Baby gyms have become one of the most popular accessories in homes with young children as they are perfect for stimulating psychomotor development during the first months of life.

Although each baby follows its own rate of growth, these gyms can be started using after the second month of life since it is the moment when the muscles have developed enough to be able to interact with the toys and their nervous system has reached the necessary maturity to respond to stimuli.

As a general rule, around six or seven months the baby will stop using the gym as he will begin to crawl and, having more freedom of movement, will be able to explore his environment and will be attracted by other stimuli.

The advantages of baby gyms

Baby gyms, or ta Activity petes, as they are also known, will help little ones exercise their muscles. In fact, they stimulate hand-eye coordination, strengthen the muscles of the arms and back, help them to practice grasping movements and favor coordination between the hands while babies they try to reach the toys.

These movements also give them greater flexibility and allow them to better control the muscle tone of the legs and arms, so they are very useful as training for the baby to undertake activities more complex like crawling or walking. In fact, they also help them become aware of their body and surroundings.

The bright colors, sounds, and different shapes and textures of the toys included in baby gyms also develop their curiosity, activate their senses and stimulate their reflexes representing a source of positive stimulation to develop brain functions.

How to choose the best gym for your baby?

If you are looking for a gym for your baby, you should look at different details to choose the most suitable model. First of all, you should know that there are chair gyms, but these are recommended for small babies since they only allow them to exercise their hands and arms. Teaching blankets facilitate a more comprehensive development and will accompany your baby for longer.

It is also important that you take into account the materials and accessories included in the children’s gym. Make sure the materials are non-toxic and large enough so that your baby can’t swallow them if she puts them in her mouth. Also consider the number and variety of accessories, especially if you want your baby to use the gym for several months and not get bored.

Five perfect children’s gyms for your baby

1 . Fisher-Price Rainforest Piano-Gym

In fact, the piano is portable and you can take it with you when you learn to walk. Another point in its favor is that the piano has an adjustable volume and you can even turn it off. Her super-soft blanket features an electronic flower unit with on/off switch and a variety of toys, from a bee with a bell to crunchy leaves, rattles and a teether.

two. Bright Starts My Lovable Lion Activity Gym

This children’s gym is quite large, so it will accompany your baby for a long time. In fact, the activity mat is adjustable: you can raise the walls to create a closed play environment or lower them and use it as a play mat. One of the most interesting details of this children’s gym is that it turns into a ball pool for when your baby can stay seated and includes 35 colorful balls.

It also has everything necessary to stimulate the senses of the smallest babies, including music, sound and lights. Features an electronic elephant that plays fun melodies for 20 minutes and includes a stuffed toucan, monkey bead rattle and more jungle-inspired toys like leaf-shaped teethers, safe discovery mirror, squeaky fabrics, squeakers, toy pillow and even a bag of characters for baby to experiment with. And it’s available in pink or green.

3. Baby Einstein Sky Explorers Activity Center

The play arch is naturally shaped and has a collapsible design. When it’s time to remove the kid’s gym, the entire mat folds in two and the two handles transform it into a storage bag. Therefore, it is an activity center that is very easy to move and store . In addition, all the toys are removable, so you can add more stimuli as your baby grows. And they are very soft, so as not to damage your little one’s gums when he puts them in his mouth.

4. Baby Gym with 18 Developmental Activities from Tiny Love

This activity blanket, part of the Magical Tales line, will give your baby many hours of fun thanks to its adorable toys. Its adjustable arches provide different play modes and an environment that grows with baby, while leaving room for you to strengthen emotional bonds during play.

The musical play mat offers various activities, such as a toy that plays melodies and the baby book that encourages the little one to spend time on his tummy. And best of all, there is a wide range of fun motifs to choose from, from the farm to the north pole to the forest.

5. Baby Einstein 4-in-1 Ball Pool & Activity Gym

This children’s gym has everything you need to ensure your baby has many hours of fun. Inspired by the desert, it offers four modes of play. When your baby is young you can create a roof of toys for him to reach while listening to the sounds of the musical camel, grasp the stuffed cactus or put faces on the mirror specially designed for babies.

You can also remove the toy bar to use the soft mat or lift the mesh net to create a ball pool for babies. You can even Use the brightly colored balls to encourage your baby’s motor skill development. And of course, there are five portable toys that turn this play gym into a real sensory adventure. E includes a support cushion so your baby stays up when you put him on his tummy.