The transition from crib to bed is a very important moment in child development. It usually occurs around the age of two or three, when children are mature enough to sleep alone and have a more established perception of space. This is a big step for the development of children’s autonomy and self-confidence, although if we do not want it to end up being counterproductive, we should respect each child’s time and guarantee her safety at all times. In this sense, the barriers or bed rails can become a great ally.

What are bed rails?

Bed rails are a protection accessory that reduces the risk of accidental falls while the child sleeps. Basically, it is a kind of fence that is placed on the lateral ends of the bed to guarantee the safety of the child and offer peace of mind to their parents.

Taking into account the installation, there are two models of barriers: those that are placed under the mattress and those that are fixed to the structure by means of an anchoring system. They can also be fixed, that is, they cannot be moved once placed, or mobile, allowing them to be folded for greater comfort. In addition, there are removable barriers that are usually very practical since they allow you to remove them and put them on every day.

What should you take into account when choosing the most suitable bed rail for your child?

Choosing the most suitable bed rail for your child is not difficult, but it is important to take into account some aspects to ensure the safety and durability of this accessory. The first thing is to make sure that the barrier complies with the EN 1930: 2011 regulation that governs the safety of any type of barrier for children. And, secondly, bet on safe and quality materials.

In general, wooden barriers are usually a great choice since they are resistant and very beautiful, although if you are looking for really durable ones, it will be better to opt for metal or aluminum barriers. On the other hand, if you prefer a cheaper option, the plastic ones usually fulfill their function very well and are not very expensive. In addition, there are other issues that you should take into account.

  1. Barrier measures. The measurements of the barrier are determined by the type of child bed and its dimensions. Most children’s beds are usually between 140 and 150 cm long, and in this case, the ideal is to bet on a barrier of the same length or bet on a model that is set at head height. Regarding the height, it is recommended to choose a barrier that exceeds the mattress by at least 16 cm. If it is a standard height mattress, the height of the barrier should reach 40 or 50 cm.
  2. Fixation System. The fixing system to the bed structure is another fundamental aspect to take into account. If you are looking for a practical and easy-to-install alternative, you can bet on the models that are fixed by rails under the mattress and that are supported by the weight of the child. However, if you are looking for more resistant and firm barriers, the best option is the barriers that are fixed to the structure by pressure or with screws, they are more complex to install, but much more solid.
  3. Safety and comfort of the barrier. Barrier safety is also crucial. In this sense, it is advisable to ensure that the barrier has good finishes and rounded edges to reduce the risk of accidents. Likewise, it is recommended to bet on barriers with a padded covering that is comfortable when leaning on and allows to cushion possible blows. Once placed, it is important that there is no space between the barrier and the mattress to prevent any of the child’s extremities from being trapped.

5 barriers to facilitate the transition from crib to bed

1. Jané folding barrier

Made of steel, this Jané folding barrier will accompany your baby throughout the adaptation to his new bed as it is very resistant and durable. As it is foldable, you can easily open it to make the bed or for the little one to go up and down without problems, although this does not mean that your child can also move it since it has side joints to give the system extra resistance. In addition, it protects the child from possible damage since it has a textile net that not only prevents it from falling but also cushions shocks. And it has a very cool white design that goes with just about any style of bed!

2. Hot Mom Bed Rail

If you are looking for a practical and safe bed rail, this Hot Mom model is an excellent option. Ideal for most bed bases, it has a very solid structure that gives it extra resistance and stable legs that offer a secure grip on the bed frame. In addition, it has an elastic nylon mesh that facilitates air circulation and improves visibility. And it’s foldable! With the push of a button you can fold the barrier for easy bed access or storage without taking up much space, making it a great alternative for traveling with children. Its delicate design with leaf details is available in several colors so you can choose the one you prefer.

3. Safety 1st Bed Rail

Designed for children aged 18 months to 5 years, this bed rail is an excellent choice to ensure the safety of your little one while they sleep. It has a strong metal frame and mesh interior to ensure air circulation and allow good visibility at all times. In addition, it is very easy to assemble since it comes with the rails mounted, so you only have to adjust them to the bed frame. And it is very practical: it has a compact folding system so you can take it on trips with the children away from home, while it can be lowered and raised so that the little one can get in and out of bed comfortably.

4. Leogreen bed rail

Made with non-toxic materials, this barrier with the Leogreen seal is a safe bet for your little one as it has all rounded corners. Its steel frame gives it a robust and durable look while its high-quality mesh lining prevents your little one from falling out of bed while improving air circulation and visibility. Thanks to its up and down folding system, this barrier is very comfortable as it will allow the child to get on and off without much effort. And, so you can easily store it in a small space or take it with you on trips with children, it can be folded to make it smaller and more manoeuvrable. In addition, it adapts to practically any style of bed.

5. Infantastic Bed Rail

Simple and practical, this Infantastic brand bed rail has everything you need to keep your child protected while they sleep. Its minimalist design and its simple anchoring system make it a very practical barrier that adapts to practically any style of bed. Thanks to the fact that it is made of steel and plastic, it has a robust structure to accompany the little one for a long time. In addition, it has a mesh made of polyester that improves visibility and promotes air circulation so that the child does not get overheated. And to make your job easier, you can wash the fabric when it gets dirty, always keeping it as it was the first day. It is available in different colors so you can choose the one you prefer.