The best baby mosquito nets of 2022

Mosquito nets cannot be missing in a home with a baby, especially during the summer. Its use protects the child from insect bites, while reducing the risk of allergic reactions and infectious diseases. However, to ensure that it fulfills its functions effectively, it is important to choose a mosquito net specially designed for the baby’s crib or stroller and that, in addition, is made of a breathable fabric that allows air flow and guarantees good visibility.

10 mosquito nets to protect your baby from insects

1. LaLoona baby bedding universal anti-insect mosquito net in gray

Already use it for the carrycot, the stroller, the crib to or a small bed, this mosquito net fits virtually any children’s accessory. Made with a fine mesh fabric, it facilitates air circulation and keeps the child protected from insects at all times thanks to its small holes that do not exceed 1.3 millimeters and its contour with elastic trim that ensures a close airtight.

Because it is made of polyester, it is a very resistant to tearing and long-lasting accessory that you can use for several summers.Its gray design it not only matches any space but also offers better visibility. In addition, it is very light and hardly takes up space so you can take it wherever you go.

2. Euret White Crib Mosquito Net

This mosquito net for cribs from the Euret brand It is ideal to keep the baby protected against all kinds of insects at home. Made of polyester, it is not only very fresh and breathable but also very resistant so that you can use it for several seasons without sacrificing its effectiveness .

In addition , being a fine fabric you can wash it and have it dry in a very short time to use it when you need it most. In its manufacture no harmful substances or phthalates have been used that put the smallest of the house at risk, so it is safe for children’s use. Thanks to its dimensions, you can use it for cots of 60 x 120 centimeters as well as for cots larger than 70 x 140 centimeters.

3. Lemeso Universal Mosquito Net in White

Keeping your baby away from insects and free from bites has never been so easy as with this universal mosquito net of the seal Le meso. Unlike other mosquito nets, this model not only protects the baby from mosquitoes, wasps, bees and flies but also from smaller insects such as ants or ticks thanks to the fact that it is made with a very fine with holes that do not exceed the millimeter. This also facilitates air circulation and improves the baby’s visibility.

Being made of polyester, it will last for many years as it is very resistant to tears. Its lower elastic trim makes it an easy-to-assemble accessory that adapts to strollers and prams as well as bassinets, cribs or jogger chairs. It can be washed by hand or machine.

4. Zamboo Mosquito Net for Cribs and Mini Cribs in Gray

If you want to protect your baby from insect bites during the summer, bet for this mosquito net designed to c ones and mini cribs. Being made with a finely woven mesh, it offers better protection even against the smallest insects such as ants, while promoting air circulation in the baby’s bed so that he can sleep cool throughout the night.

The mosquito net has an elastic band to easily adjust to the crib and thus reduce the risk of insects entering. Being very light and compact, it is ideal to take with you during the summer holidays. It is worth noting that it is a very resistant mosquito net that you can use for several seasons and machine wash up to 30ºC.

5. BelleStyle Universal Mosquito Net in White

With this BelleStyle seal mosquito net you won’t need anything else to protect your baby from insects since you can use it in the baby’s stroller as well as in her crib or car seat. It has an elastic trim with an airtight effect that provides extra security against insects and, being made of polyester fabric, it is very resistant to tears so you can use it for a long time.

Another of its great advantages is that it helps the little one to always be fresh and comfortable since it is made with a high-density and breathable mesh it improves ventilation and favors visibility. Being a lightweight mosquito net with a compact design, you can always take it with you wherever you go. Chemical repellents have not been used in its manufacture, so it is safe for the baby.

6. Chicco Next2Me Mosquito Net for Mini Crib

This practical mosquito net with structure designed by the Ch icco for its Next2Me cribs will allow you to always keep your baby away from insects. Made of breathable mesh, it not only protects the little one at home from mosquito bites while they sleep, but also keeps them at bay to other insects such as flies or bees.

In addition,it favors air circulation so that the baby is comfortable and fresh at all times.It has elastic bands to guarantee a hermetic seal and it has a central zippered structure that allows you to quickly and easily access the baby without having to disassemble the mosquito net. It is very easy to place and you can also place it in various positions.

7. Fabur universal mosquito net

If you are looking for a safe and resistant mosquito net to protect your little one from insects during trips, this may be a good option. It has an elastic bottom that provides extra security, while it includes 72 pieces of wide-coverage mosquito repellent stickers, made with lemongrass oil, which keep insects away.

Because it is designed for prams, pushchairs and small cots, you can take this mosquito net with you wherever you go because it is also very light and compact. And in addition to being safe, this mosquito net is very fresh and breathable, while ensuring good visibility so you can keep an eye on your little one at all times.

8. Jané black stroller mosquito net

With this Jané mosquito net you will no longer have to worry about insect bites during walks to the park or field trips with your baby. It is made of fine nylon mesh so that no insect can enter, while you can use it for several years because it is very resistant.

Because it is black, it combines very well with different stroller designs and offers good visibility so you can keep your baby under control at all times. It has an elastic trim on its lower contour that adapts to prams as well as to carrycots or pushchairs, to the At the same time, it offers extra security since it guarantees a hermetic seal.

9. SeWooo Black and White Stroller Mosquito Net

Practical and safe, this mosquito net for strollers from SeWooo will keep your baby protected from all kinds of of insects thanks to its finely woven mesh. In fact, it also protects the baby from dust and allergens such as animal hair and cotton balls during field trips. It has an elastic band that easily adapts to different models of strollers and small cribs, and so you don’t have to take it off and put it on every time you want to take the baby out, it includes a zipper at the top so you can easily maneuver it.

In addition,it comes with flexible ringsthat shape its structure so that the baby has more space and can move freely. Made of lace, it facilitates air circulation and can be washed up to 30ºC.

10. VOOA White Universal Insect Screen

If you are looking for a versatile children’s mosquito net that you can use in various spaces, this VOOA model is an excellent alternative. The mosquito net has an elastic trim that adjusts to practically any type of stroller, stroller or crib to create an airtight space and includes a pair of hooks to guarantee a better fixation.

Being made of fine polyester fabric, it is very fresh and facilitates air circulation, while it is very resistant to tears so you can use it for several years. It also offers good visibility so you can be aware of the baby at all times without having to lift the fabric. Once folded, it hardly takes up any space so you can easily take it with you on the go