New technologies have created favorable spaces for the appearance of new children’s talents on social networks and platforms such as YouTube or TikTok. However, child stardom is not a new phenomenon, the presence of children in the audiovisual world goes back practically to the beginning of cinema and television, with their appearance in movies, advertising videos and, more recently, in television contests. Without a doubt, it is an excellent opportunity for children to carve out a future in this profession, but it also carries some risks that parents should be aware of.

The advantages of the child becoming an actor/actress

Children who have a natural talent for acting can take advantage of the job opportunities offered by film and television as well as social networks and turn them into a springboard to success. There are not a few cases of famous actors who began their careers at an early age, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jodie Foster or Drew Barrymore. Without a doubt, it is an excellent experience that prepares them for life in the world of acting and helps them improve their acting skills.

Also, did you know that participating in television programs or having a YouTube channel improves the social skills of the little ones? It is also a training for children to learn to work as a team and develop a sense of camaraderie. Of course, it also helps them develop responsibility and commitment to a task, while motivating them to work hard and do their best. In addition, it is an excellent tool to instill in them the value of perseverance and perseverance and teach them to enjoy the whole journey, not just the results.

Obviously, it is also an opportunity that can open many doors for them and lay the foundations for their professional future. However, we sometimes overlook that taking on responsibilities from such a young age also puts a huge burden on children, which can carry some risks that are important to be aware of.

Five risks to which child actors are exposed

Getting a role in a movie, acting in a television series or having a YouTube channel can catapult children to fame, but it can also be a drag on proper psychological and emotional development. Undoubtedly, one of the greatest risks to which they are exposed is the loss of their privacy because once they make the leap to mass media, they will not go unnoticed again and will be the center of public attention for years. However, it is not the only problem to which they are exposed, these children will also have to face:

1. Acceleration of the maturation process

Child actors/actresses must mature very quickly to adapt to the demands of their “job”. This implies that they must assume responsibilities and develop skills ahead of time, probably at an accelerated pace. They must also learn to make decisions from an early age and manage their time more productively. The problem is that in many cases this means that they must give up their childhood, leaving aside the carefreeness that characterizes this precious stage, as well as the freedom to play and have fun, which are also important in child development.

2. Self-esteem and self-worth problems

With fame comes social recognition, but not necessarily higher self-esteem. In fact, there are not a few cases of famous children victims of great insecurity and problems of self-esteem and self-worth. The problem is that the more responsibilities they have to take on, the greater their fear of failure or rejection, while exacerbating their fears of public judgment. In this way, they often end up becoming the people that others expect, ignoring who they really are.

3. Excess tension and stress

Being famous is not easy. Managing the responsibilities that a job entails is not easy either. Therefore, it is not strange that many of the children who are actors or actresses live subject to great tension and stress. This not only causes them emotional discomfort, but can also cause them to neglect other important areas of life, such as studies or time with family or with their peers. In addition, it is a problem that can increase the risk of long-term anxiety.

4. Cyberbullying

Living in the public eye is not exactly sewing and singing. Undoubtedly, the little actors and actresses will receive positive comments and many compliments, but they will also be the target of negative criticism that, in some cases, can be humiliating or demeaning. In fact, with the rise of social networks, these comments are likely to be much more common, which can take a heavy toll on children since, in most cases, they do not have the necessary coping strategies to deal with it. maturely and assertively with this type of aggression.

5. Pursue inadequate ideals

In a society where looks and money are given special importance, it is not surprising that children who enter the world of film and television feel pressured to meet these standards. In this way, they can end up giving too much importance to appearance and social position, spending most of their time taking care of their appearance or generating more income, leaving aside more important aspects such as their education, the relationship with the people who care about them. surround or the enjoyment of free time.

Obviously, you also have to take into account the legal risks to which children who become actors or actresses are exposed. This not only from an economic and tax point of view but also in terms of the legal conditions to have a professional contract or access platforms such as YouTube, Facebook or TikTok. In these cases, it is advisable to be well informed to protect children and avoid legal sanctions that could put family stability at risk.