make all kinds of figures out of clay, plasticine and many other materials, always in a simple and fun way so that the little ones can keep track of them.

11. Spanish Blippi

In recent years, Blippi has become a phenomenon among the little ones at home, adding her channel to 9.81 million followers. In his videos, this colorful character visits playgrounds and teaches children how to have fun, while revealing the secrets that hide some of the most peculiar museums or science centers that he finds on his travels. Although without a doubt, some of his most popular videos are those of dinosaurs, monster trucks or official cars.

12. Pocoyo in Spanish

Pocoyo is the star of this YouTube channel that already has 8.95 million subscribers. It is about a very curious boy who, together with his friends, embarks in each chapter on a different adventure through which they discover the world and teach the little ones at home many interesting details. Without a doubt, it is a very entertaining channel in which there is no lack of music, stories and fun, but above all, the valuable teachings that will encourage the little ones to discover the environment that surrounds them.

13. Pica – Pica

The YouTube channel of the popular children’s music group Pica – Pica already has 8.58 million followers and continues to conquer hearts. It is a children’s channel in which you can find the most famous songs of the group, interpreted by its protagonists in the first person. Unlike other musical YouTube channels, the Pica – Pica not only sing their lyrics to the rhythm of the music, but also interpret each staging, in which there are always fun stories, games and many other entertainments for the little ones.

14. SingGame

Little fans of CantaJuego songs will be delighted to discover their YouTube channel, a space that already has 7.29 million subscribers. On the channel you can find their most popular children’s songs, as well as others not so well known that will surely make the kids at home dance. As usual in the group, there are also fun sung stories, games of abilities and skills and interactive theatrical performances so that, from home, children can join in the entertainment.

15. Cleo and Cuquin

This children’s series that has 7.27 million followers is one of the favorite YouTube channels for children. Based on a production from the 1960s, it narrates the daily stories of the Telerín family with Cuquín, the youngest in the house, as the protagonist. In each chapter there is a new adventure in which there is a bit of everything, from laughter and good humor to problems to solve and many lessons to learn. Without a doubt, it is a very fun channel, as well as educational, that no child should miss.

16. MikelTube

Mikel, a little boy from Barcelona, ​​is the star of this YouTube channel that already has 6.62 million followers and continues to grow. It is a very dynamic and versatile channel in which, together with his younger brother, he presents different toys and explains how to play with them, while doing crafts, creating his own entertainment, cooking, recounting his experiences in theme parks and faces different challenges. A very entertaining channel for the little ones in which they can also learn some very fun tricks in a casual and simple way.

17. Toys on the go!

With 6.45 million subscribers, this YouTube channel dedicated to the world of toys will delight the little ones at home. Starring Spongy, a talking toy sponge, it is a very versatile and entertaining channel in which in each episode new toys are presented, funny stories are dramatized and valuable advice is offered for children. Of course, in his videos there is no lack of laughter and some brushstrokes of knowledge so that the little ones do not go to bed without having learned something new.

18. Arantxa’s toys

A lover of fashion and toys, Arantxa is the little girl from Alicante who stars in the videos on this YouTube channel, which has already accumulated 3.59 million subscribers. It is a fun channel in which Arantxa recounts her daily experiences, shares her favorite games and reveals some of her most interesting adventures. Together with her friends, her parents and her classmates, this little girl offers many fun ideas for entertainment that children will surely love.

19. Clodett’s World

Costume parties, food challenges, makeovers, make-up sessions, parodies and pranks, this YouTube channel has a little bit of everything. It is a very versatile channel in which Clodett, the protagonist of it, shares her daily experiences and her craziest occurrences with her 2.71 million followers. Undoubtedly, a very entertaining channel in which laughter and fun are not lacking, but in which you can also learn curious tricks, games and new forms of entertainment.

20. Zoo Songs

With 2.23 million followers, the little ones at home will instantly love this YouTube channel. Starring cute animals from the Zoo, it includes many games and songs with which children can sing and dance as they please. Of course, it also has a space for learning, so while the children have fun they can become familiar with the colors, learn a little more about nature and practice good daily habits.