The 9 best playgrounds for your baby

Playpens are an excellent option for babies to have fun safely at home. These play spaces, protected with barriers so that the little ones can play and explore their environment safely, stimulate the development of motor functions and encourage independence. In addition, they are a very useful accessory for parents , who can perform other tasks or take a break knowing that their children are safely entertained.

In the market you can find playgrounds of various sizes, made with different materials and with different features. Here we present some of the most beautiful and practical models that will make life easier with a baby at home.

Playpens for your baby to have fun safely at home

1. Oxford XL playpen + Star Ibaby rug

If you are looking for a park so that your baby can have fun while you work or To do other household chores, this Star Ibaby model is perfect. Its resistant canvas floor makes it an excellent alternative to use both indoors and outdoors, while thanks to its ultra-soft play mat, the baby will be comfortable at all times. In addition, it has mesh on the sides to improve visibility and has a perfect height so that you can learn to walk safely. And, to guarantee her safety at all times, it has a firm anti-tip structure.

2. CCLIFE Folding Playpen

In this activity center, children can enjoy many hours of entertainment while their parents other tasks ahead. Designed in non-toxic and odour-free material, it is safe for children because it also has a strong, resistant and durable structure. It also has a perfect height so that the baby can stand up and take a few steps, while it has an interactive panel where she can play and explore as she pleases. And it has a very cheerful color design that you will love! In addition, it includes a door so that the little one can enter and exit without difficulty.

3. Star Ibaby’s Kingdom Park

With Star’s Kingdom Park Ibaby the smallest of the house will enjoy many hours of play and fun. It is an interactive and weather resistant activity center that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Recommended for children up to 4 years old, it has different panels with shapes, one of them with some games with which the baby can train her motor skills while activating her senses. The best? It can be adapted to different spaces as it allows you to add or remove panels. It is worth noting that it complies with the European safety regulations for baby parks EN71.

4. Dinos Park by Star Ibaby

The little fans the dinosaurs will be delighted to spend their hours of play in this park of games decorated with these prehistoric animals. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, it has different panels, one of them interactive so that the baby can entertain himself while exercising her motor skills. In addition, it has a door so that it can be accessed easily and it has a safety lock to prevent the child from opening it. Another advantage? It has different openings in the panels to improve visibility and can be adapted to different spaces as it allows you to add or remove panels.

5. Baby Vivo Park

This playpen from the Baby Vivo label is an excellent bet for your little one to have fun at home while you carry out other tasks. Its colorful design falls in love at first sight, but what will convince you are its multiple features. The park, which has the EN 71 certification, includes a panel with games and special sound effects that stimulate the senses and contribute to the development of motor functions. It also has an access door so that the little one can enter comfortably and it has a safety lock to prevent it from escaping. All its parts are rounded to avoid accidents and it includes suction cups to guarantee a secure hold. It is very easy to assemble and offers the possibility of expanding it with an additional package of parts.

6. Gupamiga Baby Playpen

Pretty and practical, this playground that bears the Gupamiga seal is a perfect option for the little one to have fun at home. Designed with a rubber base so that it does not slip, it has a molded fence that gives the structure extra strength and durability so that it will accompany your child for several years. In addition, it includes a door so that the child can enter comfortably and a security lock so that he cannot escape. The playpen has an integrated panel with games that stimulates the senses and has enough space for the child to explore their surroundings, crawl or walk inside comfortably. If you prefer, you can put it away after each game session as it is very easy to assemble and disassemble.

7. Uanlauo Park

This is a folding and portable playpen that you can take with you on vacation so that your baby can have fun while you rest.It is very easy to assemble and dem Ontar, all you need to do is spread the panels and tighten the hinges to give it greater stability and you will have it ready in a matter of minutes. It also has a non-slip rubber pad that gives it greater adherence so that it does not move from its place once assembled. The playpen is made of quality HDPE, so it is free of toxic agents that could harm your child. All its structures are rounded to avoid accidents and it has a lock on the door to prevent the little one from escaping.

8. Sofie de Lionelo

If you are looking for a simple, easy to assemble and practical playground, this Lionelo model is an excellent bet . It is a charming playpen with mesh sides that facilitate visibility inside and favor air circulation so that the child is comfortable at all times. It also has an integrated zipper door so that your baby can enter and exit comfortably. Its light but robust structure has two wheels with brakes so that you can move it from place to place with ease and it has a security system against accidental closure to protect the little one. The playpen includes a high-quality folding foam mattress covered in a fabric that is resistant to abrasion and dirt so that it stays clean for longer. You can also use it as a side bed or travel cot.

9. Summer Infant Pop N Play

This Summer Infant brand playpen is ideal for use at home as well as during trips . It has an ultralight and innovative structure that can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes and, being very compact, you can store it or transport it from one place to another with ease since it even has its own carrying bag. travel. The structure has a waterproof floor so that the baby is always dry even outdoors, while it protects the tiles or the wooden floor inside from possible spills. It is covered with the Airy mesh that offers great visibility of the baby at all times and promotes air circulation inside for greater comfort.