If you are organizing a holiday with children outside of Spain, having good travel insurance will save you a lot of headaches. Not only will it facilitate the procedures for entering the country of destination, managing the performance of medical tests and the necessary vaccinations, but it will also guarantee access to medical care where the European health card is not valid. In addition, it will cover your back in case of trip cancellation, loss of luggage or even, during a repatriation in case you have to return home in unusual circumstances.

In Spain you can find many companies that offer this type of insurance, but if you do not want to get unpleasant surprises at the last minute, it is better to bet on a trusted insurer. In Stage Infant we have compiled some of the best family travel insurance that have very complete coverage and at a really competitive price.

5 travel insurance to enjoy a family vacation peacefully

1. IATI Family of IATI

This travel insurance is specially designed for families traveling with children. Combine the basic coverage of this insurer with some optional ones to guarantee the safety of the little ones at home at all times. It has a medical assistance coverage of 200,000 euros that covers medical expenses and hospitalization as a result of an illness or accident, while taking care of emergency dental expenses up to a maximum of 350 euros and a repatriation assisted by a relative if something happens to you during the trip.

Unlike other insurance, IATI Family insurance provides special coverage for Covid-19 that includes everything from diagnostic tests, medical transport and medical assistance to hospitalization, quarantine and repatriation for this reason. In addition, it covers the cancellation of the trip in case of positive for Covid-19 in Spain. Of course, it also includes coverage for theft, loss or damage to luggage, the shipment of forgotten objects during the trip and for the delay of flights or the delivery of checked luggage. It is worth noting that it also includes legal coverage and an advance of funds of up to 1,000 euros.

2. Mondo Family Travel Insurance

If you are looking for comprehensive travel insurance at a good price, Mondo offers several very interesting options that include coverage against Covid-19. From temporary or annual travel insurance to cancellation travel insurance, long-stay trip or family travel insurance, Mondo has alternatives for any type of traveler and also offers the possibility of customizing each policy according to your needs. In this way, you can not only benefit from the coverage that family insurance provides by default, but also include additional coverage.

Their policies usually include complete health care, from medical examinations and treatments to hospitalizations and surgeries and emergency dental care. It also covers medical expenses for coronavirus infection, including PCR tests, as well as medical transfers, expenses derived from a medical quarantine, and offers a travel cancellation guarantee for this reason. Of course, it also takes care of a repatriation or early return and covers theft or damage to luggage up to 3,000 euros and the problems of missing flights or services up to a maximum of 3,000 euros.

3. Totaltravel Family of Intermundial

Intermundial is responsible for managing all the unforeseen events that may arise on your trip with this insurance designed for the whole family. Available for travel worldwide, except cruises, it offers assistance 24/7 days a week and manages all travel problems with just one call. In addition, it offers the possibility of extending the policy for a more complete protection adapted to your needs. And it includes coverage against Covid-19!

Totaltravel Family covers the expenses of the PCR test during the trip and the medical expenses derived from the contagion by Covid-19 in the destination country up to the maximum contracted, while being responsible for the extension of the stay due to Covid-19, the medical transfer, repatriation and cancellation of the trip for being positive. Unlike other travel insurance, it includes a PCR before traveling in case the country of destination requires it. Of course, it also includes coverage for cancellation, delay or interruption of the trip, as well as for loss of services, theft, damage or loss of luggage and coverage for civil liability.

4. Chapka Cap Trip Plus

Chapka does not have special insurance for families, but it has this policy that allows all members to be insured with a single insurance. Ideal for short trips of a maximum of 3 months, this insurance covers not only trips and stays abroad but also in Spain. Without a doubt, one of its biggest claims is its new coverage against Covid-19 , which includes medical expenses, PCR prescribed by a health professional and the extension of the stay due to quarantine. In addition, it offers a discount to perform the PCR that you need to travel.

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it has medical assistance that covers treatments and hospitalizations of up to 500,000 without advances or deductibles in the event of illness or accident and up to 300 euros for emergency dental problems. In addition, it has luggage insurance of up to 2,500 euros that covers loss, damage or theft of the same, including the stroller, while being responsible for any incidence of delay or loss of transport during the trip. It is worth mentioning that it covers the expenses for babysitting in case of hospitalization of the guardian of the minors during the trip and their repatriation.

5. Holins family travel insurance

If you are looking for a single travel policy for the whole family at a competitive price, the travel insurance offered by Holins is a good alternative. Holins offers various options so that you can extend the basic family coverage and adapt the policy to your needs. Of course, it always covers medical expenses with a limit that ranges between 1,000,000 and 4,000,000 euros , including treatments, complementary tests and hospitalizations in the event of illness or accident at the destination. Although it is convenient to read the small print since many of their policies have deductibles that vary according to the treatment that is needed and that may include added disbursements.

One of its greatest advantages is that it includes health coverage for Covid-19 that supports the costs of treatment, hospitalization, medical transport and repatriation for this reason. In addition, it has coverage for compensation for theft, loss or damage to luggage, as well as in the event that its delivery is delayed. Holins also takes care of the expenses for delay or cancellation of the trip due to Covid-19, while offering guarantees, civil liability options and legal assistance abroad.