Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s time to plan what to do that night with the little ones at home. Some parents look forward to throwing a simple party at home or accompanying the kids on a traditional “trick or treat” walk around the neighborhood. If these plans do not convince you or you simply want to celebrate Halloween in a different way, another option is to organize a fun getaway with the children.

In Spain there are different hotels that organize spooky experiences to celebrate October 31 in style, which include everything from costume parties and terrifying attractions to themed dinners and scary shows. To make your search easier, we offer you a selection of some of the best Spanish hotels where you can celebrate on October 31st.

7 hotels to celebrate a different All Saints Night

1. Evenia Olympic Resort, in Lloret de Mar

In a residential area of ​​Lloret de Mar, very close to the beach and the center, is this large hotel complex with  more than 30,000 square meters of tropical pools, gardens and spaces dedicated to family leisure. Without a doubt, it is an excellent destination to enjoy a getaway with the children this October 31, since in addition to its  games room, water park and mini club, the hotel also has an  extensive program of activities to celebrate Halloween  throughout top.

From  terrifying costume contests  and  face painting  to group games and  Harry Potter-inspired shows, there’s something for everyone at Evenia Olympic Resort. However, one of its star attractions is the  tunnel of terror, an experience suitable only for the intrepid in which both children and adults will get one of the biggest scares of their lives. Of course, the hotel also has a  special themed buffet  where skulls, spiders and zombies come to life through the food.

And for those who do not want to skip tradition, in the afternoon you can enjoy an  authentic  castanyada , in which the hotel’s castanyera will prepare roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes to lick your fingers. In addition, so that everyone can enjoy the party, the Evenia Olympic Resort extends the dates and celebrates Halloween every weekend from October 15 to November 7.

2. PortAventura Hotel PortAventura, in Tarragona

Hotel PortAventura, in Salou, Tarragona

If passages of terror and chilling experiences are your thing, at PortAventura Hotel PortAventura you will experience an unforgettable Halloween night. This hotel, inspired by an authentic fishing village, not only has a playground, a children’s pool and a play room for the little ones to have fun, but it also has direct access to PortAventura Park, where they have prepared many surprises to celebrate a Unique All Saints Night.

One of the most impressive attractions is “Rec® Experience”, the longest horror passage in Europe inspired by the famous homonymous saga, where you will meet terrifying characters who will not want to let you escape. Little lovers of the Indo-American culture will be able to enjoy “Mayan Apocalypse”, another passage of terror that takes place in an environment of haunted jungles with shamans, hungry zombies and gods with supernatural powers. However, this year’s star is “La Muerte Viva”, an attraction that transforms the traditional celebration of the Mexican Night of the Dead into an authentic odyssey. Are you ready?

3. Cambrils Park Family Resort, in Cambrils

Cataloged as one of the best accommodations for families in Spain, this family resort located a few meters from the beach in the tourist town of Cambrils celebrates Halloween night for the first time this year, a unique occasion that you do not want to miss. For this reason, the hotel has prepared two themed weekends full of activities to enjoy with the family and have a blast. From costume parties and traditional games to Halloween Tatoo sessions and magic shows, there is something for everyone.

However, one of the surprises that children will like the most will be the experience of undertaking the typical “trick or treat” tour inside the facilities, with the possibility of dressing up as their favorite horror characters. And for the most impatient who don’t want to wait until nightfall, the fun starts early at the Cambrils Park Family Resort as they can take part in different sports activities designed for the little ones: terrifying darts, spooky photographic gymkhana and KO Basket.

4. PortAventura Hotel Gold River, in Tarragona

If you like cowboy stories from the Wild West, this hotel inspired by an old American West town is a perfect option to enjoy Halloween night with the kids. As soon as you cross the threshold of the entrance, many surprises await you that banish any shadow of boredom, from children’s pool and games room to themed attractions and activities for all ages. However, what the little ones will enjoy the most will be the passages of terror and shows that await them just a few steps from the hotel, in PortAventura Park.

For this Halloween, PortAventura Park dresses up with a wide billboard of attractions and shows for both adults and children. Without a doubt, one of the favorite attractions for the little ones will be “Horror un Texas”, a passage of terror set in the most sinister Wild West where darkness prevails, gloomy characters and terrifying zombies that appear when you least imagine it. For lovers of aquatic attractions, there is “The Cursed Island”, another passage of terror nestled in the Caribe Aquatic Park in which the protagonists are ghostly pirates from whom you will have to escape. And of course, there is also the “Halloween Forever” show,an experience full of hair-raising acrobatics, music and choreography.

5. Toy Hotel, in Alicante

Staying in the only hotel set in the world of toys in Spain is an experience that children will not forget, especially if you decide to escape on Halloween night. The hotel has prepared a special package for All Saints’ Night in which fun is terrifyingly guaranteed. Upon your arrival, a themed room with special decoration and Halloween gift awaits you, so that children will not only be able to stay in the Lego universe or join the adventures of the Super Wings or the Invizimals, but will also have some unsettling surprises waiting for them.

To continue with the fun, the Toy Hotel has also scheduled some recreational and entertainment activities in tune with the celebration. Of course, you have to go in disguise, so children can take advantage of the occasion to embody some of their favorite fictional characters or monsters. And so you can make the most of your getaway, the Halloween package also includes tickets to the Toy Museum and the Biodiversity Museum.

6. Playa Garden Selection Hotel & Spa, in Majorca

If you are looking for accommodation to celebrate Halloween night in direct contact with nature, the Playa Garden Selection Hotel & Spa is an excellent option. Located on the front line of a beach with golden sands and turquoise waters, it is a perfect enclave to enjoy outdoor plans with the children while you relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, the hotel has also prepared different activities so that children can have fun during the Halloween weekend without leaving its facilities.

One of the experiences that the little ones will not want to miss is the theme day of monsters, a day with horror makeup workshops, creepy experiments and terrifying bubbles to warm up engines. Of course, there are also more daring options to raise the level of adrenaline with monstrous costume workshops, potion preparation, witches’ treasure hunt and pumpkin lantern making workshop. And so that the fear extends into the night, there is a horror mini-disco, terrifying shows and a costume contest!

7. PortAventura Hotel Mansion de Lucy, in Tarragona

This hotel located inside the PortAventura theme park is perfect for enjoying Halloween night in all its splendor. Inspired by a Victorian-style mansion and set in the era of the Wild West, it has everything kids could dream of. From an outdoor swimming pool and games room to fairy tale settings and a wide range of activities, the PortAventura Hotel Mansión de Lucy has many alternatives so that the little ones do not get bored.

However, what they will like the most will be the terrifying surprises that await them just a few steps from the facilities, at PortAventura Park. For these dates, the park has chilling attractions such as “The Cursed Island”, where children must escape from a colony of ghost pirates, the “Mayan Apocalypse”, where they will meet hungry zombies and haunted jungles, and “Horror in Texas”, a passage of terror in the dark where terrifying characters live. Of course, it is important to bear in mind that to participate in these attractions there is an age limit that you should check in advance.