Cereals are, after milk, one of the basic foods in the children’s diet. Often consumed in the form of a porridge, it is a very complete alternative since it provides numerous vitamins and minerals, as well as being a great source of energy. In addition, they are very easy to eat, so they are suitable even for little ones who do not yet have teeth. Although if you want your baby to take advantage of these advantages and have a really healthy diet, you should know that not all cereals are worth it.

What to look for when choosing a good brand of cereal for your baby?

The choice of one type or another of infant cereals depends on several factors. The first thing to consider is the age of your baby. The World Health Organization recommends the introduction of cereals in the infant diet from 6 months, but at this age the consumption of gluten is still not recommended. Therefore, if you are looking for the first cereals for your baby, make sure that they do not contain gluten.

You should also take into account the needs of your little one. If you have lactose intolerance, suffer from any type of allergy in particular or have constipation problems, you should make sure that cereals do not accentuate the disorder. In the same way, bet on cereals with a low sugar content since it has been shown that the introduction of this ingredient at an early age increases the risk of childhood obesity twice.

And, whenever possible, opt for cereals that do not contain palm oil as they are rich in saturated fatty acids that can increase the risk of metabolic disorders such as dyslipidemia in children. Instead, value those that are enriched with vitamins and minerals as they will give your baby an extra dose of nutrients.

The 7 best cereals to make baby porridge, according to the OCU

According to the Organization of Consumers and Users, the best baby cereals are not the tastiest or most nutritious, but rather those that also have a low content of sugars and additives. Here are the best options, according to the OCU.

Blevit Plus Sin Gluten

Prepared from rice and corn, it is a very healthy and complete product that will provide your baby with the nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy. Enriched with folic acid, calcium, iron and up to 9 vitamins such as vitamin C, D and E, they contribute to the normal development of the little one, while stimulating their growth and strengthening their immune system. In addition, they are rich in soluble and insoluble fiber and contain Bifidobacterium that regulate intestinal transit and prevent constipation. Unlike other cereals, they do not contain gluten or added sugars. And, since they are instant, they are prepared very quickly.

2. Hero Baby Cereal with Cookie

If you are looking for a healthy and delicious alternative for your baby, these cereals with cookies from Hero Baby are an excellent option. Made from 8 different types of cereals, they are a great source of energy that encourages your little one’s growth. Being prepared with whole grains, they provide a lot of natural fiber that helps intestinal transit and keeps constipation at bay. Thanks to the fact that they are enriched with iron, calcium and up to 7 vitamins such as vitamin A, C and E, they contribute to the proper development of children. It is worth noting that they do not contain preservatives, dyes, or added sugars.

3. Hero Baby Porridge with 8 Cereals

Delicious and healthy, these Hero Baby cereals are the perfect alternative to complement your baby’s diet. Its formula prepared from 8 different types of cereals is a great source of healthy energy while being prepared with 31% whole grains, they provide a lot of fiber that helps regulate digestion. As they do not contain preservatives, dyes or added sugars, they have a natural and authentic flavor that will awaken the senses of the little one at home. And in addition, they are enriched with minerals such as calcium and iron, and vitamin A, C, E and complex B.

4. Blevit Plus 8 Cereals

Are you looking for some healthy cereals for your baby? You may want to evaluate this Blevit alternative made from wheat flour, rice, oats, barley, rye, corn and sorghum. In addition to having a delicious natural flavor, these cereals provide extra fiber that regulates intestinal transit since part of their ingredients are whole grains. Thanks to the fact that they are enriched with vitamins A, C, E, D and minerals such as iron and calcium, they are an excellent source of nutrients. And they do not contain added sugars! Therefore, they are a safe alternative for your little one. It is worth noting that as it is an instant porridge, it is very easy and quick to prepare.

5. Blevit Plus 8 Cereals and Fruits

Complete and nutritious, these Blevit cereals are perfect to guarantee your baby’s optimal growth. Their high content of calcium, iron and up to 13 vitamins makes them an ideal alternative to meet your baby’s nutritional needs, while strengthening their immune system and stimulating their development. Being enriched with bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, they regenerate the digestive flora while, thanks to the high contribution of fructo-oligosaccharides provided by the fruits, they regulate intestinal transit. And, since during its preparation the composition of the cereal grains has been adapted to the level of your baby’s digestive maturation, they are much easier to metabolize. In addition, they do not contain added sugars.

6. Nestlé Porridge 8 Cereals with Honey

Made from 8 different types of cereals, this Nestlé porridge provides your baby with 55% of the iron he needs on a daily basis for proper cognitive development. These cereals are also rich in zinc and vitamins A and C that contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system, protecting your little one against infections from the environment. Containing Bifidus Lactis, they take care of the intestinal flora and facilitate digestion while, thanks to their fiber content, they keep constipation at bay. As they are prepared with honey, they have a slight sweet touch that your little one will love. And, as they do not contain palm oil, they are low in saturated fatty acids.

7. Nutribén Innova 8 Cereals

These Nutribén cereals are prepared from 8 different types of grains that make them an excellent source of energy for the smallest of the house. Thanks to their high natural fiber content, they are also a good ally for digestion, while preventing constipation. In addition, they are enriched with magnesium, calcium, iron and up to 11 vitamins that contribute to the proper cognitive development and growth of the baby. As they do not contain added sugars, palm oil or transgenic ingredients, they have a very natural flavor and a very safe food. And it is very easy to prepare! As it does not form lumps and dissolves easily, it is ready in a few minutes.