Summer is over and you may want to continue keeping fit. Pay attention to the back exercises in the open air that we propose!

We do not always have a gym close to home, and we may want to take advantage of the good weather days that autumn presents us, exercising outside the home.

If this is your case, our suggestions for outdoor back exercises will be useful to you .

Training in a park can be very pleasant, it is cheaper than the gym, and it is just as effective if you want to stay in shape.


Toning the back muscles will be essential when it comes to preventing pain in this area. For this reason, it will be beneficial for your health to carry out the exercises for your back outdoors that we propose on a regular basis.

1. Pull-ups

To carry out the first of the exercises we will need a fixed bar on which we can hold and hang. We can use the bar of an exercise or a high parallel.

The back is worked and, secondarily, the arms. It is important to know that this exercise requires certain physical conditions, since enough strength is needed in the muscles involved to carry it out. However, it is an exercise that every beginner should know.

  • We grab a fixed bar with both hands, so that they have a separation that goes a little beyond the width of the shoulders. The palms of the hands should be positioned facing outwards.
  • In this position, we bend our knees keeping our legs relaxed. The whole body should be supported but stretched.
  • To begin, we inhale and pull to raise the entire body by flexing the arms and contracting the back muscles. The objective is that the head reaches the height of the bar.
  • At that moment we exhale and descend little by little, in a controlled manner, until the arms are once again fully stretched.


With this exercise we will work the lower back. It can be done in any open space, since it does not require special equipment or extra support, simply the body itself.

  • We lie face down on the floor (much better if it is on a mat). We extend the legs and arms, these must pass on both sides of the head, which must be kept looking down and with the forehead resting on the ground or mat.
  • In this position, we breathe in and, at the same time, raise our arms and legs up. This movement should be done little by little, without jerks or sudden movements.
  • Once up, we gently descend while exhaling. The limbs should not touch the ground, then we go back up.

It is important not to tilt the head back, to prevent the body from arching too much. This exercise can also be done by raising the extremities in X, that is, raising one arm and the opposite leg first, and then the other arm and its opposite leg.

3. Cat/camel

We end our suggestions for exercises for the back in the open air with a very gentle one, based on improving control over the spine.

  • We get in position “on all fours” (you can use a mat to avoid being directly on the ground and make it more comfortable).
  • From this position we round and arched the spine very slowly, without going to force. It is interesting to try to mobilize the vertebra column to vertebra.
  • We hold in that position a few seconds, and we will notice how muscles stretch. Then we return to the initial position and repeat the exercise.